Bolin Chen’s Name Gets Bandied About as Possibly Connected to the Recent Celebrity Drug Scandal

The unfolding news from the high profile Mainland China drug bust last week involving Jaycee Chan and Kai Ko has blown further open and the fallout doesn’t seem to have an end in sight yet. The drug raid went down at Jaycee’s luxury condo (owned by dad Jackie Chan) with a large private party in attendance. The guests were forced to give an urine sample and those that tested positive for pot was taken into custody, which included Jaycee and Kai and a handful of other guests. Reportedly two of the arrests involve even more powerful or famous Chinese personages which is why their names have not been released, unlike Kai who has no backing in China since he’s a Taiwanese movie star, and Jaycee’s dad tried and kept his name out of the press for the first 5 days before it too was released. C-netizens have narrowed it down to a famous C-actress and the other the son of one of Beijing’s real estate magnates.

The bigger news is that reportedly Jaycee gave the cops a list of 120 names of his friends and acquaintances that he’s shared his pot stash with and now the media in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan are desperately trying to confirm the list and who’s name is one it. The leaks from police insiders say most names are not celebrities but the handful of stars named are quite famous including two Cs and one H. The second a “C” was linked to this case then all signs pointed immediately to Jaycee and Kai’s good friend Bolin Chen, whose star is even higher than Kai since he’s arguably Taiwan’s most talented and popular young movie star in the last few years. The other C is reportedly singer Eason Chen while the H in question lands singer Jam Hsiao in the hot seat, both guys are also good friends with Jaycee. The agencies of all three stars immediately issued denials that their names were on the list.

I’m worried most for Bolin since I adore him and his manager released a statement that Bolin knew about Jaycee’s drug use but has never touched any illegal substances and to clear any suspicion that he’s involved will fully cooperate with any authorities investigating. Sheeesh, this is getting really really baaaaad. I’m also skeptical about the timing and reason for the raid, supposedly the cops got an anonymous tip that a Mr. Sun was dealing drugs and that person was found to have a connection with Jaycee Chan. Whenever stuff like this hits the news I always wonder exactly what even worse news the government wants to cover up with celebrity scandals and downfalls.


Bolin Chen’s Name Gets Bandied About as Possibly Connected to the Recent Celebrity Drug Scandal — 28 Comments

  1. why do drugs if you were rich 🙁 sad reality might as well spend their time help others in need, done destroy their own future,

  2. Jaycee is probably feeling so bad right now. He not only is in deep water, but he is pulling down friends with him. Whether those friends are innocent or not, who knows. But he probably feels so bad to have hurt so many people.

    • agreed. didn’t think his situation can get any worse or that he can even be more ruined than before: he is now branded not only as a criminal but also a snitch. i’m wondering what the government is doing to force his hand and make him out all his friends regardless of whether it can attain hard evidence. something seems to be running foul here…

  3. Oh Bolin’s manager released a statement? I had only heard that they were looking at Bolin and that he canceled all his schedules in China after this all went down.

    I have seen that 120 people number elsewhere too…that’s a lot of people

  4. While reading the article, when I look at those pictures all I can think of is, Bolin Chen is so good lookin lol

    You are soo right Ms. Koala about the Gov’n using one scandal to cover up another!! Its always like that!! It could be the same in korea, sine we got 2 news of 2 stars breaking the law being revealed in the same week. I always wonder.

  5. Omg!!! What is going on… There is just has to be something even bigger that the govt is hiding through these celebrity pot busts. It’s clear that it’s not really fair… Big backing means they get off and the rest are left to fend for themselves even though they all committed the same crime of using.

    Jaycee giving up all these names. Can he be friends with them anymore?

  6. I really hope this isn’t true because Bolin is such a huge favourite of mine and someone I really admire. I’d never want his image to be ruined in my eyes – or anyone else’s for the matter. But if he is at fault, then he deserves the flack. I’m desperately hoping he isn’t involved at all.

  7. Miss KOala, why do you take delight in reporting scandals and bad news??
    I used to like your blog but i am getting very turned off with your fake sympathetic tone while in reality you are really looking for page views………

    stop this. You are acting like the worst kind of troll

    • Ms. Koala doesn’t go to the end of the world to dig up everyone’s scandals. These are current hot topics in the entertainment industry. She has always provided both good and bad news. It just so happens that recently there has been a lot of bad press. This in no way is considered trolling. If you aren’t interested in hearing about stars’ real lives then you should stay away from any form of social media.

      • looks like someone’s delulu fan is crashed..if you think it is trolling, you shouldn’t read all entertainment news in the mean time..

    • Since you asked I’ll answer. I take no delight in reporting bad news. I report ones that interest me either because it involves a particular entertainer I like or the news is too big that it’s dominating all the news portals. I don’t get either your assertion that my tone is delighting or that I smear on the fake sympathy since I intend neither when I write it.

      As for page views, I’ve written whatever I want since the beginning and it’s never related to page views. For every 1 bad news or scandal I report from Korea, Taiwan, China, or Japan ent, there are 20 that I chose not to write about. That’s hardly a blog that aims for page views since there is actually enough bad news for every single post to be about something negative.

      And lastly, writing about news just because it’s bad does not make me or anyone who does so a troll. The definition of an online troll is ” is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people,[1] by posting inflammatory,[2] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response[3] or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.” I write an article to share news, reviews, or commentary whether it’s positive or negative if it happens to be a topic I’m interested in.

      You are totally welcome not to read or like my blog, but don’t try to throw around accusations that are baseless.

      • please continue writing about what you like… and especially this one.. she might be the only one who doesnt like this news, but most of your readers want to know more..

        ps : i hope bolin has nothing to do with this drugs case

    • Funny.. she wrote about what’s hot right now. Why can’t she? She isn’t obligated to write about just dramas or even just good news. It’s her blog, if she finds this interesting, then she does. It’s that simple.

  8. No one is forcing you to read or come to her blog. If you don’t like it kindly skip over. I like to read all news whether bad or good. And this scandal as the one with Kim Hyun Joong is huge.

  9. Oh no, I feel so bad for Bolin. I really hope he was not involved with any drugs; I am particularly fond of him. I do think anyone associated with this scandal is basically screwed, even if one has never had any direct contact with marijuana; anything involving drugs is a huge no-no in here, and who knows when your career will rise by then? I do think that he has a higher chance of resurrecting his career than Kai Ko, though (even though it’s not certain if Bolin’s career will be affected hugely by this mess).

    I have mentioned this before, and I will repeat this again; I consider Jaycee Chan to be extremely spoiled and almost the “bad boy” type, and I myself would not want to associate with him. However, I do realize he is having a difficult time right now. Not only has he lost support of the public, but also with his personal relationships, dragging his friends down with him. I don’t know if he was pressured by the gov’t to do so, in order for them to prosecute more people or if he will have more leniacy. It’s such a grim prediction, but Jaycee will probably not be able to re-enter the industry again.

  10. I just want to put this out there:

    1) Beijing police already denied on weibo they have a list of 120 celebrities.

    2) Bolin’s manager said the media twisted his words when they reported Bolin knew about the drug use. He was answering a hypothetical or something.

    3) Jaycee’s manager also denied Jaycee ratted out his friends.

    I am not saying Bolin must be so pure and clean even if his best friends are drug users. People will believe what they want to. Surely he must’ve known, he just can’t flatly say it since it will just make things worse. But there are also many rumours flying around who knows what is fact or fiction. Even if Bolin really is not a user, after all this people will think he is anyway.

  11. The only thing I can say is .. That’s pretty low of a friend to do that. Having said that the advise I can give is ppl.. Cranberry juice and/or shave hair!! Last would be to the extreme but better safe than sorry. (Specially if your an A lister) Uff good luck to them.
    In my opinion there are drugs out there that cause deaths of soooo many ppl. Including alcohol!! When was the last time you read an article saying that a marijuana (cannabis) smoker killed someone or killed himself? Why don’t they take that law enforcement into better use like .. Human Sex Trade, Child Pornography and many more that I’m sure is hurting that country in a worse way. I guess what in saying is why don’t they (authority) pick a better battle?!

  12. I told my college aged daughter about the pot bust and my opinion mostly is they shouldn’t have even tried to do illegal drugs in a country with such harsh laws.

    Her response, “They shoulda just hung out with the guys in my dorm on the floor above mine.” Smoking pot to her peer group is so not serious. If the kids get caught, they get yelled at by campus security for bringing into their domain.

    I am not saying that drugs don’t destroy lives, but it really is interesting what a huge range of reactions this news gets from all over the world.

    • Reaction from people will differ depending on where you are from I guess. In some countries, pot is not really that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things. (To be honest, cigarettes are probably more harmful than pot.)

      For example, when I first heard the news of the drug bust, I thought they must have been doing some really hardcore stuff, but when I found out they were busted for doing just pot, my first reaction was, “that’s it? The entire c-ent industry going into a melt down because of just pot? Just slap them a hefty fine and a berating or something. Yah it’s newsworthy but it’s getting waaay too overblown for what it is”. Of course I’d since realised that I’m being biased, and while it may not be a big deal for me it IS in China. Still, like you said it is very interesting and a bit amusing to see, and experience first hand such a big contrast in reactions.

      • Agreed.

        I guess we’re of the younger generation, but when I first heard about this, I thought, “so what?”

        I’d say that pot is on the level if not better than cigarettes and alcohol (both of which are abused in China all the time).

        So, I never really got why they cared so much….

      • My first reaction was the same but then I felt kind of bad about it. I went to uni in the UK and pot (or weed as we call it) is very common in our dorm, and even when I started working I have a housemate who smokes it occasionally. It never really bothered me aside from the smell and it wasn’t like I was living with drug addicts.

        While it’s possible that China takes it a lot more seriously (I think it’s classified class C drug in the UK), your conspiracy theory makes a lot more sense.

  13. This is really, really suspicious. The sheer timing of it all, like someone knew this was going on all along but they chose to wait for an appropriate time to tear these people and their careers down. Seems like an agency, some entertainment related business or something more than the government, someone with something monetary or business-wise to gain from this rather than some mere cover-up. But maybe I’m overthinking this.

    I’m worried about Chen Bolin and hope his name will be cleared really soon.
    Never cared much for Kai Ko and Jaycee, except for the fact that his father is Jackie Chan. But this is awful for them.

  14. Noooooo!!! My worst fear has come. I hope it is not the truth. But that doesn’t take away the fact that he is a good actor.

  15. Noooooo!!! My worst fear has come. I hope it is not the truth. But it will not take away the fact that he is a good actor.

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