18th Annual Busan Film Festival Kicks Off with K-stars Walking the Red Carpet

The 18th annual Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) kicked off yesterday in the seaside town of Busan, South Korea with lots of glam and anticipation. Featuring 301 movie selections from 70 countries shown over 10 days, BIFF has cemented its reputation as one of the top film festivals in Asia and this year’s star studded opening ceremony brought lots of stars out to walk the red carpet. There was the usual wowing over the perfectly decked out actresses and actors, but also some sniggers at the aspiring starlets who used the opportunity to show their skin to kick start some career buzz. I thought Ha Ji Won was hands down the most put together actress package on the red carpet, bringing clout and glamour together in one petite girl power bundle of charm. The opening night selection bucked tradition as being a non-Korean and non-Chinese movie, instead shining the spotlight on a Vara: A Blessing. Bhutanese director and monk Khyentse Norbu was unable to attend since he was off on a spiritual meditation but was honored that his movie received the honor of being selected to open BIFF. There will be plenty of indie movies that might receive much needed attention after being shown at BIFF, but big name directors such as Bong Joon Ho and Kim Ki Duk are also attending to showcase their latest projects. Enjoy the red carpet rundown!

BIFF 2013 Opening Night, baby!

Ha Ji Won, perfection from head-to-toe without flaunting anything to call attention to herself.

Aaron Kwok, one half of the MC for the opening ceremony.

Starlet Kang Hanna, her entire MO with this dress was for everyone to crane their neck to look for her butt cleavage.

Lee Hyun Woo, boy done grow up good and I’m liking the bit of red carpet swagger.

The gang of the upcoming movie Top Star with Uhm Tae Woong reuniting with his Resurrection co-star So Yi Hyun, along with Kim Min Joon and actor-director Park Joong Hoon. They all look so easy on the eyes.

Kim Hyo Jin, sophisticated classiness.

Kim Min Jung, not working it at all with a very fussy and dare I say it cheap looking dress.

This one speaks for itself, no commentary necessary. Han Soo Ah manages to need to lean down for something.

Jeo Yeo Jung has lost a lot of weight lately. I always worry when that happens so suddenly, and here her glorious bosom has correspondingly deflated. At least it proves she’s all real.

Yoo Ah In, looking smart and dapper in a perfect classic tux. Love the unexpected studs on his dress shoes that add a youthful twist.


Kim Sun Ah, the dress isn’t all that lovely but she is and it’s always nice to see her.

Gu Hye Sun, who was clearly trying to find an outfit that could match her complexion.

Kim So Yeon, this is what prosecutors look like after work is done. The color is harsh but she pulls it off with the smoky eyes and the attitude.

Ye Ji Won, she looks great and the dress is different and stands out in a good way, if only she lightened up on the lipstick color.

Han Hyo Joo, who has become a fixture at movie premieres and film festivals and continues to wow on every red carpet.

PIE, with the classic PIE smile.

Yoon Jin Seo, going for pale column dress and red red lips.

Taecyeon and Lee Yeon Hee – double the pretty, double the cannot act. Though Taecyeon’s suit pants make his hips look unnaturally wide.

Lee Joon of MBLAQ.

Yang Dong Geun and Lee Tae Im.

Kim Min Jong, perfect gentleman in blue.

Yoo In Ah, sultry with a twist.

Nam Gyu Ri, in what I call a “different” black dress to stand out from the crowd.


18th Annual Busan Film Festival Kicks Off with K-stars Walking the Red Carpet — 48 Comments

    • I think she really grew into her looks if you compare her to her Bali days.
      Either that or it’s one of those cases where someone magically looks more beautiful when you find them endearing.
      Even so, she looked so pretty in the recent K2H and her skin was flawless!

  1. OMG! Agree with all your comments…JYJ’s face looks awful with the weight loss and Taecyeon’s pants look like they belong to another suit.

    • when I read JYJ I was like..eh, did they coming too and scrolled up again..LOL!So it’s Jeo Yeo Jung [JYJ]*scratched my head!
      Yes, JYJ was there too but actually only their standees in Incheon Asian Games booth at BIFF..hahaha..

  2. “double the pretty, double the cannot act” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, I laughed so hard XD.
    I really love your comments !

  3. Ha ji won is simply gorgeous here. 🙂 I am so worried that her next drama is going to be a train wreck. I love her.

    KsA was also gorgeous here even though I didn’t really like her dress. She still pulled off the look.

    I preparation of some of the new fall dramas, I started rewatching some past dramas in August. So far I went from sweet 18 to when its a night to MLKSS to SeGa… So lots of KSA and HJW. 🙂

    Aaron kwok – nice!!!! YAI – also nice. I like men in formal wear lol

  4. Exactly, I’m never a fan of Ha Ji Won on screen, but when it comes to Red Carpet, she’s always well prepared and lucky to have the Best Stylist; like in here, she’s a winner again. I also like the dress of Kim So Yeon, Han Hyo Joo, Lee Yeon Hee. What’s with that butt cleavage, its a stinky style,sorry. Why is Yoon Eun Hye not here again, expecting to see her.

    • YEH doesn’t have a movie coming out. All those attending are for their movies or upcoming movies or something related to film.

  5. Han Hy Joo is gorgeous and elegant. Ha Ji Won is just simply classic and beautiful. On the other hand, Hong Soo Ah is just looking for a wardrobe malfunction and the girl with butt crack are just awful!

  6. Gu Hye Sun looks awful in that dress. Ugh, so bad in the eye. But I love Lee Yeon Hee’s dress. She was trending on Nate earlier so I checked it out. I love the white and the simplicity. Taecyeon looks good unless u check out anything below his neck. What is with that suit?!?

    HJW is perfection – as always and HHJ’s dress is to die for. I’m loving her recent attires. She’s been sporting the mature sophisticated look with some zest!

  7. Ha Jiwon is sooooo pretty as always.

    I took a double take at Kim So-yeon’s picture, she totally looks like Sandra Bullock here!

    Thanks for sharing all the pretty, Koala!

  8. LYH, HHJ and HJW look gorgeous! Lee Joon looks amazing in black. Too bad Lee Junho had to pull out of the guest list because of his filming schedule for his new film. If he didn’t then we’ll be spoiled again, as he would have had his nuna on his arm. They’re so cute together.

  9. How about Korea’s child wunderkind, Kim Yoo Jung? I think she was also there.:)

    Ha Ji Won, Han Hyo joo, Yoo In Na (sexy but still on the classy side), Kim Hyo Jin are the stand out for me.

    And Jeo Yeo Jung is looking alarmingly skinny. Hope it is for a new role and not just for vanity.

  10. 1. Han Hyo Joo 2. Ha Ji Won 3. Lee Yeon Hee For the men, they all looked pretty good except Taecyeon’s pants. hyun woo and lee joon and TOP looked especially good. Is that girl Nam Gyu Ri? doesn’t look like her.

  11. oh, forgot to comment on Gu Hye Sun’s dress… and all I’ve got to say is that she’s wearing a dress! even though it’s not the best looking for the night it’s got to be one of the better looking in her closet of red carpet dresses she has worn in the past. Kudos to her! She has a good looking body but always hides it in weird clothing that doesn’t suit her.

  12. Ha ji won , the one from love 911 and the one from who are you 2013 ! (Sryy abt names) are very elegant and amazing specially the light pinkdress ! Kang anna , I would call it classy and cute only if thr cleav doesnt show an di miht say this is the first time in my looong life yhat ive seen somebody showing the cleavage? ! That is disgusting buy the way ! Just go an dtell ppl u r not wearing panties ! Nd thr gold dres*I mean the golden sparkly fabric that is just holding up with a 10 cm stich from front *that is so cheap and totally not cute ! Ahhh classineclassinsiness our dear first three ladies must yeach the rest !

  13. Nam Gyu Ri is wearing a tree skirt from the Nightmare Before Christmas, poor thing. That isn’t velvet, is it?

    Kim So Heonn and Lee Hyun Woo are my favs. Remember his little fountain hair in Return of Iljimae? Boy has grown up very nicely!

  14. Ha Ji Won is indeed perfection. Everything works.

    I also like Han Hye Joo – now this is not the type of dress I’d chose for myself but love the way she looks in it.

  15. Pretty Ha Ji Won as usual!! and I liked Kim Sun Ah and I think the dress suits her lively spunky personality. As for definitely did not like: gu hye sun was she parading as a vampire? Han Soo Ah, could there be a trashier dress?

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