The Leads of In A Good Way Attend SETTV Celebration with Rumored Movie in the Works

The two leads of In A Good Way the adorable Lego Lee and Kristen Jen joined the other two currently airing SETTV idol dramas at the network headquarters this week for a celebration of the success of the three dramas. The other two are Deja Vu airing on Sunday nights with Mandy Wei, Yao Yuan Hao, and Jenna Wang and the daily drama Love Family with Chris Wang and Serena Fang. Deja Vu is dreadful but if it floats your boat then enjoy, but Love Family is actually quite sweet and lovely except leading lady Serena Fang annoys me. I find SETTV’s daily dramas are actually all watchable (some more than others, but the two best ones in recent years are Inborn Pair and Two Fathers) but the cast is usually hit-and-miss. If Love Family has a different leading lady I’d be all over it. Back to the celebration event – I had only eyes for my babies Lego and Kirsten, and looks like they had eyes only for each other. At one point the other five leads were doing a media event and you see Kirsten and Lego off to the side talking, giggling, and totally oblivious that they were supposed to be participating. Lego did what Taiwan leading men are wont to do which is promise to do something if ratings broke a certain number, and he better start getting ready for freezing temperatures because he said that the leads of IAGW would ride their motorcycles from SETTV headquarters to the filming site topless if ratings broke 3. LOL forever and ever. Someone has gotten really addicted to taking his shirt off, what with going almost fully naked in two separate scenes in episode 1 alone. He clarified that he meant only the male leads, and somewhere Jay Shih and Steven Sun are giving him the middle finger and getting ready to jump him when he heads back to filming. Hot on the heels of this celebration media event, the head of SETTV drama production gave an interview where he discussed the future of Taiwanese dramas and included the breaking news that the success of IAGW has led the network to plan for a full length movie with the entire same cast scheduled for 2014. 

The network did this movie follow-up after The Fierce Wife which ended up having an opening ending which segued into the movie. If this means IAGW the drama has an open ending just to make a movie version I’m pretty pissed, but it needn’t be with this story since the couples could get their happy endings and all the classmates reuniting years later for a reunion for the movie plot. I don’t know anymore details about the movie other than the network wants to spend all its budget on the production values which is a good thing. I think? I would prefer no movie and just focusing on doing a perfect drama but it’s not anything I can control so for now I’ll keeping enjoying IAGW without worrying too much.

This event did produce a tiny bit of cold water splashed on all the RongYi shippers. Kirsten admitted that she found Lego very good looking and he was constantly shooting eye sparks at her. She was pretty giggly about how all the fans are really rooting for them to become a couple outside of the drama, and then Lego responded that he’s not considering that right now and wants to focus on the filming. Apparently Kirsten acted all mock upset and hit him a few times on the shoulder about how he was so cold. I actually think that’s just Lego’s personality. He never ever bothers with media or fan attention and does what he wants. Poor Kirsten is going to have to go pout in the corner now.


The Leads of In A Good Way Attend SETTV Celebration with Rumored Movie in the Works — 21 Comments

  1. I think Lego Lee’s reply is somehow proper.If he admit there’s something between him and Kirsten then audiences may not so focus on their acting in IAGW and it does bad to their acting career just likeGeorge Hu and Annie Chen who are annoyed so much by Taiwan media.

  2. I am in the middle of watching my stressed out students taking a three-hour final. SO I am trying hard not to squeel over the pictures. I love how they are off in the corner talking while the other people are actually, um, working. I had watched this on facebook, but of course not knowing the language left me only watching the cuteness without knowing what is going on, so once again it is Captain Koala to the rescue!!! You really are my hero.

    I agree about the movie. If they do some odd ending to this drama just so they milk it for movie audiences, I will flip a table! I could so see a movie with them in jobs or grad school and thinking about more permanent relationships. I can so see Lui CHan being ready to get married and Jia En not sure, especially with the world he is part of. I wish they would ask us for movie ideas if they are going to insist on dong this.

  3. Oh, and on another note. I know I should be bothered by Lego Lee’s pants, but I am so happy that he is actually wearing socks that I am willing to let it go.

  4. Knee-jerk reaction on the possible movie adaptation of IAGW, NO!!!!!!!!!!! But then once the dose of cold water has dried, I’m thinking maybe its not too bad that they’ve announced this plan this early in the game. I’m hoping that they wouldn’t dare mess or tamper with the current plot or mood of the drama coz if the viewers noticed and are dissatisfied, then the movie’s success could be in jeopardy. Positive thinking!!!!!! This is my current crack, so please stay good.

    With regards to the RongYi dose of cold water, Are they mirroring what happened to episode 2 in real life, when LC mentioned JE was transferring her clinginess from RW to him and she immediately cut the ties? I have a lot of thoughts on their interactions, but still need time to process it. Anyways, the video of the COLD WATER……

    • Watching that (over and over and over) without understanding the dialog, I see two people who are extremely comfortable with each other.
      They are also in synch. LL seems to listening closely to K for what she comes up with next so he can play off it fast.

      I guess the playfulness could mean they would be great as a couple, but it could also mean they are just very close – like colleagues who have been through a lot of really long hours on set together. They both were in another drama before this one, right?

      If they did not date, it certainly wouldn’t change the massive amount of joy I get watching them. I’ll keep clinging to the illusion that they really are LC and DJ and thrill with their near misses and future kisses.

  5. TW actors just seem so free spirited and laid back comprared to Korean actors who are expected to behave in a certain way and look a certain way. It seems like life is harder for Korean actors. Much more pressure.

  6. Interestingly enough, I haven’t really had time to get into this one yet. I skimmed some of the episodes but really haven’t had a chance to really watch it yet. Yeah, I am not a fan of the add a movie thing. That’s like how jdramas do a special thing. FW is a favorite of mine, but the movie was just kinda meh for me. It just felt like they didn’t really know how to do a good movie and it was more appropriate for a special or something for tv as opposed to the big screen. So I hope they don’t do it for IAGW. It’s possible they have gotten better with this.

    On a side note, I am watching love family since both of the two chris’ are my drama kryptonite. I can’t resist watching it no matter how good or bad it is. I like it. FZY just lacks that spark that I like in a leading lady. But taking into an account the huge family drama aspect, it’s been pretty watchable for me. 🙂 casual and comfortable viewing.

  7. Love Family is how a family drama SHOULD be done. The TW dramas (with some notable exceptions like Love Now) seem to do this a lot better than the KDramas.

    In A Good Way is currently the highlight of my week, tv-viewing-wise.

    • I guess it’s because they have Taiwanese dramas that are similar to Korean “family” type dramas. I mean the Taiwanese language ones.

  8. I agree with you, Koala..Serena Fang’s face is puffier than ever.I actually find her quite pretty when I first watched her in a drama with Barbie Hsu and Peter Ho. But now..she seems odd to me..Yes I caught up with the first few episodes after Second Chance finish airing. Stopping temporarily to accumulate more episodes to watch on rainy days. Chris is very adorable and the story’s premise is then again male lead looking for his first crush from childhood.

    • Funny other than RongYi and Chris Wang, don’t care for the other four too… Would have watched Love Family too for Chris, but can’t stand Serena Fang, so no go…

  9. Lego looks better in jeans, leather jackets, artsy tee and aviators like in the opening and closing titles of IAGW than in this preppy look. Only Bolin Chen ad Gong Yoo look sexy in preppy attire.

  10. I love how when the reporters are crowding the other 2 couples, they talk adorably laughing instead of paying attention to the other couples lol. Indeed tw media is less pressuring. If it was kr media, wont they be criticized for not listening despite some people are shipping them together. But here they can be themselves enjoying the event. Ahh thanks for the pics koala!

    • I noticed that too… they are totally having a conversation of their own while the other four are speaking into the mikes!

      Good for Lego that he doesn’t bother with media or fan attention and does what he wants – I mean, I would totally ship them in real life, but only if they genuinely had feelings for each other. That’s what matters the most, not what the media or fans want.

  11. Oh man! That is a bit of cold water! And I was shipping them so seriously.. but I guess I a;so saw this coming. That she is totally into him is obvious.. there were times when she would not take her eyes away from him..But oddly enough, he is like his character, willing to play along but also a bit reserved..there were times he would respond to Kristen’s flirting, times when he would go along but then I have noticed one or two moments when he had this expression ” ok, cut it out now!”.. Oh well, forget us fans, I hope Kristen is not genuinely heartbroken!!

  12. They are so adorable. I love the side conversation pics. They make me smile. Yeah, hopefully the movie will be nothing more than the cherry-on-top to the drama’s awesome ending. Fingers are crossed.

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