Lego Lee Brings All the Girls to Kiehl’s in Taichung As Manager for the Day

There is a Chinese saying that “a bat knocks over an entire boatload of people”, meaning the power of something is just so great or the effect so unexpectedly vast. I think Lego Lee‘s skyrocketing popularity since In A Good Way started airing feels a bit like that. He’s always been adorable, a pretty decent actor, I’ve like him but it was nothing to write home about. Then came IAGW and I feel like things are spiraling out of hand and there is nothing to do other than sit back and stare in amazement at how his performance and character as Liu Chuan keeps getting better and better. His fanbase has exploded exponentially, and it was proudly on display this week when he showed up in Taichung at the Zhong You Department Store for an endorsement event. He was on hand as Kiehl’s “Store Manager for the Day”, and I’m going to say a lot of products probably got sold that day thanks to the potent smile and delicious voice of Manager Lee. For this man, I’d buy anything he sells using every penny on me, and then I’ll throw my credit cards at him if I don’t have enough.

The attendance was phenomenal and the department store has confirmed that it was the most jam-packed celebrity event in the entire department store’s history and they needed extra security just to control the too eager fangirls. Everyone has been slayed dead by the Liu Chuan “hug me” and other boyfriendy behavior in episode 15 of IAGW, this will be a nice way to revive us so that we can watch episode 16 next Friday. The preview teases us with a potential kiss moment, Jia En buying lingerie, and the episode 15 has the parents talking about going to an onsen resort. Does this mean Jia En has the house to herself soon? Other than third wheel Ren Wei, of course, who hopefully can find another pretty girl walking by and transfer his attention over sooner rather than later. I’m super bummed Lego was at Zhong You in Taichung and I wasn’t in town, now I can’t go back there and walk by the Khiel’s counter without feeling bitter that I missed the presence of Manager Lee to sell me some skin cream. And maybe rub it on my cheeks for me to demonstrate its efficacy…..


Lego Lee Brings All the Girls to Kiehl’s in Taichung As Manager for the Day — 11 Comments

  1. New post! I’m glad that Lego Lee is getting popular! I remember I saw him in “Because of You” and I really like him! But stop watching halfway because he was acting in an unlikeable way. -__- Me no like him in that drama but he’s cute! I hope he doesn’t become super deceited after getting popular. Going to wait until it’s complete to do a marathon!

  2. He’s been around for years but I am glad he got his biggest main lead role in In A Good Way! Thank goodness I got to see those killer eyes of his! Good actor and doesn’t overeact or have to act cute..His eyes and facial expressions are to die for!

  3. Lego Lee and Captain Koala. The perfect way to start my day. Laughed and laughed at this post. Fav line? “For this man, I’d buy anything he sells using every penny on me, and then I’ll thro my credit cards at him if I don’t have enough.” I literally started laughing because I could picture myself just blindly chucking money at a counter; I wouldn’t even know what I was buying. I wouldn’t even care. I’d be digging in the bottom of my purse for change. I’d start bartering other items from my bag . . . We have all been Chuanned.

  4. What a morning treat for me…thanks Koala! This IAGW stuff in between Fri is what tides me over the 1 week wait. I’m glad I was able to join the IAGW bandwagon while it’s being shown (not after) as I can enjoy seeing the cast grow and feel like I’m part of their journey. It’s been a while that I get this feeling of excitement every week for a drama.

    So happy for Lego’s immense popularity these days! He totally deserve it. He can easily belong to TW top leading men as he’s got the acting chops, great looks and charisma. I hope it’ll continue even after the drama ends (aw, just saying that already makes me sad…I don’t want it to end). And as what trotwood would say, I too have been Chuanned!

  5. I like that it took him about a decade to shoot to fame. I think that makes him appreciate it more.

    K have you ever been to anything like this? Are the fans well beHaved?

  6. Waiting for the big break for sure makes him more humble and appreciative..It was really cute when i was watching a BTS and mentioned that it was his first solo mag cover..that made me go awwww..Wishing for more projects..Hopefully as good as IAGW because he is a good actor and his looks is a well added bonus!

  7. What a man Leggo Li is – all I remembered is he is Liu Chuan in IAGW. The most popular student, the most outstanding and genius persons with the top top IQ. Even the canteen lady loves him to reserve the chicken thigh for him. Hope there are more continuation of the series you cannot stop just like that – what happen to the fat he. Leggo you are outstanding – you have indeed potray a good natural easy actor with with your chemistry of your own. You will go far but of course with Jia Ern as your co-star on your next dramas to come both of you will draw crowds f support like yo have drawn to me even the show has ended and yet yearning for more. Keep up the good acting Liu Chuan and Kristen and hope more more to come.

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