Tears Flow for Park Shin Hye on the Huntington Beach Boardwalk for Heirs

The countdown to the premiere of Heirs or The Inheritors has gone from months to weeks and now to mere days. Despite the even-larger-than-usual sprawling cast, this drama is still anchored by the two leads Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye if I look at the overwhelming number of official stills released of both of them individually or together. Thank god I like both of them otherwise I’d probably be cray cray by now. We’ve seen Park Shin Hye washing dishes, staring at Lee Min Ho when he croons “It’s okay, baby!” to her and while they stand in the almond farm of brotherly sadness, going on a date with The Cute Ship Kang Min Hyuk Lollipop, and finally lost in the valley desert regions of hinterland LA county. The latest stills are of Park Shin Hye’s Cha Eun Sang having a crying meltdown on the boardwalk of Huntington Beach, CA, along with stills where Lee Min Ho appears to be saving her from an angry beefy white guy. For the crying scene, from the previews we know this is a scene witnessed by Kim Tan and may be the catalyst for their hanging out in LA during the rest of her trip.

Park Shin can definitely cry with the best of them and here she’s trying to collect her belongings which were rifled through by her selfish older sister trying to look for the money she brought. Then sis up and leaves Eun Sang and takes off, not even caring that her teenage sister is crying in the middle of the street in a foreign country. I’m starting to warm up to Eun Sang and Kim Tan’s connection because they both have mean and dreadful older siblings. Feeling unwanted and unloved by the family, and wanting the affection of an older sibling only to be totally rejected, no wonder those two little lost sheep want to help each other despite being strangers in a strange land. I’m also getting more and more intrigued by the Native American dreamcatcher that is obviously an important narrative motif in this drama – I wonder how Kim Eun Sook will integrate it into her story? Will Eun Sang be Kim Tan’s dreamcatcher, her presence wards off his nightmares and unhappy feelings? Or will he be her dreamcatcher, taking care of her to add to her courage to keep dealing with her own set of problems stemming from being poor? One good thing about a teenage drama set in high school is that the characters are still relatively unformed as people and are much more capable of growth and change. I hope the two leads positively gravitate towards each other and grow together.

Not sure what to make of the stills showing Kim Tan wrestling a burly white guy to the ground like some knight in shining armor to Eun Sang. This isn’t City Hunter, Lee Min Ho. I hope this scene doesn’t come off too hokey.

Here’s a picture of the dreamcatcher from the last preview as it hangs outside Kim Tan’s house. I love that it’s hanging on a Surfer Boy wooden board decoration. How dorky and quaint.


Tears Flow for Park Shin Hye on the Huntington Beach Boardwalk for Heirs — 25 Comments

  1. I like the Dreamcatcher metaphor. It actually looks like there’re two dreamcatchers in the picture, because of the reflection. You might be right: they are perhaps the dreamcatchers of each other.

    • That’s how I see things too.
      Surfing + dreamcatchers = hippie community. I know it’s far from L.A but I would have loved to see one of the characters (Choi Young Do maybe since he is a rebel) living in a Sausalito boat house. ^^

    • So do I. I hope that they are the dreamcatchers for each other. I kind of like the fact that KT witnesses ES at her worse, and that she sees him having a hard time with his brother as well. And when she asks him how he was doing, he didn’t lie or pretend to be strong or invincible, he told the truth and said, “no. I am not OK.”
      That is a good start. Let’s see where that takes us. I was going to say that I was hoping for no (stupid) noble idiocy, but that might be asking for too much (maybe).

  2. Yes, I agree she can cry. I watched Tree of Heaven few years back, I cried with her every time she cry. I am also interested to know, how the dream catcher will be related to OTP, and how their relationship will grow, how will they heal their wounds…can’t wait

    • If there is a scene in a foreign location, often there is some irrational Hulk-smash local who terrorizes the innocent Korean maiden who is then rescued by the fighting prowess of her Korean knight in shining armor.

      I cringe a little bit at constant parade of Ugly Americans; in dramas, when Americans are in Korea they are always sweaty and boorish, do we have to be sweaty and boorish at home, too? NOT looking forward to that scene.

      • It’s not as if mainstream American films and tv do all that well at the portrayal of Koreans/Asians either, they’re mostly cast as geeks/some other stereotype.

      • True, they don’t. TV in general abounds with inane and simplistic stereotypes. I was pointing out one version, but I am well aware there are lots of others.

    • Hmm… isn’t it equally cringe-worthy if you throw Caucasians into an Asian country and they had to speak any Asian languages?

    • I actually wonder if they still have any scenes left from LA without spoilers/stills. Hope the drama can live up to the hype.

  3. How lucky is Lee Min Ho? He always get to travel for his drama. In city Hunter he went to Thailand. For this movie he was actually in LA. I wish I had known about this sooner, I would have come out to Huntington Beach to catch a glimpse of the whole process

  4. Ockoala you have always update us about PSH but have not recap any of her drama..Are you going to recap this drama??? Just wondering because your recaps very entertaining..but I know its hard to recap drama its not an easy feat..Thank you for all the updates its quite promising…

  5. I’m a bit miffed about the scene where the burly american is being wrestled down by our hero. I feel like korean’s portrayal of america is a negative but then again… america’s portrayal of asian americans is also negative..

  6. to be honest.. i really hate it when they go shooting abroad, not speaking english well, and use lots of inexperienced foreign actors. maybe if the story is strong, and important for the lot. but, most of the case, not really. they can just shoot locally, and speak perfect korean.

  7. A lone girl and a pretty one that is ..is bound to hav men asian or caucasian come after her .. esp on a beach ….
    Ps . Americans mostly do protray asians as geeks,si fi nerds , taxi drivers ,shop keepers , terrorists, drug lords and like wise … and asians also protray americans as money leechers gangsters ..and like wise

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