Li Yi Feng and Yang Mi with the Sprawling C-cast of Ancient Sword Fantasy Release First Video Preview

I’ve been trying to retrain my brain to tolerate fantasy wuxia dramas, which to me is like the untalented sibling of the overachieving star of the family. It substitutes special effects for story, dumbing down characters because magic and make believe elements can be thrown in to solve any problem. But once my darling rising young C-actor Li Yi Feng was cast as the male lead of the upcoming drama adaptation of the RPG Ancient Sword Fantasy (Gu Jian Qi Tan), I accepted there was no way in hell I was letting this drama pass me by. Even if its a hot mess and so stupid it kills brain cells. I. Will. Watch. The drama started filming a month ago but already a fully completed official preview has been released, which makes me wonder if China drama productions are like chipmunks on acid. Because this speed is… The cast is even more incredible in the list of who’s who onboard to dress in every shade under the sun and cosplay super cool ancient characters with awesome powers. With Feng Feng playing male lead Bai Li Tu Su, Yang Mi is his leading lady Feng Qing Xue. The other two leads are period drama regular Qiao Zheng Yu playing Ouyang Shao Gong and Ma Tian Yu as Fan Lan Sheng. Zheng Shuang plays fox demon Xiang Lin, while Gillian Chung does a turn as Princess Kue Fang. A bunch of leading lady level C-actresses make extended guest appearances in this drama ranging from Zhang Meng, Qi Wei, and Li Xiao Lu. The star power of this cast is no joke, though the level of acting ability is pretty low collectively. Let’s not kid ourselves here, but who cares when the story will probably involve some magic sword and zither and a quest for supremacy. A lot of characters and drama stills have been released as well and I’m enjoying the colorful vibe of the entire production. Reminds me of how the cast of Yu Zheng’s The Swordsman was compared to an entire rain forest of tropical birds. I occasionally enjoy so-bad-its-funny period dramas like The Swordsman and last year’s epic fail The Magic Blade. Let’s hope this either rocks or sucks and isn’t just another pitiful blergh attempt like Xuan Yuan Sword.

First Official Trailer for Ancient Sword Fantasy:


Li Yi Feng and Yang Mi with the Sprawling C-cast of Ancient Sword Fantasy Release First Video Preview — 11 Comments

  1. I was very interested at first, because I tend to like watching silly crap like this, i.e. video-game turned fantasy drama with bad CGI. But I am not so sure anymore, the story doesn’t really spark my interest and the cast, oh well I thought I was going to like them, since I pretty much like Li Yifeng, and having him as the male lead is awesome, but watching the trailer, I don’t know, I think he should just stick to modern dramas, I really don’t like him in ancient costumes.

  2. His HURRR lol. Sorry but I’m not a fan of the bangs… or at least not looking like that. Also.. something about Yang Mi’s sleeveless costumes bother me though the last one in blue, now that’s pretty lol.
    Well, I will probably check this out… just because I like more than half of the cast (:

  3. the CGI looks so ughhh, this show looks like a bad MMORPG dn’t think I can bare with this, too bad LYFis sure one cute hottie

  4. I seriously think this series is okay to me.
    I like the costumes; I like all the actors and actresses there too!
    Everything is so colorful. I love it…XD
    It’s a good chance for Li Yi Feng to show himself in the ancient series. His acting is pretty good 🙂 !!
    Now I’m on episode 27, and I’ll continue to see it as well.
    I wish the series can be done soon since school’s gonna start soon =_=

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