IU in Final Talks with KBS to Join Jang Geun Seok in Beautiful Man

Excuse me, but whut? It’s been hours since I heard this news and my mind is still not computing. I suppose in the world of K-drama casting anything goes, and I mean anything as long as it’s some arrangement between the agencies and production companies that the audiences will never know about other than wonder skeptically why two people were cast as a couple. KBS has been having a rough ride with its Wed-Thurs time slot all year, though that might have changed as of this week. KBS hasn’t had a hit in the time slot since Nice Guy (The Innocent Man) aired late last year, and its follow ups have been rating duds from Jeon Woo Chi to IRIS 2 to The Fugitive of Joseon to The Blade and Petal. There is a certain irony in that the currently airing revenge melodrama Secret (Secret Love) with Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum (which KBS touted as like Nice Guy) did a monster jump in ratings this week when Heirs and Medical Top Team both premiered and leap frogged to the front of the class with a nice mid-teens in ratings. Not bad for a drama that started off in the low single digits, I guess revenge melodramas does sell. I thought KBS was looking for something different for the time slot which is why it pushed Age of Feeling with Kim Hyun Joong into early 2014 and slotted in Beautiful Man with Jang Geun Seok. Movie actress Han Ye Ri was initially in talks to join BM but I knew she was out when she signed on to Kim Yoon Seok and Yoochun‘s upcoming movie Sea Fog instead. That’s kinda a no-brainer decision if you ask me. I figured KBS was scrambling in talks with various young actresses to land the right person for the role of the earnest ordinary-looking girl who has a massive and long-standing crush on “the world’s most beautiful man”. Even knowing any K-actress could land the part, my jaw still dropped when I read the news that IU was in the final stages of discussion to be the leading lady. IU?!? Who just dropped her new LP Modern Times and recently wrapped the 50-episode weekend drama The Best Lee Soon Shin. This one completely caught me by surprise. In addition to Jang Geun Seok, the drama has also signed on Lee Jang Woo as the second male lead and recently a new mommy Han Chae Young as the second female lead. Filming is slate to start in about two weeks to take over the time slot from Secret in late November.

Beautiful Man is a manhwa adaptation and will be produced by Group Eight, no stranger to adapting mangas and manhwas into dramas. Group Eight is responsible for Goong, Boys Before Flowers, Tamra the Island, Birdie Buddy, and Playful Kiss. Adapting the manhwa will be the screenwriter who recently had a major box office hit with Miracle in Cell No 7.


IU in Final Talks with KBS to Join Jang Geun Seok in Beautiful Man — 38 Comments

      • @peacegee, Lee Da Hee is plastic too (who isn’t amongst actresses?) but she looks rather more natural than Hwang Jung Eum, who looks like her surgeon took a hatchet to her instead of a scalpel. I still think Hwang Jung Eum is a surprisingly decent actress and I really like her in Secret so her looks don’t bother me as much as they used to.

      • @Rina, Lee Da Hee used to look quite natural in My Girl but off late,in IRIS 2, she displayed a rather plummer face than before. it was slightly obvious that she did more work on her face. I thought that she looked good in My Girl. Sad to say, most Korean actresses would have a little bit done here and there which is why I like PSH and YEH for being naturally pretty. Having said that, do too understand that it must be very competitive in Korea – do plasty and be rewarded with more projects – survival of the fittest or rather, prettiest, I guess.

      • @Rina, i actually avoided secret because one of the reasons were Hwang Jung Eum’s crazy plastic face.
        However, i do acknowledge after catching up to the most recent episode of secret that she is a good actress.
        I wonder how much better she would have been had she been a natural. The emoting/facial expressions would’ve had more of a kick. I do think some actresses lose that when they decide upon major plastic surgery.

      • yes, I am referring to Rina’s mention of Lee Da Hae. I use to root for her so much those years but now taking a step ‘cos the expression from her were not like before.

      • @peacegee, thanks for enlightening and sorry for confusion. according to sources, both Lee da hae and lee da hee have done some before.

        @ilikemango, I totally agree that eventhough these girls can act but somehow, the expressions come on as a bit stiff. nothing like mother nature but then, it is easier said than done when the competition is fierce. peace

  1. omg omg omg omg jang geun suk and IU ?!! YESSSSSSS YSSSSSYSYSYSYSYSY 🙂 PLZ? plz plz i’m so excited ?!! this is gonna be great 🙂

      • hahaha. agree though i doubt Eunhyuk will dive into acting or even mention UI in any of his shows for the next 5 years..

        I’m not a nig fan of IU nor the current bizarro JSG, but for both their sakes I hope IU dodge this one and JGS scrap his willy wonka bizarro perssona na just act like he used to….

  2. Not fan of both but since i love anything that adapted from manhwa at least i want it to have actor n actress than i will consider watching. Jang geun suk is acceptable but IU? Hmmmm. Please cast somebody else. I don’t want to watch the same actress over and over in a year.

  3. Honestly… This is a huge ‘HUH’?!? I don’t know what to feel about IU other than she is absolutely not ‘ordinary’ looking. I find her gorgeous (and I’m pretty sure most neitizens do as well), so making her play a doormat character with no personality or beauty whatsoever is soo…. Lame.

    Other than that, this show is not attracting me. Everyone seems to be casted in the wrong roles. JGS is so NOT the “prettiest man on earth” and now IU. Wtf casting group?!? _._

  4. Not fan of IU but as acting idol shes quite decent. At least she’s not only selling her idol status while acting,she took acting seriously compare to other bad acting idol. Thats what i get after watching The best of Lee Soon Shin.

    Also not a fan of JGS, but since i know he is a great actor. I believe he can pull out the character given to him.

    • EXACTLY we cant say anything now , maybe it turns up to be good . and the fact that IU is seriously considering this role despite her very busy scedual and her new album , means it is a good drama .and i’m really looking forward to see IU and JGS toghter:)

  5. Say what you will about JGS, the boy can act. He just needs to play something that isn’t a flower boy, and soon – but I’ll try this one for him and IU (who put in a really good performance in that mess of a drama You’re The Best Doormat Lee Soon-shin).

    • BUT, would JGS (especially, nowadays) actually consider a character that is out of his comfort zone? He is indeed, talented but the way I see it, he is too caught up in his own bubble right now, heck, I don’t even see him cutting his precious hair anytime soon. 😉 It’s shame really, I want to see him in something other than playing himself (aka pretty boy roles) and sadly, we won’t be seeing him playing, let’s say, a cop or a joseon hero of some sort anytime soon.

      • I don’t understand why he won’t cut the damn hair, to be honest- his offscreen persona doesn’t bother me since I don’t keep up with it – but he had far more diverse roles early in his career. I don’t understand why he can’t take a risk and step away from that Hwang Tae-kyung/flower boy image for even one drama, though. A sageuk would force him to do it via the costuming, but what can we do?

      • Agree! Beethoven Virus was the last drama I have enjoyed of JGS out of his pretty look flower boy role. After Hwang Tae Kyung, all his dramas are so “commerically-driven” that I will soon let go of my slim hope that his talented acting will interest me anymore. He sure has acting talent, but his choice of drama sucks… what a waste!

  6. …Hmmmm…I think IU can manage the role..and she has a decent acting streaks so no problem as for JGS , HE can act and HE used to choose really good projects…but I dnt know whats wrong with him..he used to be so attractive(Beethoven Virus days).but now…..Its like to reassure himself that he is still hot like he used to be he flaunts that HE IS THE ASIAN PRINCE which is very veryyyyy Unattractive at all.I just hope someone can advice him to cut that damn hair , start exercising and EATING the right kind of food and stop acting like a jerk. I still hope that he will realize that he is not getting younger.

    • “The reason I’ve been calling myself the Asia Prince is because that’s my dream. It’s what I dream to become, NOT what I think I already am. ” JKS.

      I dont understand why people are always against him when he said he is Asia Prince. Obviously, people do not understand his sense of humour.

    • He did mention in his recent Zepp tour that he’ll cut his hair for this drama. C’mon people he is an actor, how can one be an actor if he doesn’t know he needs to match his look/style (wardrobe) to the character he will play? And if you will check JGS films & dramas, it is only in Marry Me Mary that he sported a long hair (& its because his role is a lead singer for an indie band).

      Jang Geun Suk knows he’s not getting any younger that is why he’s choosing this kind of role that will still fit his age.

  7. hi ockoala,
    thanks for this. am pleasantly surprised.
    IU fresh from LSS has proven herself with quite some acting chops so far and no offense, she acts better than her BFF Suzy [me adore suzy very much myself].

    Am thinking maybe JGS and IU could definitely contribute to the OST, wow, both are triple threats.. well, more eye candy for me. am looking forward, sure am in for this BIG TIME and the bonus is LJW is adorable as well. This the season to rejoice, with three dramas back to back. Missed JGS’s acting, just want to welcome him with open arms, only think is that young man needs to re-invent his image re the hair! for crying out loud.. gosh… didn’t his mom tell him to cut his hair?

  8. Ohh JGS y wud u take this type of character again!!!!!!wen r u gnna mature …. not some ponytail half head shaved side bang wd a gazillion rings type of charcter again .!!!I was so repelled by his tweet last nite in which he was showing his feet and a alcohol in front

  9. I like both IU and JGS, but I’m reserving judgement until we start seeing teaser trailers and stuff. Because sometimes pairings work, and sometimes they don’t. Sometimes the acting matters more than others too. So I’ll wait. 🙂

  10. I think IU had potential.. but don’t know about the drama itself.

    I’m LOVING Secrets in all its twisted glory. It is different than Nice Guy.. a lot different and gray actually.

  11. LOL at ppl saying Kwang Soo is Asia prince. He is a funny dude. But how many commercials, FM and how much money can he generate from Asia? I already said JKS does not say he is a TRUE Asia prince. But he is seeing it as a goal.

    You might as well tell me KHJ is Asia prince/Rain/LMH. I think that is more acceptable.

    The fact is , we are not saying JKS=Asia Prince, we are just saying when he said he is Asia Prince, he is not being arrogant, but he sees it as his goal. Please read carefully.

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