Chinese Fan Spots Moon Geun Young and Kim Bum in Subway in Austria

Looks like the drama fan interest in new couple Moon Geun Young and Kim Bum extend far beyond the Korean domestic audience. The first pictures of them snapped in Europe were by Korean tourists, but this latest pic comes courtesy of the Chinese fans since it was uploaded to Weibo first and then hit both Kim Bum and Moon Geun Young’s Chinese fansites. A Chinese tourist in Hungary spotted the cute couple in the subway station and snapped a picture of them from behind trying to remain undetected. As much as I’m starting to get worried that their delightful trip is getting waylaid by nosy fans, the shots of them so far indicate the picture takers have been trying to remain unseen so as to not disturb them. That’s a relief, now I can enjoy seeing new pictures of them on vacation without feeling like I’m fanning the flames of annoying them. I wonder if they would have been spotted had the news not broken that they were dating, and then I remembered that the news broke because they were spotted in Prague holding hands and walking around. I guess both are really that famous, especially since they are so dressed down it must’ve been some eagle-eyed fan who spotted them the first time. The new picture of them in the subway station shows them wearing the same backpacks as the Dispatch pictures, confirming those were indeed GeunBum. I continue to LOL at the mane of hair on Kim Bum’s head, he’s naturally got some wave to his hair but it also feels like he hasn’t cut it in ages probably since he was always wearing a wig filming Goddess of Fire. Since his character died before the last episode, he probably got more time to plan their trip while Geun Young finished the last episode of filming. Both of them are looking trendier when Kim Bum in all black while Geun Young pairs her camo-coat with a short skirt and what appears to be cute boots. What’s the cutest thing of all is that they are still holding hands and talking, and there are still no friends around anywhere in the vicinity. I think the race is on for Asian tourists traveling in Europe this month to see if the famous young couple will be spotted in each of their travel destinations.


Chinese Fan Spots Moon Geun Young and Kim Bum in Subway in Austria — 31 Comments

  1. I also get worried that they might be bother by fans taking pictures (even though I want so much to see more pics) but it seems they only got eyes for each other. Such a cute couple. Moonie’s hair also seems messy but Ughhhh!! I can’t get over them! So adorable! What if we get a pic of them kissing!?!?! I would die, but I need to calm down. They need privacy.

  2. Awww.. what a sweet loving couple. They seem to be really enjoying this, i wonder how many countries left in their tour?

    GeuunBum fighting!

    • @pipa
      i hope ur being sarcastic…MGY is smart girl. i don’t think she’d date a “bad/rough guy”. kim beom is handsome gentleman and a nice guy (hopefully).

  3. I’m becoming a spoiled fan now. (my excuse from the fact that Im totally obsessed with them). Whenever I wake up I’m already expecting to see a new photo of them. <3 <3 <3

  4. Wait a minute, in the title you said it is in Austria,then in the article you said Hungary.I am getting confused about where exactly they are snapped by the chinese fans..hahaha..anyway, I am living in Netherlands , who knows they also come to visit..hehe..

    • I live in the NL as well. But I heard, and koala only said in her previous post, they are only traveling to Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy and England (after Austria and Hungary). T_T

  5. This is clearly Austria, at the Praterstern station in fact! I recognise the illustrations on the wall, lived near there for a year!:)

  6. I am so over the moon (get it) to see the international interest in these two. Man are they ever the cutest couple! I am sure they are used to the fan craze so I don’t think they would be so upset unless someone gets all stalky and encroaching. I love this picture the most so far because they are just so couple-ly. Not a word but a squee word. Now I will start hoping nothing goes wrong with this relationship but I trust these two. Their comfort level for dating beginners is astounding so I do not believe this is just a month old relationship. Of course I was digging into pictures and the only thing I found was a bracelet that she wore which he wore in Taiwan or Vietnam (don’t know or care) recently but costume jewelry being what it is. I made that up. Maybe. Just having fun because they make me feel silly. I am SO happy for them.

  7. OK love them to death but I think it’s time to leave them alone. They’re on vacation and we don’t want to snuff out their young love with too much snooping around. Good luck GeunBum couple!

    • Same here. I start feeling like a Peeping Tom.

      Otoh if they visit the classical touristy spots they have to know, that they’ll get discoverd. Asian tourists hit certain spots in Europe travelling like Schloß Neuschwanstein in Germany. If they stay away from these crowded places, they should be alright.

  8. Whenever i return from work, this is the first place I visit so that I would not miss the fun seeing their latest snap. Thanks, Koala. You’ve done well!

  9. Noticed the nice boots too…wow, I salute the fan who took this picture for respecting this cute couple’s privacy (as I may not have been as respectful ha ha ha). Still no friends in sight he he. Thanks for this, dear Ockoala! I really don’t know why I feel so giddy about this. I’m just so happy for them!

  10. Love seeing pics of them everyday but please don’t invade on their privacy. They do look like they are enjoying their Vacation very much, so sweet that their attention is always on each other.

  11. I’m worried that they keep taking pictures and no friends around, Kmedia picks this up, this will make everyone start to bash MGY for going alone on a trip with her supposed ”one month” boyfriend… you guys might say I’m worrying about anything but knetizen and kmedia is this terrible, and I worry for MGY’s image since guy never take blame for you know being ”guys” but girls are bashed on as ”easy”

  12. Whenever I see these post toppers of GeunBum, I start humming the theme song for “Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego”. LOL.

    Love this couple. I hope they have a wonderful time and I wish them the best.

    I also hope that fans do continue to respect their boundaries.

  13. I love seeing this couple together!!!! HOWEVER, I hope international fans can come together and just stop taking pictures of them from this trip because it’ll just make them uncomfortable and it could very big troub

  14. almost feels like I’m stalking them across Europe as they go to be every country….kinda wish I could too….I’m such a terrible fan

  15. This picture is not taken in Hungary. I wish I can see them here in RL, but I am never that lucky. πŸ˜›

    So good to see them happily together! Crossing my fingers for them!

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