Jung Kyung Ho Confirms Relationship with Non-celebrity Girlfriend for the Past Year

2013 is going to do down as a year in infamy for breaking drama fangirl hearts. I don’t recall any one year where this many oppas and even young hotties have gone and taken themselves off the market. Is it something in the water over there? The following got hitched: Kim Jae Won, Ji Sung (Lee Bo Young), Lee Byung Hun (Lee Min Jung), Jung Seok Won (Baek Ji Young), Bae Soo Bin, Han Jae Seok (Park Sol Mi). The getting married is expect for all those guys since the age is right to settle down, but there was also a mass dating explosion that happened all over the industry: Rain (Kim Tae Hee), Jo In Sung (Kim Min Hee), Won Bin (Lee Na Young), Yoon Kye Sang (Honey Lee), Kim Woo Bin, Lee Sang Yeob (Gong Hyun Joo), Kang Kyung Joon (Jang Shin Young), and Lee Ki Woo (Lee Chung Ah). I’m sure I left some guys off this list but I’m too worn down to dig through the memory files of pain. Today another one bites the dust – the career resurgent Jung Kyung Ho has confirmed he’s dating. The girl in question is not in the entertainment industry and they have been dating for a year since being introduced by friends. So totally normal and healthy, and probably destined to last. I better get mentally prepared to write a Jung Kyung Ho is getting married post somewhere down the line. This reveal came when Jung Kyung Ho was on a radio show this week and the host complimented his beautiful voice and said that if he was Jung Kyung Ho’s girlfriend, he would want to listen to him talk all the time. To which Jung Kyung Ho replied that his girlfriend was probably home listening to his voice on this broadcast right now. The host was stunned he just revealed his taken status so matter-of-factly and Jung Kyung Ho said dating is a positive thing. I’m so happy for him because he deserves all he accolades he’s gotten for his turn as The Doctor’s Sun in Cruel City and I’m glad he’s found happiness in his personal life as well. Imma go wipe some silent tears away in the corner now. If one wants to imagine what it would be like to date Jung Kyung Ho, go watch the one of the sexiest scenes ever in the history of K-dramas in Cruel City. Just to make it easy, I’ve linked to it below. Sweet dreams after watching it.

Cruel City Sexiest Scene Ever Cut:


Jung Kyung Ho Confirms Relationship with Non-celebrity Girlfriend for the Past Year — 46 Comments

  1. Good for him – much as I adore my biases and would love them for myself, it’s always far nicer to hear that they’ve got someone who loves them in real life 🙂 Thankfully, he’s not a kpop idol or super young so things should be not so crazy in his case, but in general I think the k-media and netizens could do with calming down a little whenever actors/idols are found to be dating.

  2. So happy to hear that… But felt heartbroken at the same time. I’m happy for the girl he is dating… Must be lucky to have jung kyung ho as a boyfriend.. Ahhh… Hope it’s doesn’t make him stop to pick a drama focus on the romance lol…. I need him in a rom com so badly… Still love his role as hyun soo in smile you… Imagining he treats his real girlfriend like in that drama makes me swoon lol….

    I don’t if it’s a sin to felt relieved she is not a celebrity or well known public figure…

    • yes, happy and heartbroken at the same time, LOL

      Me, would love him to act colder in future. He already act so many cute role in the past, I need him being cold and serious guys more, please jung kyung ho oppaaaa…

    • Maybe you dont like her but in this scene he was not alone,Nam Gyu Ri was in the scene too.As an OTP they had the fewest minutes together but their chemistry was all over and we can not denied it.That is why they BOTH deserve the Best Kiss trophy.-if that kind of trophy exists-.
      Wish him the best .Reading his interviews I would be surprised if he had a celebrity girlfriend.
      As for me personally, I would liked to see him with Nam gyu Ri.

    • hahaha agree. though they would make a very cute photo couple cause both are gorgeous. The scenes hey had together were some kinda lacking for me in the romantic chemistry department.
      Until now I still think that Nam Gyuri’s character loved Kyung Ho Oppa’s Character but his doesn’t have the same sentiment. More like a dongsaeng thing.
      As for me, the couple that needs to go out in the open would be Bae Yong Jun. He really needs to get married already, preferably Choi Ji Woo. My first Love and winter sonata dreams would be complete.

  3. It is pretty crazy how so many couples came out this year! It’s like a domino effect of sorts. I heard so many more rumours involving KHJ, Uee, IU, Suzy, LSG, PSH, JYH, etc etc etc.

    I’m really happy for him and everyone else who found their significant half or is dating seriously. I think netizens need to relax and accept that celebrities are human too and need to settle down or have a normal relationship in their real lives too. It’s like every dating reveal is some sort of huge scandal wherein fact they are just acting human.

    Anyway good luck to all the couples who’re official and those who’re still hiding lol.

  4. Awww, really? I’m very happy for him but i do feel that acute sense of lost and disappointment upon hearing the news – hopefully this will last until marriage and future kids 🙂

  5. I wish Jung Kyung Ho and all the other couples, the best regardless of who they’re dating or marrying. I hope this is an indication that the culture is growing up. Celebrities have a right to live their lives. I’m mystified as to why dating and relationship revelations are categorized as scandals or along that vein. Judging their body of work is fair game, but their personal lives belong to them. I can understand fans ‘sobbing’ for the object of their lost fantasy but the vengeful outraged reactions of other fans I’ve read about could use some serious time on a psych couch.

    • I agree with you on the culture being able to accept this more now, and that makes me relieved for the celebrities.

      Another issue is technology works against privacy for the dating couples to the point where it IS impossible to hide anyway.
      I theorize that there were maybe as many couples dating before – it’s not like human nature has changed recently – but they were able to avoid being caught by the ubiquitous CCTV cams, fan cells, black box cams, etc.

  6. Oh, Captain K., here, *hugz

    And to all of us nursing a broken heart, come on, *big group hug

    And now we can be happy for JKH. He deserves to be blissfully happy, even if it is not with us. *sniffles

    • Can I be in the middle of the group hug? Captain Koala didn’t even bring up the Taiwanese actors on this list (Vanness Wu, Chris Wu, Vic Chou,and probably more). I am feeling forlorn even though I am too old for most of them anyway. Group hug AND chocolate?

  7. Yay!!! A cause to be happy and I hope this will be happily ever after for him.


    I always thought that it was silly to think that celebrities were single for so many years. I found it hard to believe. 🙂 I think fans eventually understand or they move on.

  8. LMAO as soon as I found out that he was dating, I went to your blog to see if you written about it, but I found nothing… until today XD
    Koala Unnie you have many other single men that you adore!
    I’m happy for Jung Kyung Ho and I hope his relationship with his non celebrity girlfriend last!
    Honestly the biggest shocker of the year for me was when I found out that the elusive and much loved Won Bin was dating! The guy needs to come out in a movie or even better in a drama!! I want to see more of him!!

    • Seriously. It’s the English language. Every word in the dictionary is free to be used. And no one owns it.

      And unless you were born before December 8, 1941 (which you make you over 72 years old today) – then no, you didn’t FIRST write anything using a time frame paired with the word “infamy”. President Roosevelt said in his post-Pearl Harbor speech the famous lines “a date which will live in infamy”. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Infamy_Speech Ooops, did you just copy good ole FDR? Bummer for you, according to your own logic, this makes you such a plagiarist. XD

      Get a grip on reality, you massive tool. And stop the incessant trolling around here. I’ll block you if you continue, not because I am trying to stop you from saying anything valid or worthwhile, but because it’s distracting to my readers because You Doth Speaketh Nonsense and Live in Fantasy Land With a Tenuous Grip on Fact.

      And I don’t want silence (which probably many folks react with when you troll them) to let you think that means you are right. Bullying is never right, and that is what you are. You are a cyber-bully. But I am not scared of bullies whether directed at me or when I see it happening around me. I like to think I can do my part in stopping you. Otherwise my inaction equals tacit acceptance that what you are doing may be allowed to continue anywhere on the Web.

      And anyone can use ______ “in infamy” all they want. That is the very definition of “infamy” is to use it in context of highlighting the magnitude of the person, time frame, or action. It’s not a phrase you made up all on your own. Contrary to what you might think. Just because you think it doesn’t make it reality. I hope schooling you will make you slink away from the embarrassment but if you are delusional then probably not. But if one day you have an epiphany and realize what crazy behavior you engaged in, feel free to come back and apologize for harassing me for the last few weeks. I’ll accept the apology then.

  9. Worst Birthday present evarrr! Joking aside, I’m really happy for JKH oppa and I hope that he’s happy and that it lasts long! 😀

      • Thank you. 🙂 It’s just that he announced the relationship on my birthday so a part of me was a bit sad but at least later, I could tell people that my favourite actor revealed his relationship on this day. Haha.

  10. Okay, I couldn’t help but click on the video, even though I’d already watched that episode – it was better than before, lol.

    Oh, and glad Jung Kyung-ho has a girlfriend in real life too!

  11. omigod… i love him!!!!! like I legit stop breathing whenever his face is on the screen..
    but I wish him all the happiness in the world!!!! <333

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