Written Preview for Episode 20 of In A Good Way

Since episode 19 of In a Good Way had a kiss between the OTP of Jia En and Liu Chuan, and the newly released stills from the drama show episode 20 comes a kiss between secondary couple of playboy Ah Qing and feisty Tracy, then I hope episode 21 gives the shyest couple in dramaland that is Xiao Wei and Ri Qi their own kiss. If they don’t kiss soon, I worry they’ll have their first kiss when they say their I dos, or Ri Qi will ask her to marry him years down the road by saying something like “hey, want to do things together forever?” or something nebulous like that. The currently updated episode count for the drama stands at 24 episodes so we’ve got to start preparing to say our goodbyes. I think it could go 25 episodes and thereby match Office Girls as SETTV‘s longest running prime time drama, but I don’t want the story to get dragged out and there has been a noticeable though not detrimental slowdown in pace in the last three episodes. After last week’s attempt to infuse some horror elements into the drama, I’m curious what this week will bring in terms of the theme or impetus of the episode. I think Ren Wei’s crush on Jia En needs to end immediately, I do like his character but his development is currently stagnated at pining for Jia En and being the awkward third wheel that the OTP doesn’t even notice. Jia En and Liu Chuan are aligning their future paths together while he’s off selling hot items of the week and generally being a completely myopic manchild. If the drama really is wrapping up in a month, it’s time the main character are all sent off towards their freedom path that is meaningful and compelling.

Written preview for episode 20:

“Everything that happens has a reason”

A series of strange occurrences leaves Jia En in fear, but it leads Liu Chuan towards solving the mystery behind the painting treasure. After the nervewracking Valentine’s Day date, Jia En learns why her red clothes have disappeared. At the other end of fear is actually a tender consideration, turns out red is the sweetest color of all. Ah Qing and Tracy’s 130 day date bet nears its end, a game of love will finally determine its victor. But a passionate kiss leads to a change of heart in both of them. Jia En’s dad’s birthday wish is for the man dating his daughter to give her a future that is free. Liu Chuan has been chained to a promised future that is not free and he goes to ask his dad to give him back his own life. His dad’s answer is?


Written Preview for Episode 20 of In A Good Way — 4 Comments

  1. Just hope that Liu Chuan doesn’t pull any noble idiot move, especially any that involves pushing Jia En away or breaking up with her

  2. I also think the extension of the show caused the slowdown in the plot developments. But I still find myself enjoying every bit of it and I’m so not ready to let go of this drama yet.

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