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I love how predictable yet increasingly satisfying Heirs/The Inheritors has been. This includes SBS releasing the preview for next week’s episodes on the Saturday re-runs of the previous week’s episodes. Thanks for breaking up the monotony of the weight and adding little nuggets to chew over. Next week is right on cue for a Kim Eun Sook drama, which is the angst always hit smack dab in the face come episode 15. It’s not like Eun Sang and Tan were falling in love in secret or their own little idyllic safe haven like in the US. They are in Seoul, living under the same roof and attending the same high school, and little by little everyone saw it and figured out what was happening. While I have a sliver of sympathy and interest in Young Do’s unresolved anger over his broken friendship with Tan, that story line was driving the angst for so many episodes when the Big Bad was always Chairman Daddy. Looks like he’s starting to unleash the full weight of his disappointment and fury on Tan and its not going to be pleasant to watch. Sometimes I wished Won would at least fight for Hyun Joo just a tiny bit and maybe give up when the going got tough. Inside he bailed at the first second, thereby making him such an relationship tool. Same goes for his issues with Tan, which are all just him projecting their future conflict and treating him like because of what may happen. Is it so hard to cross a bridge once you get there, Won?

I do like the new and improved Eun Sang, who massages Tan ego by saying he’s so handsome and then candidly states that she likes him. Was it that hard to just say these words, girl, and then deal with how to make that like last a long time rather than ending abruptly? I do think Chairman Daddy could align with Won to ship Tan off to the US, thereby killing two birds with one stone. Or he’ll pit brother against brother with Eun Sang as a prize for Tan to fight for. I hope Ki Ae ends up being the catalyst to change Chairman Daddy and get him to reconsider his tactics and position. She’s really grown on me and is one of the few adults I enjoy watching. She’s got a majorly big heart and even if her brain is on the fluffy side she’s smart enough where it counts. I’m excited that she’ll face Esther herself and try to extricate her son from an unhappy and unwanted engagement. Esther is so annoying I hope her lingering first love issues with Secretary Yoon will die ASAP. The thought that he has feelings for that lady gives me the shivers, not to mention Rachel and Chan Young as step-siblings is totally ugh. I can’t believe how a week’s worth of good episodes can really rev up my energy and excitement for this drama. Check out the super juicy preview for episode 15 and get ready to hanker down for the impending Heirs storm.

Preview for episode 15:

[youku id=”XNjM5MTY5MzUy.html” w=”625″ h=”440″]


Tan brings Won while Young Do brings his dad to meet with Ji Sook. They discuss that Young Do is 98th place in the class while Tan is 100th. Eun Sang tells Kim Tan that he’s so good looking and she likes him. Ki Ae meets with Esther to end the engagement between Tan and Rachel. Esther asks why something so important she needs to discuss with someone like Ki Ae. Ki Ae takes something from the safe and puts it on the table and tells Esther that she didn’t want to have to do this. Tan asks what he needs to do for Won to trust him. Won says to decline the shares and go back to the US and stay there. Tan says he’s changed his mind, if Won wants the shares he’s going to have to take it from Tan. The Chairman sends lackeys to keep Tan from school. He says if Tan is so insistent that his dad not target Eun Sang, then he needs to break her heart now.


Video Preview for Episode 15 of Heirs — 20 Comments

  1. What I love about Tan and Eun sang is their love for one another, they never did lead any other charactor on and for God sake, PLEASE don’t break up !!!!!! 🙁

  2. Ms. Koala, thank you!!! It def. increases the excitement and joy of watch a drama when you get good episodes. I was on board from the beginning of the drama but I’m totally in love with it now. I can’t wait for next week but the angst is on it’s way for sure. My hope is that KT and ES will stay strong and not waver no matter what. I’m glad to see that Tan has decided to fight because up to this point he has been so understanding and patient with his brother, but it’s not time for Tan to think about himself and what he wants. I can’t wait for Wednesday.

    Ms. Koala, have you done some changes to the layout? I might be wrong but I think there is some slight changes in the look of the blog, I like.

  3. tWe’re wishing the CHAIRMAN’s approval of TAN & EUN SANG relationship? Why so hard to accept, for the POOR to fall in love with the CHAEBOL? Is the discrimination of social standard still present on this era? Hope the two would find happiness & peace is their current relationship? Thanks KOALA for the unending update. We love this drama so much!

    • haha..cuz the lovestory between the poor and the rich is only existing in drama, even in this era 🙂 in reality.. well.. in reality, this storyline rarely happens!
      but yes.. i do like this drama.. happy ending, and for uri Young Do.. even he wont end up with ES, i just hope he would finally end up with someone who loves him.. but please not Rahael..

    • I think it is not because the Chairman cannot accept a love relationship between the chaebols and the poor (he himself fell for Won’s mom, who, from what I can infer from the drama, was anyone but an heiress).
      His motivation has more to do with money, money, money, and cementing his hold on the company, which is under seige from relatives. Thus, all his sons are being set up for M&A (merger & acquisition)types of marriages. It may be good business, but terrible parenting.

  4. Can’t wait!!!

    Last week Tan and Eun sang stole the show…..hopefully we’ll get lots of cuteness before the angstville….

    And yes….I hope ratings increase more and more till the series ends…

  5. Captain K you just made my weekend! Thank you! I really don’t understand why as a father, a chairmain, a leader you would want inside fighting among your kids. Wouldn’t you want your kids to help each other and keep outsiders away. I guess if that was the case we would have no show.

    I hope the show end with a bang

  6. Totally love Ki Ae, her love and protection for his son. Hope she will also protect ES and allow them to date. Why does Esther have the same disapproving face as Rachel? So annoying… yuck!

  7. ~hello there, miss author..:) just saw this site accidentally while I was looking for an informative sites about lee min ho..:) yah, this one is not about him but your, let’s say, reviews about THE HEIRS caught my interest…hehhe..not to be biased, but no matter what people will say here, i would still love KIM TAN AND EUN SANG’s team up.. ahahha .. <3 ..
    God bless you and more power! good site, indeed!

  8. It’s funny how YD was described as some kind of high IQ genius from his character description or was that just a fanmade one because in no way had he showcased any “genius” decisions in this drama. All dumb. So dumb.

  9. NO! NO! NO!!!!!!! i say you cant do this please i beg of you they love each other and damn esther for cheating on young do dad by allowing yoon kiss her ah damn i hate that but i love that you are young and beautiful.And please. dont let KT and ES seperate else i hate you ah!

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