Update on Kai Ko and Jaycee Chan’s Shocking Arrest in China’s Crackdown on Drug Use

Kai Ko has been Taiwan entertainment’s wunderkind Golden Boy for the last three years since he burst out of anonymity at the young age of 20 years old with the starring role in writer-director Gidden‘s autobiographical movie You are the Apple of My Eye. Kai actually played Giddens (with even his same name in the movie) and the success of the movie rocketed him on a steep climb towards stardom. I’ll have to rack my brains to remember a newbie debuting to such critical and box office acclaim as Kai, winning the Best New Actor trophy at the Golden Horse Awards just after turning 21 years old. Then his 2 year relationship with top songstress Elva Hsiao was basically the shock and gossip generator akin to Justin Beiber dating Beyonce, not to mention he was churning out even more box office topping movies and raking in the endorsement deals left and right. That really makes his fall into the abyss after the confirmation of his drug bust arrest in Beijing all the more shocking for his fans and casual entertainment readers alike.

I like Kai for his potential and unique boy-next-door-appeal that’s hard to describe and plenty of movie reviewers have tried to explain why he’s just got this movie star quality and real acting chops. It looks like his problems may be limited to career killing and not more jail time, with his arrest only for drug use (testing positive for pot) and not being found with any actual drugs on him, so he may be free after serving the 14-days administrative jail time. Jackie Chan‘s son Jaycee Chan is in hotter water for being the owner of the luxury condo where a party was going on that night when the police raided and found nearly 100 grams of marijuana in a file cabinet. In China for having illegal drugs over 50 grams (under 50 grams can be explained as personal use) is considered intent to distribute and carries a penalty on the light side involving a 3-5 year jail term and on the serious side is the firing squad death penalty. I’m not joking, China actually executes drug dealers though obviously the authorities save that for actual dealers and not someone like Jaycee caught with a few bags of weed he was sharing with party pals.

The Beijing authorities released an interrogation video of Kai where he was asked about how he feels after being busted. Kai pretty much cried his way through a public shaming apology.

I did something wrong and I’m worried about so many things. But I know my family and friends are even more worried than I am. My heart hurts so much and I want to apologize to them. I disappointed them and I am a bad influence for them. I am presenting a bad example to the young people in society. I hope to tell them all that I am very heartbroken. Since this happened I am very regretful, I am also very sorry to everyone who supported me, who liked me, who knew me. I want to tell them that I’m very sorry that I was the worst model and influence. I made a huge mistake. To my family and friends, because they have always supported me the most, and those who loved me, that is why I am so heartbroken over this matter.


Kai and Jaycee are but the most high profile celebrity drug bust catches by the Chinese authorities in the last few months since the government decided to crack down on drug use. Apparently drug arrests in China have increased 35% in the last few months year over year and in Beijing alone the city has arrested over 7,800 drug users in the last two months. Anecdotal stories from foreign residents and visitors in Beijing have claimed that vice cops have arrived at nightclubs and locked in the entire place and forced everyone present to give a urine sample and it has to test clean before the club goer can leave. Yeesh, big brother carries a big stick, yo. The police that busted the private party at Jaycee’s residence also made everyone give a urine sample and it was the positive test that got Kai Ko arrested (along with a few other non-famous party guests).

All of Kai’s endorsement deals are quickly scrambling to cut ties with him and rumors have it that his agency submitted a leave of absence to his university with plans to ship Kai off to serve his mandatory military service immediately after he’s released from administrative detention. That is a great idea actually. Kai has to serve anyways and this would be an ideal kill two birds with one stone. He will reportedly be deported from China after he is released and the authorities may ban him from entering China for two years which will mean he can’t promote or film any movies there. Kai’s agency released a long tearful statement admitting he made a mistake and broke the law and he will accept whatever punishment comes his way. The agency also takes responsibility as Kai’s elders in not teaching him to behave upstanding and being a good role model for society.

All of Kai’s famous friends have come out berating him for doing this but also adding that he’s a great hardworking young man and giving him support to stand up again after this massive personal failure. Kai filmed a celebrity anti-drug use campaign for the Taiwan education authority last year that has now been quickly taken down by the government since it would be so hypocritical to watch him smile at the camera and announce “I don’t do drugs, and neither should you!” The TW-media is reporting that since Kai was charged with drug use in China, the Taiwan authorities have a right to additional levy its own punishment on him. The punishment in Taiwan for a first time drug use offense includes mandatory confinement in a drug treatment facility and Kai may be sent there before he is shipped off to military service.

Jaycee’s in bigger trouble than Kai since the bags of pot found at the residence belonged to him. There is currently no further update on what punishment will come his way after he is released next week. Jackie Chan was famously quoted in 2009 when he was an anti-drug ambassador in China that he taught his son well and if his son ever broke the law he would call the cops himself and send the kid to jail. During the interrogation, Jaycee admitted he started smoking pot since 2006 when he legally tried it in a trip to Amsterdam where it’s legal. He thought it wouldn’t be addictive but found that he couldn’t quit so continued to smoke back in China but only in his private residence or with friends. Kai told the cops that he started less than 2 years ago and it was through Jaycee’s introduction when they were hanging out. Apparently this bust also caught two additional party goers at Jaycee’s residence but neither are celebrities. But word on the street is that the other two unidentified arrests have even more powerful backgrounds than either Jaycee or Kai which is why their names have not been released to the media.


Update on Kai Ko and Jaycee Chan’s Shocking Arrest in China’s Crackdown on Drug Use — 22 Comments

  1. Oh…a full translation of the CCTV video…

    Yeah if he gets off with no further sentencing just doing his Taiwanese military service is probably the best bet.

    Jaycee though…

  2. I have no feelings towards either men, but I feel for Jackie Chan who must be very disappointed and frustrated as a father. I hope this doesn’t reflect on him too much..

  3. The media is pointing out that there is preferential treatment for Jaycee Chan because of his dad, how true do you think that is? After all, Jaycee Chan’s video has yet to be released and when the news first broke out, it took a while before Jaycee’s name started popping up. I am just wondering if Jackie Chan has enough influence that people are giving his son preferential treatment (though both boys are obviously from affluent families).

  4. Man, Kai Ko is really getting the heat. Obviously he feels great remorse for his actions. He has learned his lesson, unfortunately the hard way – losing his It-Boy status, appealing popularity, commercial dealings, etc. Frankly, he’s lucky this is his first offense and he’s getting off easy. I don’t think he will lose his presence in the Taiwanese media completely – he will always be infamous for this incident. I wish him luck in the future.

    As for Jaycee, I’m honestly not surprised. Let’s face it: Jaycee is extremely priveleged and if I dare say, “spoiled.” He is notorious for his partying and playboy lifestyle. I don’t think that he will be able to buy his way out of the legal justice system, even if he is the son of a famous movie star. I think the most severe punishment for him will be a couple moths of incarceration (a death sentence won’t even be an option for him). Right now, I’m most curious about Jackie Chan’s reaction; publicly, his thoughts on Jaycee have been, mostly negative. I wonder if this will have a negative rift in their relationship forever.

    • I read Jackie Chan disinherited and cut off Jaycee a while back. So, makes no difference to Jaycee now what Jackie Chan does or doesn’t do.

      • I am aware of that. But I don’t think that means they are estranged conpletely – I mean, Jackie Chan is still involved in his son’s life, evident by his attempts to cover up the arrest until it was revealed to the public. What I want to know is if this is the breaking point of their relationship and if their contact will be cut off entirely.

  5. When I first see the video, I was thinking that the tearful apology will help him get the sympathy and forgiveness some of his friends and fans. It is a positive sign that he admitted his own wrong doing and recognize that it cause his friends and family disappointment and worry. It is also good sign( Whether it is PR or heartfelt) that his agency and dad apologize and takes responsibility not teaching him well. On the other hand, Jackie Chan have been silent on this so far.

  6. 2014 is apparently not a great year for both leads of You are the Apple of my eye, with this and michelle chen’s xiaolongnu outing. Even wan wan (who played the female lead’s best friend in the movie) got into trouble.

  7. Taiwan TV commentators said the saddest part is Jaycee’s Mom who had given-up her own successful movie career to raise him personally for the last 31 years without much help from the father Jackie Chan. When Jaycee’s own career failed to take off, he became “disillusioned” and started to “self-destruct”. If you are NOT talented in the entertainment field as your parents, there are many other things one can do besides acting or singing… Funny thing is Jaycee’s parents were afraid Kai Ko who is only 23 years old, a whole 8 years younger than Jaycee might lead Jaycee astray??… LOL Something to be said about Kai having dated an elderly woman the singer who had introduced the two boys.

    Jaycee Chan, how you have broken your mother’s heart!!!! Hopefully this is a wake-up call for both boys Kai and Jaycee… Escucha…

  8. I remember reading a while back that jackies son was always getting into trouble and used his connections with his father to get out of them. I think Jackie was very close to disowning his son if he did not get his act together.

  9. I can’t help to question if more celebrities are involved especially my beloved Chen Bo Lin since he is on such buddy terms with Jaycee.

  10. I thought Jaycee is getting better, since he seems close to Vanness Wu nowadays…
    Vanness can bring him to the “right way”, apparently not. Too bad. Hope he learns big way with this incident.

  11. I know this is a sensitive topic to many but I find it really funny that Kai Ko was filming a Taiwanese anti-drug commercial while using it for two years AND Jackie Chan had been doing an anti drug campaign claiming his son would never do drugs while he’s been hooked to it for years.

  12. I looked up Kai Ko’s filmography and I’m kind of surprised. He’s basically just been in the same movies all these years.

  13. The scarier part is the last sentence. Apparently there are two unidentified arrests due to their powerful connections. Maybe their fathers are CEO of a powerful company? Or maybe their fathers are the bosses of cops? Eeekkk. I just hope their punishment won’t be lenient. It wouldn’t be fair to the public.

    • I don’t. He has some responsibility in the Asian culture as the father of this problem child. And, I had read before that he cut his son off. So, he doesn’t have a connection now for anyone to feel sorry about.

  14. Sometimes there is no coming back from a scandal (Edison Chen) but sometimes a star can be good role model for doing something wrong and then by hard work and good intentions making it right. I hope Kai Ko will be in the latter group.

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