Two Weeks Releases Tense and Thrilling Long Preview

Two Weeks is gelling for me more and more as I read the detailed character descriptions and now have watched the long trailer. There is this bleakness about it, and the cinematography evokes a subtle grey blue aura that makes that world seem cold and harsh. It’s written to be a redemption story, one that isn’t necessary done in a feel good way, but one where the anti-hero’s journey to hero will be hard won and well deserved. Lee Jun Ki plays Jang Tae San, a two-bit gangster lackey who was orphaned young (father left, mother committed suicide) and learned to survive with his fist and wits. He meets Seo In Hye played by Park Ha Sun and improbably the uneducated gangster and the ordinary college student fall in love. She sees in him a good heart and a wounded soul. In Hye gets pregnant by accident and before Tae San can leave his gangster organization to be with her, he’s blackmailed with In Hye’s life at stake. The Big Bad Moon Ik Sook, Tae San’s boss, wants Tae San to take the fall for him and go to prison for beating up a guy. If Tae San refuses, he’ll off In Hye. So Tae San cruelly breaks up with In Hye and forces get to get an abortion, and then he goes to jail for a few years.

Eight years go by and Tae San is out and runs a small pawn shop at the bottom of the gang totem pole. In Hye finds him and reveals she cut ties with her disapproving family and had their baby in the end. The little girl Soo Jin has leukemia and needs a bone marrow transplant. In Hye is not a match so only Tae San can help as the dad. Tae San is matched and he wants to help do something positive for once in his life. But then Ik Sook and a corrupt politician Jo Seo Hee set up Tae San for the fall for the murder of a law informant, said informant sent to infiltrate the gang at the behest of prosecutor Park Jae Kyung played by Kim So Yeon. Tae San is arrested by In Hye’s fiancée police detective Im Seung Woo played by Ryu Soo Young, and when Tae San goes on the run to clear his name and make it in time for Soo Jin’s surgery, Seung Woo is hot on his tail. There doesn’t seem to be a love story at all in this drama, which makes sense since its set in real time of two weeks, though I wouldn’t be surprised if Tae San and In Hye get back together at the end when all is cleared up and she realizes why he left her the first time around. I really enjoyed the well executed long trailer and can’t wait to check it out next week.

Long preview for Two Weeks:


Two Weeks Releases Tense and Thrilling Long Preview — 11 Comments

  1. I want Tae san and In hye to get married in the end of the show and they’ll become great parents for their daughter…

    • Strangely enough… I don’t want Tae san and In hye to get back together at the end. Eight years is a long time apart and hopefully the ending would be along the lines of both of them having moved on. However since Korea loves the ‘fate will conquer all’ plotlines, I can totally see the happily reunited family ending.

  2. i really looking forward to this drama as it is interesting and able to see how a father dying to save his daughter. If you are a father will you do that like Tae san?

  3. I was really getting excited for this one.The long preview was really DAEBAK
    and I was hoping this will be a big hit in the ratings.Fingers crossed!!!

  4. This is so freakin’ awesome! I can’t wait! I’m so ready with this full of angst!
    Are they done filming this drama? Based on the preview it looked like they filmed a lot already.

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