Written and Video Preview for Episode 16 of Bride of the Century

It’s Bride of the Century finale week and I’m a little overcome that this will be my last preview post on this drama. It’s been so good that I’m still pinching myself. Wondering “where’d this come from?” seems less important than hoping “can I get another one like this?” somewhere down the road. I can see the three major Korean networks mucking this up big time by making Roo Mi obsessed with Kang Joo until the end, have Yi Hyun sacrificially in love until he literally dies for Doo Rim, decreasing the ghostly elements and upping the OTP misunderstandings. You get my drift. The success of BotC has already confirmed a C-drama remake that will start casting later this year so at least we know even cable dramas can make a splash overseas. I’m not worried about anything that happened in episode 15 in terms of not giving the audience a happy resolution to all the conflicts yet. Episode 16 is right around the corner and if the main characters need a bit more time to work through their worries then so be it. The production released cute candids above of the cast filming their final scenes in the drama and included is a new parted hairstyle on Kang Joo that continues to show Lee Hong Ki pretty much rocks anything in this drama, even hideous outfits and slightly shyster hairstyles. I also love how Yang Jin Sung is so close to her Yi Kyung drama mom and Doo Rim nemesis Shin Eun Jung who owns the character of President Ma. Episode 15 will reveal the entire “curse” backstory and how the Choi family ghost factors into this whole mess and may be the one who holds the key to release everyone from a century of misery into a bright happy future ahead.

Written preview for episode 16:

Kang Joo takes Doo Rim’s picture and goes to where she used to live to look for her. The two of them just miss each other. He is about to give up and leave when……

Preview for episode 16:

[youtube id=”kjJ55K3PEps” w=”625″ h=”445″]


Written and Video Preview for Episode 16 of Bride of the Century — 13 Comments

      • Or alternatively, the red ball of fate(d yarn). Or something. 😛
        But does Doo Rim call Kang Joo?? Since, at the end of episode 15,

        she obviously knows she’s preggers. Please, please, Doo Rim, call you baby daddy and let him know!

      • Or maybe, for once, the preview didn’t show scenes in chronological order? I don’t think that’s ever happened before, but if they did it this time, then maybe (hopefully) Kang Joo finds Doo Rim while she’s still pregnant, they reconcile, and the scene with the [JuRim] baby happens after a time jump (after DR has given birth). Or maybe that isn’t the JuRim baby? Surely it’s possible? Sigh. But likely not.

  1. I admit I was hot mess watching this episode…scenes of Doo Rim silently weep as she sang to Kang Joo… Byul’s sad fate… I don’t want this drama to end! I love the chemistry between Lee Hong Ki and Yang Jin Sung!! I have high hopes for the final episode…

  2. I love this drama and wish for more great dramas like this (with Lee Hong Ki of course). Wish to thank you Koala for all your re-caps, previews and thoughts on BOC. You did a wonderful job.

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