Dispatch Snaps Park Shin Hye Enjoying Tea with Friends Prior to Filming K-Movie Royal Tailor

Park Shin Hye is hard for me not to love even if her roles have been hit-and-miss. She’s still young but picks different projects and tries hard each and every time. Her all-natural looks, which look exactly the same as when she debuted at age 13 in Stairway to Heaven in 2003, is so easy on the eyes and a breath of fresh air in an increasingly sliced and taut pool of homogenized young actresses. What works for me is that she really can look like the girl next door and rather unassuming such as the way she was styled for Heirs, and then turn around and look edgy and eye-catching when she feels like it. If her stylist for award events can stop dressing her to look like an actress in her late 30s then she could easily start wowing on the red carpet as well. This week Korean tabloid newspaper Dispatch published a story and accompanying paparazzi photos of Park Shin Hye that is just so ridiculously non-newsworthy and utterly mundane I simply had to share. The upside is that Park Shin Hye looks fantastic with her overall glow and some perfectly applied eyeliner, way better on an off day when she’s hanging out with friends in real life then she looked in the entirety of Heirs with a hair and make up team behind her. Dispatch caught Park Shin Hye at a cafe near its office having tea and macarons with friends and decided to take pictures of her and write a story about how much fun she was having drinking tea and eating macarons with her friends. No really, that was the entirety of the story. That it was a slow news day is an understatement. The bored media is probably wishing one of its idol stars is having a Justin Beiber-level meltdown right about now. The article even wrote that Park Shin Hye was happy whipping out her wallet and paying for the group, because what’s a treat of tea and macarons among friends, right? I will use this admittedly pointless post to write about something substantive with respect to Shin Hye – she’s about to start filming her next project the high profile Joseon K-movie with Han Seok Kyu, Go Soo, and Yoo Yeon Seok called Royal Tailor (Sanguiwon) about the rivalry between an established master royal tailor and a genius upstart who challenges the existing hierarchy. Han Seok Kyu is the establish elder tailor and Go Soo is the innovative new tailor and both design clothes for the lonely Queen played by Park Shin Hye and her cold aloof King husband played by Yoo Yeon Seok. This sounds interesting and could be a great acting opportunity for Shin Hye so I’m definitely looking forward to it.


Dispatch Snaps Park Shin Hye Enjoying Tea with Friends Prior to Filming K-Movie Royal Tailor — 44 Comments

  1. Slow news day is an understatement. Lol. But I do have to admit I saw Dispatch and held my breath a bit, being she’s never had a real “scandal,” only harmless rumors.
    She looks absolutely gorgeous though. Hope now that she’s getting older, she’ll take more roles that require more edge from her.
    Definitely been looking forward to the movie and I’m sure it’ll be fun to work with YYS so soon after her BFF.

  2. Park Shin Hye is so gorgeous and a total natural beauty! I love that she looks like any girl hanging with her friends (besides the fact that she’s actually a popular actress). Her style is awesome and her make-up here is flawless. Btw is she wearing a chambray/denim shirt with jeans?! If she is than I applaud her, not many people can pull off the Canadian Tuxedo and wear denim on denim well. 😛

  3. She almost always looks WAY better in these sorts of shots than onscreen. It’s as if her style team hate her and try really hard to hide what a naturally attractive young woman she is, unsliced.

  4. Huh? She piscks different projects each time? Like what? She always plays a cinderella type role and teenybopper role. She is utterly overrated.

    • I`m glad you mentioned it first, so i can trail on your opinion and not get bombed by obsessive Park Shin Hye fans lol. But i agree.

    • That’s true. She plays same characters most of the time. On top of that she is very over rated because clearly she has 2 or 3 fixed expressions throught her career. She needs to work a lot on her acting.

    • I give her credit for taking on the role of Go Dok Mi from flower boy next door. It might actually be my favorite portrayal from her.

      That said, i really do hope she picks edgier roles because she has yet to take on a role that turned on the switch from an actress i like to an actress i love.
      I need to see her angry, bitchy, or fierce. I need for her to let go of her past innocent image and just move on to bigger and more mature roles, because she can act.

  5. Sorry but these pictures just looks staged to me. Her company is famous for major media play.Her company has turned me totally off they make her seem like a famewhore!

    • I was going to say the same thing.

      Maybe her company gave the photo op to the press who figured, what the heck, she IS pretty and all. Throw in a slow news day and voila! Article/press release about nothing sees the light of day.

  6. PSH has a great oppt here to play with the big boys. I am sure the director can pull a good performance from her.
    I scratch my head at how one show she is really good, and the next, not-so-impressive. I have to blame the director, right?

    As far as the lack of passion in her kissing, maybe she needs a real scandal to improve in that area.

  7. Ahaha those photos are staged for sure. The bag she is wearing looks like the collection from a New Bags brand she is endorsing. And as soon as dispatch posted the article her agency posted it on twitter lol.

  8. The only role was really different was the one in cyrano dating agency, and that is all I remember?

    Stairway to Heaven – pure girl, cries almost every episode
    YAB- Pure girl, poor, kind, pout a lot
    FBND- Pure, quiet, almost poor, kind, is sad/pouty almost episode
    Heirs- Seems like she isn’t, but she is deep down ”innocent” and Tan has to start it all, kind, cries almost every episode
    The gift from Cell Number 6 – kind, pure, sad girl trying to help her father innocence.
    Heartstrings- normal kind-pure girl role, cries a lot too
    Don’t Worry, I’m a Ghost – Again, a kind, pure girl, a little sassy.

    Roles that are different from PSH roles: the one she played on Goong S, the one in cyrano dating agency – kind of – and if there is another one, I didn’t watch.

    So looking through her roles and projects, I’m not sure what kind of different roles she played.

  9. good to have my doubts PSH, her I liked before HEIRS, but this drama change my perspective of it, personally believe it nice, cozy and warm with their fans, not as bad actress as has been painting since this evil drama even thought of it as a promise in the acting and I still do so, it must be polished as it has all to do Jewelry Supplies, hopefully their projects roximos me remove that image left me his last drama

  10. Yeah, i always think she should sack her stylist. She always looked older than her age. That white dress at the awards was an absolute mess. As an actress, she is one of the best for her age, no doubt.

  11. Are we really supposed to believe these are actual candids and not a photoshoot for her bag/clothes/whatever else she’s selling. She is very pretty though.

  12. I just knew that she would be successful when she first appeard in “stairways to heaven”. She really is the girl next door with the wje natural look. And it’s true, dress her up anyway you want her to look in fadhion and she looks amaZing.

  13. Who are they kidding??? This is obviously a photo op arranged by her agency & sent to Dispatch. It’s clear as daylight.

    A pity…I used to really like this gal, but there was an interview of hers that I accidentally stumbled upon online awhile back, which totally rubbed me off the wrong way, when she said that she was afraid to take more risk & take on different roles, because she was scared to lose her fans or disappoint them, like lose her popularity or something…can’t remember the exact words that she used, but that totally changed my opinion of her. Dear you realize that as an actress it’s your job to try on different roles and push yourself to improve your craft, if you have any respect for your profession whatsoever.
    I dont like her greediness towards popularity, I mean taking on the same teenage projects each time just because she wants to remain popular and to appease her fans, makes me cringe. I think she needs to have more faith in her fans, cause if they really like her, they would respect her choice to improve her skills.

    What I dislike more is her agency…too much media play, the way her agency hypes her, is almost like the way they overly hype SUZY. It’s so yucky to me.

    • I hope it’s just a phase for her since she’s still young. Although I’m surprised she said that considering all her years in the business. Is it a recent interview? She needs to step out of her comfort zone and challenge herself some more.
      I have no doubt there will come a day where she picks a role that’ll make people’s jaw drops, cause if she truly wants to be recognized for her diverse range of acting shed better start choosing riskier roles, considering she’s mastered pure, sometimes plucky heroine who does a whole lotta crying.

    • i notice it too. she keeps on getting paired w/ popular guys to boost her popularity. she was lucky to be paired w/ lee min ho this time, because she is generally considered a ratings disaster in korea. i noticed that she only gets paired w/ really popular actors on her dramas and Cf’s. Yonghwa is still considered idol but he is popular internationally coz of CNBLUE. they are trying to build her fanbase by association w/ her popular male leads. it’s good and all for now, but that could turn badly once she is paired w/ a less popular guy in the future. she still has to prove that she’d be able to carry a drama w/out all the frills and etc.

      • Seriously who are you ??
        Yes she is popular with popular & Less popular guys watch don’t worry I am ghost bcz that short drama she got KBS award
        She paired with old men in Miracle in Cell No 7 sweety if you don’t know nothing just revise your infos or just bcz you are fan of male idols & actors just say anything .
        Shin hye popular bcz herself Nobody may be the hot guys are the gate & I hope she do the next drama alone without any hot guy to stop stupid mouths from complaintning .

      • samantha,those old men that you are you are talking about on miracle cell no.7 are popular veteran actors, they were specially known in movie industry. so dont make it seem as if park shin hye didn’t benefit from them.

        kbs award? there is no longer any validity to those award shows, not many even take those seriously anymore.

        still doesn’t change that before being paired w/ lee min ho, ur beloved park shin hye could not secure decent ratings in any of the dramas that had her as the female lead. her fans r now acting arrogantly as if she was responsible for the good ratings of heirs. check out lee min ho’s track record n check out park shin hye track record in ratings n you’ll see that your idol’s past dramas were indeed ratings disaster. and yes i hope that she’ll do a drama next time w/out riding on her co-stars hallyu status, we’ll see if she can still secure good ratings w/out riding on their fame.

      • park shin hye already popular before heirs. What a shame you mention she was lucky bcz paired with LMH. They both are lucky to work together. Given credit only to a male lead is really not fair. Heirs got high rating bcz the team work not only because someone is popular. Popular is nothing when it comes to a drama. You know what I mean? About rating LMH’s drama also not always doing decent. I’m glad heirs got a bit high than his drama before. Don’t make LMH’s supporter got embarrased bcz your “comment above”

      • mehwo i am stating facts here. dont even compare lee min ho’s drama to park shin hye’s dramas cause even lee min ho’s drama with lowest ratings was still higher than hers. fact is, heirs is the first drama that psh did as the female lead that had decent ratings. it is a known fact in korea that she is not a ratings magnet.

        park shin hye dramas:

        Heartstrings 4.9 lowest episode rating

        Tree of Heaven ratings was so bad that they stopped updating about it it every week in soompi cause it was embarassing

        Kimcheed Radish Cubes bad ratings

        You’re Beautiful her most succesful drama highest rating was only 11.9, but her popularity took a big boost internationally coz of Jang Geun Suk hallyu status.

        lee min ho’s dramas:

        Personal Preference 12.7 was the lowest episode rating

        Faith 9.1 was the lowest episode rating

        Boys Over Flowers highest episode rating was 35.5%

        City Hunter highest episode rating 19.1%

        so at least lee min ho has attained success in ratings before being paired w/ psh..but psh only attained ratings success after being paired w/ lmh in heirs. but her fans arrogantly wanna give her the full credit at other sites.

    • Errrmm did she say that :-/
      Wow! Which kind of professional actor would say such things too bad she shouldn’t be that desperate about popularity. Popularity is also just a phase u never know when it fades out what remains is only the work an actor does. Quality work and I have never seen her in any quality work. Heirs is a total put off for me from both Leeminho and parkshinhye.

  14. She is so lovely and I especially love that she is not stick thin like most of the female K-celebs. I love her smile and I hope to be able to watch her movie. I’ve liked her in her dramas that I’ve seen so far, Heirs and You’re Beautiful.

  15. Park Shin Hye is looking gorgeous as time goes by. A natural beauty. Will look forward to her next project with Yoo Yeon Seok.

  16. Park Shin Hye is a classic example of a one trick pony. Showing the same acting over and over again but doesn’t get as much criticism from it unlike others because she was a child actress, so people lets her get away with it eventhough her acting has not matured over the years.

  17. This is soo true. Whenever I see people criticizing LMH or JGS that they play bad boy roles I’m like wow did u even see their filmography. They are much more diverse than PSH ever was but she gets away without any complaints soo easily this fact always baffles me.

  18. Hey ! What the hell is your problem people?! Park shin hye won three popularity awards and it is proven that she is talented and so what if she plays cinderella type roles? She only acts what really she is and don’t judge her! If you are not her fan, back off and don’t say anything about her period. Many people loves her and if you are not one of us,stop saying anything bad to her.

  19. duh…. whatever…. i really love PSH and i will support her all the way. thats life u cannot please everybody, just remember the word RESPECT if u have that then PEACE.

  20. Park she hye is one of the most talented actresses in Korea. She won’t get awards for it if she is not. She is one of the most influential actress in Korea. As for roles.. she will still have her opportunity to hone her craft. I’ve read from one of her interviews that she also want to try action movies. So that means that she is also thinking of improving her acting skills and talents. I think its just a matter of time and opportunity. For some maybe she lacts the talents ..that’s OK.. we cannot please everybody but at the end of the day… let us respect her because she has not done anything bad to anyone of us.. just like how we want to be respected….

  21. PSH is one of the most talented actresses in Korea. She won’t get awards for it if she is not. She is one of the most influential actress in Korea. As for roles.. she will still have her opportunity to hone her craft. I’ve read from one of her interviews that she also wants to try action movies. So that means that she is also thinking of improving her acting skills and talents. I think its just a matter of time and opportunity. For some maybe she lacts the talents ..that’s OK.. we cannot please everybody but at the end of the day… let us respect her because she has not done anything bad to anyone of us.. just like how we want to be respected….

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