Joseon Gunman Lee Jun Ki Protects his Beloved Nam Sang Mi in Official OTP Drama Poster

Hate to say it for all the other upcoming K-dramas, but it’s heads and tails Joseon Gunman leading the pack in quality and stirring up excitement. I know sageuks aren’t for everyone but this one screams “can’t be missed!” Coming from the production team behind The Princess’s Man, a sageuk that delivered on both quality storytelling along with soul-searing romance, Joseon Gunman has already whetted my appetite to expect more of the same with its teasers and posters. The first posters featuring the full glory of male lead Lee Jun Ki‘s face have been released and it’s the perfect main course to the earlier appetizer of a teaser poster with his form holding a shotgun while back lit against the setting sun. The first poster shows the OTP of Jun Ki and his beloved played by Nam Sang Mi with the tagline “I will protect you forever.” Well isn’t that nice. Can I switch places with Nam Sang Mi like RIGHT NOW? Even the threat of getting gorgeously dirty and maybe scratched up a bit and biting a bullet potentially is worth it to have Lee Jun Ki swearing eternal protection forever more. Lee Jun Ki is staring at the danger ahead while shielding Nam Sang Mi, who is clinging onto her man and showing the requisite amounts of gumption mixed with anxiety. The second poster is a solo masterpiece of Lee Jun Ki as Joseon’s first gunman Park Yoon Kang, a swordsman of the past who becomes a gunman of the future. I’m not quite sure what to make of Jun Ki’s mussed up hairstyle but I’m assuming it’s more outlaw ruffian than straitlaced upstanding citizen. It’s great to see him playing a swashbuckling type of character after going for downtrodden antihero in Two Weeks and being serious and aloof magistrate in Arang and the Magistrate. I know this drama doesn’t drop until July but the current crop are all such disappointments I’m praying the rest of June whizzes right by in the blink of an eye.


Joseon Gunman Lee Jun Ki Protects his Beloved Nam Sang Mi in Official OTP Drama Poster — 11 Comments

  1. Stunning. Okay, but I get uncomfortable vibes of Lee Jun Ki being Jinei from Rurouni Kenshin especially in the second poster (*seeks cover from pelting tomatoes*). Think it’s the headband, hairstyle and clothing -.- so I’m terribly pleased we get the first picture of LJK protecting his beloved against all odds. I’m definitely looking forward to LJK’s drama! 🙂

  2. I’m hopeful.

    Both Arang and Two Weeks were solid. They weren’t cracktastic like the best shows, but they also didn’t derail or settle in mediocrity like some of the current crop….

    I’m really looking forward to Jun Ki’s action sequences. He’s one of the best in the K-biz at them which makes sense since he’s a black belt in taekwando.

  3. I really loved Arang and Two Weeks, they are good until the end. There are a lot of drama that are good at the beginning and after the story becomes weird or makes cercles or is just disappointed.

    I’m waiting for the 25th June !

  4. I don’t want June to whizz by, I need my summer and I want it long and warm. I live where the sun doesn’t go down during summer and doesn’t go up during winter

  5. danke ms.Koala.
    Yes, Sageuk isnt everyone taste.
    But Sageuk Joon Gi is the most delicious flavour, it melt in your mind and later on….later on… the flavours ….it’s still lingering in your memory in a looong loong time. Taste even better with an awesome fightings crunchy that becomes a very very good when you chew it slowly….

    I always choosing every Sageuk Joon Gi in my menu, a feminine Sageuk Joon Gi, an action ninja Sageuk Joon Gi and Aloof sageuk Joon Gi tastes are long last.
    Now, a Warrior kind of type Sgeuk Joon Gi, Im not than welcome, but I will waiting anxiously……
    #deep sigh,the way this guy did to me…

  6. I caved and watched this, too.
    Cheezuss. Is there anyone else who can pull off each and every look there is like LJK?

    He was the most beautiful boy ever and now, so very manly.
    When I think about how much I thrilled watching him in Time Between Dog and Wolf…whew. He was so hot. Now we get to see the same heroic intensity again. Very excited.

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