Joo Ji Hoon and Brown Eyed Girls Gain Confirm Relationship a Few Months After Doing Sexy MV Together

I’m finding 2014 a better year for K-dramas so far than 2013 was during the same period of time, but 2014 hasn’t yielded the bumper crop of K-celeb dating couples as 2013 did. One can argue 2014 made up for the lack of quantity with the increase in quality in the sense that it was more high profile stars finding love with each other, probably none more stunning than SNSD‘s Yoona dating actor-singer-variety veteran Lee Seung Gi. The songstress to actor coupling has continued with Yoona’s SNSD mate Sooyoung confirming her long rumored relationship with actor Jung Kyung Ho, and now we have another such pairing to join the mix. Brown Eyed Girls Gain is officially dating actor Joo Ji Hoon! Let me give all those remaining few Yoon Eun Hye-Joo Ji Hoon shippers from Goong a moment to compose themselves. Go ahead and cry in the corner, that ship may have been a long time ago but even I can’t deny how adorable they were as Chae Kyung and Prince Shin.

Back to this confirmed new relationship – as usual tabloid rag Sports Seoul broke the news by snapping pictures of them on a date. I feel like they have secret date pictures of every underground couple and publish whenever they feel like it. Inured by the spate of dating news, both Gain and Joo Ji Hoon’s respective agencies confirmed the new relationship pretty much immediately. Turns out these two have been friends for the last eight years but after Joo Ji Hoon starred in Gain’s MV for her last single “Fxxk U” the relationship took a turn for the romantic. I appreciated their agencies swift and candid acknowledgment of the relationship but it does deny us the amusement of sifting through the usual agency bullshit excuses for why the two stars could not possibly be dating and were simply out on a midnight stroll or something like that. Congrats to Joo Ji Hoon and Gain and may they enjoy every minute of their romance regardless of whether it leads to wedding bells down the road. For those who still haven’t seen the “Fxxk U” MV, check it out below for a glimpse of their ridiculous chemistry together.

Joo Ji Hoon for Gain’s “Fxxk U” (featuring Bumkey) Rated 19+ MV:


Joo Ji Hoon and Brown Eyed Girls Gain Confirm Relationship a Few Months After Doing Sexy MV Together — 30 Comments

    • Totally agree that this redefines psycho chemistry!! Not my thing though. Hmmm, hard to believe that they only got together after making this MV. Their reel life chemistry totally spells out real life chemistry!! (:

  1. luckiest girl in korea! he is my ultimate favorite guy, not only is hecrazy sexy but also an amazing actor. when I saw his name on the headline I was hoping for a new drama but I guess him having a happy relationship is also good news

  2. A month my foot…they have been friends for a long time but that MV was super intimate and they were seen out before and after the MV under suspicious circumstances…I was super excited about the confirmation LOL

  3. I’d heard they’ve been friends for eight years, it mean Gain always in his side when the scandal happen. i think the MV solid their chemistry to each other.

  4. You guys are all talking about the Goong ship (they were cute, I agree)…but I am over here mourning over the official dead end of the Adam Couple. Tears.

  5. Big hooray that the Joo Ji Hoon-Yoon Eun Hye has officially sunk. That ship was just so obnoxious and pushy. Yoon Eun Hye is finally free no more make believe stories and fake pictures of her and that dude.

    • hahahaha I LOVE JJH/YEH in Goong, but there was actually a ship for them in real life? All these years? I thought he made it clear she wasn’t his ideal type all those years ago, probably in an effort to avoid this kind of scandal, well now that ship has sunk lol.

  6. I was and don’t know why I continue to be surprised at the combination of couples being outed.

    Obviously we must ship some same tried and true ship because them couples hooking up? I have no idea how in the world they ended up together. Che. Mist. Ry.

    Can’t beat it. Those 2 are hot together.

  7. Hiya, I know this is completely unrelated but koala, do you ship Song Joong Ki and Moon Chae Won? I keep seeing a lot of headers of them recently.

  8. this is supposed to be sexy? looks like a guy trying to force himself on a girl when she’s clearly pushing him away

  9. My comment doesn’t want to appear… Sorry in advance for double posting if it re-appears.


    Hm… I have to admit I didn’t like the MV…
    I much more prefer JJH’s scene with Shin Min A in the gallery in Naked Kitchen…

    …what of course doesn’t say anything about real life. 8 years of friendship is a solid base for a good relationship and I wish the couple all the best!

    • ooooh yes, that gallery scene with the umbrella was SMOKING. (and no less smoking because it was morally wrong)

      He does have amazing chemistry with Ga-in though.

    • Oh, ditto your comment about JJH and SMA in that umbrella scene. SoSexy. Agree with pog, that scene was so morally wrong, but their chemistry was just tooo hot.

      But still happy for JJH and GaIn at the same time.

  10. It’s okay YEH still has KJH bwahahaha. But he’s smoking up the screen with Jung So Min right now on Big Man :p

  11. He is a great actor. He has been thru hell and back after Goong. Drug scandal, jail and climbing back as a actor slowly but steadily. He is in a good place now. I am happy for him.

  12. What on earth is going on in that MV? I genuinely cannot figure it out. (Also, the last bit with him faceplanting in the cake made me LOL). But holy smokes, that chemistry is INSANE!!!!

  13. There goes my ship. I’ve waited 8years for my jjh-yeh ship to sail.. to no avail.
    Guess i’m really heartbroken now.

  14. WHOA, I can definitely see why that video was rated 19+ (the title of the song would have been enough, really). But that is some crazy psycho chemistry there, even if the bit with the cake-faceplant had me dying of laughter.

  15. 1st reaction: well this (b%#6*!)made my day!jeezz!
    i prep that this would happen so it should be accepted.But tears can’t be help from falling now(hopes and heart are broken!!) while bid [hard to say]congrats …(meant to thought hm & the other 1 would have spark again, not this )huhuhuhu O.O,

  16. All the couples that are outed are always so unexpected that I now doubt any of the drama couples that people ship are ever real. Congratulations to them. They look good together!

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