Kang Min Hyuk in the Pages of The Star Magazine with CNBlue and Named Honorary Ambassador for College

My cutie pie Kang Min Hyuk has been a very very busy boy these past few months. I already liked him passably after watching him in Heartstrings years ago but that mild like turned to full blown love after he stood out in Heirs as the sole male lead I didn’t want to punch in the face and turning in a great natural performance to boot. Win and win! After Heirs wrapped he went back to his day job of being the drummer boy in the idol band CNBlue and embarked on the final leg of the band’s Blue Moon World Tour hitting up the United States, Mexico, and Latin America in the span of a month in January 2014. I’ve heard first hand accounts of the Los Angeles leg of the tour stop held at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium and heard the band put in a high energy hard working performance all around. The only gripe was that Min Hyuk stayed behind the drums the entire time and didn’t come out until the end for his bow. Now I don’t feel as bad not attending the concert, heh. He’s in the pages of the latest issue of The Star magazine along with his CNBlue band mates Lee Jung Shin, Lee Jong Hyun, and Jung Yong Hwa. The band is currently prepping for their next album with the title track revealed to be “Can’t Stop” and along with that release comes a comeback show airing on SBS in early March. Apparently this new album will consist of tracks all written by the various members which is definitely going to showcase their talents even more. I wanna hear Min Hyuk’s track so bad! I quite like the spread in The Star magazine though the make up artist could have laid off the massive lipstick on all four guys in the cover pic. Min Hyuk also made the news solo this week when he, along with same label artist Lee Jae Jin of F.T Island, were named honorary ambassadors for Digital Seoul Culture Arts University. They are both students there in addition to being full-time entertainers and are working towards a bachelors degree in music. Check out the pics from CNBlue’s photo spread for The Star as well as Min Hyuk being named the cutest ambassador of all time, even if it seems totally hokey and clearly an attention grab by the school.


Kang Min Hyuk in the Pages of The Star Magazine with CNBlue and Named Honorary Ambassador for College — 11 Comments

  1. love love love him. I hope he takes on some more side roles. I think he had great screen presence and was adorable to watch and surprisingly not stiff but that could also be because he had the best male character to play (imo) and it didn’t require much from him but to look adorable.
    Nonetheless, he’s one of the few idols in k-ent that I have fondness for.

  2. I love CNBlue. Not much for KPop, but I do watch this band and like their music. I think that each and every member of the band is very talented. I also like their bromance and down-to-earth, no-airs attitude. Min-Hyuk is especially cute. I hope he goes far.

    • Some girls got to meet them a few hours before the show since they were hanging around the stores near the venue and that’s pretty much the impression they gave, that they are really nice and down to earth. I only got to see them in the show but their interactions with the crowd was really sweet I’m pretty sure everyone in the front row got a hand shake or high five from at least Yonghwa or Jungshin. I was a few rows back so I was really close to them and was completely star struck throughout the whole show lol

  3. Been waiting for their comeback, and finally they are here. Love the photos, they’re all so cute, the one that they lift YongHwa, that is unique and of course the cover, aigoo, the same with their title track my heart Can’t stop beating fast for these babies.

  4. I was lucky enough to attend the Pasadena show, it was great! Minhyuk was really cute, it was a bit hard to understand his English and he seemed kinda shy about it but it was still really cute, though he stayed in the back, Yonghwa kept putting focus on him by constantly going to his side and playing with him (usually during the guitar solos) at one point they played the drums together, their bromance is too adorable.

  5. That is a good-looking band.
    I have had crushes on them since their Wetoria days.
    They have the cutest interviews – they seem like musical guys rather than K-pop dance puppets.

    Can’t wait to get their newest stuff onto my everyday playlist.

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