Winners and Star-studded Red Carpet at the 50th Anniversary Golden Horse Awards in Taipei

Two major Asian film awards took place this weekend, there was the Blue Dragon Film Awards celebrating Korean cinema held in Seoul, and further South in Taipei the annual Golden Horse Film Awards feted the Chinese-language movies of 2013. It was the 50th anniversary of the famed Golden Horse Awards and this was a ceremony that had more big name presenters than even the nominees. This year’s Chairman was Ang Lee, undisputably the most famous Chinese filmmaker in the world, and he brought as a date and presenter the long-retired but glorious TW-actress Brigitte Lin. The biggest name nominee going into the ceremony was Wang Kar Wai‘s The Grandmaster starring Tony Leung, Zhang Zi Yi, and Song Hye Kyo, with the first two garnering nominations for Best Actor and Best Actress respectively as well as the movie getting a Best Film nod. Zhang Zi Yi had been nominated three times before but the fourth time was the charm for her as she won over other powerhouse actresses like Gwei Lun Mei and Shu Qi.

Tony didn’t manage to bag his fourth win (previous Best Actor wins including Chungking Express, Lust, Caution, and Infernal Affairs), losing out to Lee Kang-sheng for Stray Dogs, but walked the red carpet with co-star Zhang Ziyi and actress wifey Carina Lau. This was one of the most star-studded Golden Horse Awards in recent memory and the red carpet was a resounding win with starlets going for all colors of the rainbow as well as cuts, fabric and styles. I also love how the plastic surgery craze up in Korea hasn’t hit the Chinese-speaking entertainment industry as hard, so we have older A-list actresses that still look like their young beautiful selves but with happy wrinkles and lots of charisma and confidence. My favorite dress was Shu Qi’s risque stunner that she pulled off with confidence, but I thought the most gorgeous was Zhao Wei with her flowing locks and perfect makeup paired with an unexpected stylish black pant ensemble. Check out the winners list below and the red carpet pics. While The Grandmaster took home the Audience Choice Award, a small Singaporean movie Ilo Ilo beat the odds and won Best Picture.

Eddie Peng. He must have shaved his head for a period drama or movie but he’s looking mighty fine here.

Guo Shu Yao. She won for Best New Actress and capitalized on her youth with an asymmetrical hem white lace overlay short dress and sky-high red pumps.

Gwui Lun Mei. This is a stunning dress that is eye-catching and she absolutely owns it.

Andy Lau. He could not possibly look any better with the perfect tux and a dashing smile.

Amber Kuo. I’m shocked that she can look this good on the red carpet for once and not with either a weird pout or overly exaggerated pose. The dress is cut perfectly.

Li Bing Bing and Rene Liu. Neither dress is all that fantastic but these ladies shine with their charisma and talent.

Tony Leung. He is definitely the top Chinese actor of his generation, bar none.

Brigitte Lin and Ang Lee. I love how Brigitte dressed so suitably for the occasion and still brings her star power even if she’s no longer the bombshell of her youth. She can totally age into being the Helen Mirren of Asia.

Zhang Zi Yi. Did not like this dress at all, but Zhang Zi Yi always is more beautiful than any dress she could possibly wear.

Maggie Cheung. Stunning dress and a stunning lady.

Shu Qi. Sexy and provocative without being trashy. I love it!

Zhao Wei. She’s drop-dead gorgeous. That is all. I would kill for her hair.

Sammi Cheng. This is interesting, though I feel like she’s got a support beam on the back propping her up.

Joan Chen. Lovely dress that accentuates her figure and classiness.

Ethan Ruan. Button your tux, Ethan. Other than that, you’re handsome and you know it.

Carina Lau. She looks like a modern Empress posing for her subjects.

Sonia Sui. Love how she’s beaming and very alluring without any danger of slippage.

Aaron Kwok. My god, does Aaron use the same spray tan as Louis Koo? And Donald Trump? His tux is wonderfully fitted but I can’t get past his unnatural skin color.

Carol Cheng. Love love love the dress, but it is a wee bit too young and cute for Carol’s age.

Jackie Chan. He’s da man and he knows it. Wore his pajamas to the ceremony and makes it work.

Best Picture

Drug War (China/Hong Kong)
The Grandmaster (Hong Kong/China)
Ilo Ilo (Singapore)
Stray Dogs (Taiwan)
A Touch of Sin (China/Japan)

Best Director

Chung Mong Hong, Soul
Jia Zhangke, Touch of Sin
Johnnie To, Drug War
Tsai Ming Liang, Stray Dogs
Wong Kar Wai, The Grandmaster

Best Debut Director

Anthony Chen, Ilo Ilo
Hsu Chao Jen, Together
Longman Leung, Sunny Luk, Cold War
Juno Mak, Rigor Mortis
Zhao Wei, So Young

Best Leading Actor

Nick Cheung, Unbeatable
Lee Kang Sheng, Stray Dogs
Tony Leung Chiu Wai, The Grandmaster
Tony Leung Ka Fai, Cold War
Jimmy Wang, Soul

Best Leading Actress

Sammi Cheng, Blind Detective
Gwei Lun Mei, Christmas Rose
Cherry Ngan, The Way We Dance
Shu Qi, Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons
Zhang Ziyi, The Grandmaster

Best Supporting Actor

Chen Tian Wen, Ilo Ilo
Huang Bo, Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons
Li Xuejian, Back to 1942
Eddie Peng, Unbeatable
Tong Dawei, American Dreams in China

Best Supporting Actress

Crystal Lee, Unbeatable
Lin Mei Hsiu, To My Dear Granny
Susan Shaw, Tales from the Dark Part 1
Xue Hong, Longing for the Rain
Yeo Yann Yann, Ilo Ilo

Best New Performer

Dong Zijian, Young Style
Huang Shao-yang, Together
Koh Jia Ler, Ilo Ilo
Guo Shu Yao, Step Back to Glory
Yang Liang-yu, A Time in Quchi

Best Original Screenplay

Anthony Chen, Ilo Ilo
Robert Chou, Zhang Ji, Aubrey Lam, American Dreams in China
Arthur Chu, To My Dear Granny
Jia Zhangke, A Touch of Sin
Wai Ka-fai, Yau Nai Hoi, Ryker Chan, Yu Xi, Drug War

Best Adapted Screenplay

Stephen Chow, Derek Kwok, Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons
Li Qiang, So Young
Liu Zhenyun, Back to 1942

Best Cinematography
Nagao Nakashima, Soul
Lu Yue, Back to 1942
Yu Like Wai, A Touch of Sin
Philippe Le Sourd, The Grandmaster
Liao Pen Jung, Shong Won Chong, Lu Qing Xin, Stray Dogs

Best Documentary
Boundary Revelation, Ibak Image Studio
Pusu Qhuni, ARS Film Production
Bridge Over Troubled Water, Backstage Studio Co.
Beyond Beauty, Taiwan From Above, Taiwan Aerial Imaging

Audience Choice Award
The Grandmaster

Outstanding Taiwanese Filmmaker of the Year

Yeh Ju Feng
Liao Ching-Song
Tsai Ming Hsiu

Lifetime Achievement Award
Chen Chen


Winners and Star-studded Red Carpet at the 50th Anniversary Golden Horse Awards in Taipei — 31 Comments

  1. Wow. I know I am supposed to comment on the clothes or actors, but I ended up Googling Ilo Ilo. Wow. What a trailer. I am going to go look for the movie now. It’s really confronting yet true to life. Even the trailer made me teary. I read a review which didn’t tell me the ending but was kind of spoiler-ish. But damm, the trailer looks good.

    Has anyone seen it?

    • I have seen it. It’s definitely one of the better Singaporean films out there (saying this as a native). There isn’t really much of a storyline to the film, it’s really more of a situational/slice-of-life kind of movie so it hinges heavily on acting and atmosphere (cinematography, set). As a child of the early 90s/late 80s, there were a lot of visual cues that I could sympathize with.

      I would give it a 6.5-7/10? I though it was pretty good but forgettable. Maybe cos’ I didn’t grow up with a maid.

      I’m not sure whether you can buy it now though.

    • I googled Ilo Ilo as well as soon as I read it because it reminded me of a province back home in the Philippines. Sure enough, it’s about a family with a Filipina nanny. Really hit close to home because I used to live in Singapore back in 1997 and we were friends with people who were working as overseas caretakers.

  2. All the girls looked beautiful, I can’t say which one was prettier. But hands down to Carina Lau and her powerful presence and glorious pose!
    All movies seems interesting, but ‘The Grandmaster’ caught my attention, so many nominees and awards! Will it be released overseas?

  3. As a Singaporean, the wins for Ilo Ilo made me very proud, especially since our movie industry is nearly non existent. this film won Camera d’Or at Cannes too, btw!

    everyone looked great. (why did Aaron Kwok where those horrifying outfits to MAMA when he could have looked like this….)
    my fave part of the whole show was when they honoured all the past best actors and best actresses. the amount of talent and star power in that little area just made me :O

  4. some truly beautiful gowns there. and stars too, of course. at least they don’t have that generic kind of beauty that a lot of the Korean actresses have these days. quite individualistic in their beauty still.

  5. Vicky Zhao was the most stunning at the event for me eventhough she didn’t wear a dress. So pretty!!! It makes me kinda miss her in dramas…I remembered I used to cried buckets especially in Romance in the Rain…

  6. I have to say that the C-entertainment scene a tors and actresses can dress much better than their countetparts in Korea.
    Shu Qi is stunning!

  7. Shu Qi is my favorite!!! She is always the most stylish on the red carpet)
    All the ladies look fabulous.
    I must agree I don’t like Korean awards because of the wardrobe choices.
    Chinese actors and actresses look different. At least I can tell them apart. I don’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings.

  8. So thrilled to see that Ilo Ilo won a whole lot of prizes! (Though I’m still mad at the cancelled-thanks-to-technical-errors UK-premiere at London Film Festival, which means I still haven’t seen the film… & impatiently waiting for a cinematic/DVD release).

    Also good to see that Stray Dogs was among the winners, that’s one another one I’m looking forward to watching.

    Best Adapted Screenplay for So Young? That film was underwhelming, and the script very much had to do with that (and the over-directing). But I guess there weren’t any serious alternatives for that award…?

  9. Wow. They all look so classy and beautiful. I feel so ashamed of quite a few of our Western stars when I scroll through these pictures. I’m new to the world of Chinese-language movies and shows, but I love the few I’ve seen on your recommendation and will definitely look for more to watch in the near future.

  10. Can’t say I like Shuqi ‘s dress and the way she looked, esp her centre parted hair. I love Zhao Wei’s style though. She looked absolutely stunning. How can anyone be so beautiful?

  11. Now this is red carpet! I checked the Blue Dragon pictures and what a letdown, what’s going on with Korean actors/actresses? They all look the same, dress the same. It’s getting more and more sad and ridiculous.

  12. Seeing Tony Leung in stills speeds up my heart a little remembering how much charisma he has in moving pictures. And Ethan, oh my Ethan, you ARE as handsome as you think you are.

    I like that the ladies are taking chances with color and fabric – not like the boring black and white of other award ceremonies.

  13. so many old school C/HK actors, that I actually know!
    wah, they (mostly) still look fabulous, Zhang Man Yi, Dodo Cheng and Carina Lau are aging gracefully.

  14. so glad to see colors on the red carpet! The Korean awards show was disappointing fashion-wise.

    My favorite dress was Carol Cheng’s, but wished that it was on a younger actress. Still, thought she looked elegant in it.

    Favorite overall look was Maggie Cheung. She is still so glamorous.

    Vicky Zhao looked stunning, but was dressed too casual for the red carpet.

    Shu Qi’s dress was pretty and unique, but wished she chose a better hairstyle.

    Joan Chen looks classy and regal.

    Li Bing Bing got it right in hair and makeup, her dress could be better.

    Brigitte Lin’s confidence and happiness made the red dress look better than it actually is.

    Carina Lau’s dress was too conservative and the color is too subtle. Wish she had shown a little bit of skin. Pose was perfect though.

    Zhang Zi Yi as always looks stunning, but she’s had better gowns.

    Sammi Cheng’s outfit would’ve looked better without the beam/cape in the back.

    Andy Lau is such a charmer. He’s still got the it-factor.

    Tony Leung – I like him with hair, but he always looks handsome in a tux.

    Aaron Kwok – agree with the over-tanning, but he’s still a cutie pie.

  15. Love love love the Antonio Berardi black cape jumpsuit on Sammi Cheng! What a fab red carpet statement. I am so tired of the princessy gowns. Shu Qi looks amazing too.
    It is so nice to see the glorious Brigette Lin!
    Vickie Z is always nice to lay eyes on……Such a natural earthy beauty but I wish she had dressed with a bit more flair for the red carpet.

  16. Shu Qi is one of my fave actresses and she looks great here too!

    How come Aaron Kwok is not aging? I mean Andy Lau looks young too but AK is seriously bizarre.

    I love Tony Leung CW even better because he looks his age and also looks great. And yes he is the top Chinese actor of his generation 🙂 (Die hard Tony fan in case you guys have not noticed).

    Ethan Ruan looks adorable.

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