Nicky Wu and Liu Shi Shi Bask in the Industry Well-wishes for their Relationship While Their Fandoms Go Crazy

Forget how shocking the news of Nicky Wu and Liu Shi Shi dating a good two plus years after they first co-starred in Bu Bu Jing Xin together. I vividly remember the drama casting backlash – Nicky too old and ugly, Kevin too old and ugly, Shi Shi not enough screen presence to play Ruo Xi, why is Yuan Hong not the lead, who the heck is Lin Geng Xin and why he is 14th Prince, and on and on. Even during the filming everything looked chintzy and small scale. Fans of the novel were writing off the drama, and fans of the actors were just praying this wouldn’t bomb that badly. Of course the result was probably the biggest drama pleasant surprise ever, with everything clicking, especially the chemistry between Shi Shi and Nicky. Their real life age difference worked because their characters had an equally as big age difference. But chemistry is chemistry and they had it in spades. I hope for the same onscreen chemistry between seemingly miscast coupling of Lee Bum Soo and Yoona in Prime Minister and I. I can hope, right?

Since the confirmation of their relationship, their entertainment industry friends have showered the couple with well-wishes, but its been a rockier road with their respective fandoms. For some reason, Shi Shi’s fandom loathes Nicky, and his fandom is a bit better towards Shi Shi but they hate her fandom. Her fandom thinks he’s too old for her and the divorced bit makes them think he’s used goods (kids these days), while his fandom thinks she’s too young and flighty for him and they don’t want him played. I think its ridiculous for fandoms to have any say in who their fave entertainer dates or marries in real life, and I hope the extreme fans in both Shi Shi and Nicky’s fandoms grow up quickly and simmer down. Judging by the media and fan attention, this couple is probably the most high profile dating reveal in C-ent this year. Check out some cute pics of them doing a couple’s CF and watch some LongShi MVs for fun.



Nicky Wu and Liu Shi Shi Bask in the Industry Well-wishes for their Relationship While Their Fandoms Go Crazy — 27 Comments

  1. Just wait until these people get to an age where basically everyone’s “used goods”; maybe they can cry into their cats for comfort.

  2. I’m waiting for the day I get to experience this by chance and I say by chance because its all about 2 souls finding love, happiness and comfort with each other. I’m still holding out hope for YEH & KJH hehe…

    Congrats to this couple, they are cuuute together!

  3. I did not know the fandoms were that insane. Clearly I follow the right people on Tumblr because everyone I have talked to is ecstatic. I am still squealing about them. Ugh, why can’t people just let the be happy!?

  4. Their fandoms are just ridic!!
    I’m just basking in LongShi happiness here ~
    It’s really funny how everyone thought BBJX would suck lol and now all of them are megasuperstars and the show kind of went down in history like that XD

  5. It will be a long winding road for them given the high profile. But it seems like both of them have the maturity and EQ to handle the pressure. Hope they stay true to their hearts and not be affected by public opinion. P.S. I always thought Nicky is one of the most desirable bachelors out there, can’t believe people think he is too old and is damaged goods. SIGH!!!!
    Best wishes to them.

  6. Parts of LSS’s fandom IS ridiculous. I understand if they were concerned that she would get hurt because he’s older, more experience, but truth is they look like they are just butthurt over her not dating Hu Ge or Yuan Hong. And that’s beyond ridiculous.

    I never expected them to date because I didn’t even think they were each others’ type. But SS seems sensible and sweet and Nicky is goofy but extremely loyal, so I don’t understand why people can’t just be happy for them.

    I agree that fans have no say, which is why you can be happy or not happy for them, but going around and spreading hate is gross.

    • Actually, Nicky’s fans can be equally as extreme and ridiculous, and I’ve seen PLENTY of them on Weibo.. They literally make up things. In my eyes, they are all just the same.

      • Well, I can’t read Chinese so I only speak about the English-speaking people then. If his fans are acting out too, then yes shame on them too! I don’t even know what they have to be mad about since LSS seems perfectly nice and the man hasn’t dated for years!

      • Do you know that Nicky spent the Christmas vacation with LSS?As soon as Nicky’s fans know that,they went to comment on LSS‘s sina weibo(similar to Twitter)to thank her to give him the warmth of home,he finally find a girl to keep a light on for him, I was touched by their love to Nicky,I hope LSS’s fans can finally know that their idol is in love with a man who has a magnetic personality

  7. i didn’t really know their fans hated each other. What i read so far is all positive posting and not to mention …. a lot of happiness posting from fans.
    Whatever the case. I wish them both happiness because they are truly cute together!!
    Have any of the fans know there is a LONGSHI bar in Baidu. These, are an armies of LONGSHI fans!!

  8. I’m not up to Chinese news, but did he cheat on Ada with his ex-wife, and then she cheated on him with her current husband? AND then he has to still pay her alimony? So freaking messy. I never have a problem with age difference, as long as they’re happy and she/he isn’t jailbait. Good for them.

    • More juicy as his ex-wife signed on weibo and her first post is a juicy public letter at this conspicuous time claiming he is not still paying her alimony (which is so silly, she’s married and pregnant with her new hubby), because in the heat of the media storm there is a rumor Nicky is still paying her alimony and he bought SS a car out of a loan (again, please, he can pay for a dozen cars with cash easy)

      From what I’ve read of the ex-wife ahe has a number of alleged extramarital affairs and one is, get this, Hawick <- Mr. YangMi, the other headline grabbing leading lady of the day.

    • Not sure if he cheated on Ada with his ex-wife but it’s “established” (of course this can be argued) that his ex-wife was the third wheel in their relationship and that is why they broke up.

  9. 17 years is a larger age gap, but if they are happy, who cares?! And seeing the babies whining how SS’ folks should have a problem with this and should do sth cracks me up.

    However, I think it is wiser for them to tone down their own chatter on their romance, I have not seen ShiShi being such a chatterbox on weibo ever. Tou both are happily in love, that should be good enough, no need asking the public to continuously bask in your head over heels. It is a 2 way sword, if you want privacy, stay private.

  10. Some fans are just absurd, I can’t even. LOL at Nicky being considered ‘used goods’! Some people are just so ridiculous it’s funny. What ever happened to giving people second chances at happiness? While I understand some of their concerns about their bias getting hurt or played by the other, and an age difference of 17 years is a bit hard for me to process, but I still respect their decisions as consenting, matured adults. I just don’t understand how fans think they can ‘own’ and have a say in what their bias does; I mean sure they can have this power, but only if their bias lets it happen. When I watched the second video about Nicky singing his song and he was interviewed after that, his words, “While you may have initiated some things, but it doesn’t mean that you have the final say. I make the final decision”, unintentionally take on an additional meaning in this context…
    I’m sure they anticipate the media furore following their public declaration but they must have faith in their relationship to withstand it. So I hope they stay strong and happy 🙂

    • isnt he? <3 i used to ship him with Charlie Yeung when i first saw them in Butterfly's Lovers. That's still my numero uno romantic movie next to The Notebook.

      I'm glad he's finally found someone to love again. He looks he's trying to stop himself from grinning in the first pic. XD

      I reaallllyyy like ShiShi too. But i was hoping she was dating Hu Ge. *cries at my sunk ship* "in the end….it doesnt really matteerrr…."

      Congrats to both Nicky and Shi Shi.

  11. actually, i’ve always thought that lss’s fans span from either the extreme of shipping her with every single co-star around (to the point where they love to make up stuff about how they are all pining for her or whatever → case in point being hu ge filming scenes in a bar recently and drinking half a bottle of beer only to be yy-ed as drowning his sorrows in alcohol bc of the news that lss and wql were dating) to the other extreme of loathing every single co-star that she has worked with regardless male or female. from what i see they have a pretty bad rep, lots of other fandoms ban any mention of lss because lss’s fandom has fought with practically nearly everyone. Partially i’m happy for the news because it cracks me up to see her fans being slapped in the faces haha. (wow i’m terrible)

  12. Shippers will have to consider also, what if LSS wanted to be with either HG or YH or whomever and those men are the one who don’t want to pursue the relationship forward! :X

    • I actually don’t mind if LSS dates HuGe or Yuan Hong or even Wallace Huo but I think she consider them like her bros because LSS is such a tomboy.. even those guys say that. lol, but really you guys should watch all of her videos with these guys. She acted more differently with Nicky compare to them

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