Chris Wu and Ella Chen Make a Fresh Onscreen Couple for Upcoming TW-drama

Kyaaaaaa! He’s back and he’s back as the male lead! After carrying an entire narratively craptastic drama on his slim shoulders for the first six-months of 2013, Chris Wu took a short two month break to recharge after the King Flower insanity and this week quietly sneaked into filming for an upcoming idol drama. Eagled-eyed fans of Ella Chen spotted her filming on the Tai Da (Taiwan National University) campus and her agency confirmed that she’s making her television comeback in three years with a TW-drama tentatively titled Any Lie Can Become Truth (無謊不成真). Ella’s last TW-drama was the underrated 2010 Down with Love co-starring Jerry Yan. It actually wasn’t bad but I used to be severely allergic to Ella’s tomboy mugging and actively avoided her old dramas. She almost destroyed my eyes in Taiwan Hana Kimi and I endured The Rose because Joe Cheng’s hella awesome performance. But all girls grow up eventually and two years ago Ella started changing her style right around the time she started dating her now husband. She went all sexy and feminine on us and the look suited her fabulously especially since she’s got a naturally salty personality. No details are available about this drama yet other than Ella will NOT be playing a boyish character as she’s done in all her previous dramas and instead will be playing a sexy older woman. Nice, change it up, Ella! I also hope she keeps her mugging down to a minimum, I’ve grown quite fond of her since she did a movie with Vic Zhou and they surprisingly made an adorable couple. I don’t want to have to skewer her if she resorts to mugging her way through a drama starring my beloved Chris. I’m so happy for Chris since Ella is well loved in Taiwan and her comeback drama will likely be quite a media chronicled production. The drama is being produced by an outside production company so no word on which network will scoop it up or when it’ll air. Please let it air later this year!

Below is a fan-snapped picture of Ella filming for the drama.


Chris Wu and Ella Chen Make a Fresh Onscreen Couple for Upcoming TW-drama — 23 Comments

  1. Oh my happy heart!
    I like her in everything because she is so genuine, yeah, I know, genuinely mugging doesn’t compute.
    But OH CHRIS is BAAAAAACK!!!!!!

    Chris is back. Chris is back. Chris is back. Yay!

    • YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! Chris is back! Chris is Back! Chris is BAck! Chris is BACK!!!! Oh, Jomo. I am actually rubbing my hands together in glee. And as the lead no less. I am wondering if people were worried about their safety if he did not get a male lead. I think both Captain Koal and you, Jomo, would have led some sort of attack. Stealthy, but dangerous.

  2. Yipppeeee!!! I always had a soft spot for Ella and her dramas even though I was not fond of her typecasting in boyish roles. I watched all of them when they aired and enjoyed them all. Hana kimi was my least favorite but for many other reasons. Oh and her first drama wasn’t all that either. In any case, I am happy to hear she will be back in a drama.

    Chris —- yay!!!!!! Double yay!!!! I actually just rewatched for the umpteenth time his parts in inborn pair since I was missing his face gracing the screen and I am still not ready to rewatch the second half of crazy kf yet. While I loved all the leads when Chris was the second lead, I just couldn’t help but want to root for him. Happy he will be back onscreen soon and I hope it’s a good story.

    Looking forward to the fresh pairing.thanks for the info.

  3. I clicked on this article even before I read your Master’s Sun recap because HELLLOOOOOO Chris Wu!!! I’m so excited that he’s coming back in another drama! AND as male lead! I haven’t seen Ella Chen in anything/music/dramas but I know she’s got a lot of star power so I hope a lot of people will tune in. YAYYY this is such good news for Chris and I’m happy this early in the morning now.

  4. I liked the TW Hana Kimi even if the ending was WTF in all its glory (erased from memory).
    I love both EC and CW so I’m glad to have them back on my screen together. So, EC as a feminine sophisticated woman. Could it be that Chris would play a dork in glasses, just for the contrast? That would be hilarious and totally cute.

    • Pearl, oh Pearl. Is that You? How I have missed you. It took Chris Wu starring in a drama to have you come back to us? Another reason to love Chris . . . like I needed another reason.

      • It’s moore, Pearl from day 1 commenting in MR. I drops notes here and there males and females’ leads that I love. So r u back from Korea Trotwood?
        You know CW is the hottest dude to me, how can we miss the here??? Hehehe.,. I’m salivating just to look at his photos. J/k…,

      • @Pearl. Yes, I am back from 5 weeks studying in Korea and going into withdrawals. I swore to myself that iw ould not be the sad woman crying at Incheon airport because that would have been like a bad drama. However, I am stressed because I have been home two weeks and have not had an opportunity to speak Korean. And I was getting so much better at it, too! I am planning on applying for grants to go back. So good to hear from you, Pearl!

  5. All my fellow Chris Wu fangirls are here, I see. I can’t wait to watch this and squee with y’all about it. The production company is solid so fingers-crossed. Ella said in an interview and despite being married her hubby is hands off her career and doesn’t care if her acting scenes require lots of kissing, making out, risque, whatever.

    • Wow! Will see, so dai fang… by then, hopefully the hubby is not mad and or jelous saying you CW hand off and lips close, don’t touch my sweetie…

      • Of course we are all here. That picture of Chris with the guitar was like a siren call luring us away from work, kids, bills, etc. It’s like the bat signal or something.

        Now I am just waiting hear about the show that stars Chris Wu, Roy Qui, and Joseph Chang as buddies from (fill in the blank . . . little league days, camp days, army days, etc.) who get back together to solve a mystery about their past and find renewed friendship and faith in love along the way. Hey, I know I just made that up, but I just made up in my mind last week a story about Chris Wu getting the lead in show where he falls for an older woman (no surprise there; it was MY dream after all) and it came true, sorta.

  6. A network needs to pick this up NOW, so we can keep get news about this for months on end. We need to have more pictures of Chris Wu. Oh did I already say HURRAY He’s Back?!?!?! Yeah, I did, a couple times already. *scurries away, a little embarassed** I really do have other things to do.

  7. Oh my, oh my he is back and a lead role!!!! Thank you Koala for the info. This means I will be visiting the playground several times a day so as not to miss any of your updates on this drama. 🙂

  8. I’m sooo excited about this drama since Ella is definitely my ultimate idol .. been waiting for her drama for so long after Down With Love ended .. huhuh .. so now she’s going to be a mature sexy woman ?? yeayy!! I’ve always wanted her to portray such role for a long time more boyish role .. yeayy!!! also , their age gap is not big .. Ella is more or less 7 months older than Chris. ehehe . and knowing how Ella has always create very good chemistry and rapport with her co stars made me so excited in watching their chemistry ..Ella’s hubby need not to worry since Chris also already has his gf .

  9. hello admin, do you know where can I find subtitle for any lie can become truth… i really want to watch this drama. thank you 🙂

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