Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara on a Cheesy Picnic Date in the First Teaser for Fated to Love You

The first concept teaser is out for the K-remake of the TW-drama Fated to Love You, and I say concept teaser because I don’t see this scene happening in the drama itself unless as a dream sequence. The leads are Jang Hyuk as a 33 year old chaebol president under great pressure to marry and produce an heir ASAP since the family male line is woefully thin while Jang Nara is a nearly on-the-shelf wallflower who gets taken advantage of by everyone because she can’t say no. They meet hot and sexy and a baby ensues. I wished the drama was more about her getting a backbone and saying no and hell no and get the hell away from my face to all the self-absorbed people around her. She does get to that point in the TW-drama but it was like 8 episodes too late. In the concept teaser, things are peachy romantic between leads Lee Gun and Kim Mi Young as they frolic in the outdoors on a picnic date. This teaser is intentionally cheesy which makes the syrup go down smoother rather than getting stuck in my throat.

I wish the production would be more creative than to throw an over-the-top romantic scene that screams out “it’s the opposite between these two” and ask us to chuckle in advance that the relationship between the leads will clearly not be like this. Jang Hyuk’s hair looks oddly attractive once I see it moving on his head, or perhaps I’m just relieved there is a leading man in K-dramas not sporting the helmet hair so popular for the last few years. It is a little odd seeing him so clearly hinting at full comedic glory to come, it’ll take me a bit longer to ease myself away from his award-winning intense roles in recent years. Jang Nara looks better today than she did twelve years ago in Successful Story of a Bright Girl, and better in a way that makes her look enviably younger. With A New Leaf getting cut down to 16-episodes from 18 due to the delayed airings earlier on now conflicting with the filming schedule for some of the actors in that drama, that means FTLY will now air the first week of July.

First teaser for Fated to Love You:


Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara on a Cheesy Picnic Date in the First Teaser for Fated to Love You — 13 Comments

  1. True, the teaser is so cheesy!! But so cute too at the same time. When I watch it I was like, but it’s impossible for the drama to show the leads all cuddly and romantic in the early stage.
    The teaser is a bit late and maybe just concept teaser because they’re shooting in Macau now so I think the real teaser/trailer will come after the part in Macau.

  2. What an odd and cute teaser. Havent watched TW version but will check this out. Jang hyuk is looking very young too actually.

  3. Jang nara looks scarily like chen qiao en.it’s a good thing though, she’s really pretty although she’s supposed to look geeky

  4. I haven’t seen Jang Hyuk in a rom-com so I’ll definitely check this drama out for that. So not used to seeing him smiling (last completed drama of his was Tree with Deep Roots and he doesn’t smile that much in the variety show Real Man) and thank god I can safely assume his character won’t die in the last episode…

  5. suprisingly jang hyuk look hot and young with that hair! gonna watch this drama! they look so cute together… i love the way he look at her.

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