Puff Guo and Aaron Yan Reunite for the Dance Version MV of His Catchy “No Cut” Single

If either Puff Guo or Tia Li actually likes Aaron Yan in real life like the shippers of him with either girl wish, then Dream Girls would be in a state of disarray seeing as the way Aaron flits between the two ladies like a particularly flirty butterfly. Aaron just wrapped the imbecilic TW-drama Fall in Love with Me costarring Tia, or as the Taiwan netizens like to call it costarring with a cardboard cut out of a pretty female form. He certainly knows how to whip up interest because on the same weekend the drama aired its last episode, Aaron dropped a MV teaser for his upcoming dance version remix of the track “No Cut” from his latest mini-album and the netizens went crazy because there were flashes of a girl in that teaser who everyone swore was Puff. Turns out no one’s eyes needed to get checked because Aaron’s leading lady is in fact his former Just You costar Puff joining him to shoot a dance track MV.

Puff joked that when Aaron called her up to do it, she asked if he was joking because she’s the worst dancer in Dream Girls. I love her honesty LOL, which is made all the better when Aaron replied that he’s also the worst dancer in Fahrenheit so they make a perfect pair for this video. Puff admits that when dancing she just copies either Tia or Song Mi Jin standing in front of her, whereas Aaron confessed that he’s such a terrible dancer he would always hide in the back of the group and let Jiro or Wu Zun lead the way. To record the video both Puff and Aaron took last minute dance lessons and goodness they certainly need it because their dancing in the just released full length MV is…..interesting to say the least. It’s not really dancing as much as its two very beautiful people moving their bodies to a pattern set to a really snappy tune.

Aaron Yan “No Cut” dance version featuring Puff Guo:


Puff Guo and Aaron Yan Reunite for the Dance Version MV of His Catchy “No Cut” Single — 35 Comments

  1. I AM SO HAPPY I CAN’T EVEN TELL YOU. I SHIP THEM SO MUCH IRL and i tried watching filwm and he didn’t have the same amount of chemistry as he did with puff. tia was honestly horrible from the few episodes i saw so i didn’t watch it. I hope they are in a drama together again. They are really a beautiful couple and I think they suit each other well 😀

    • I wish they would do another drama together but……this is horrifying to consider but Aaron said at the wrap party for FILWM to look out for another reunion with him and Tia. I blocked that from my mind because it just makes me want to smash some windows.

    • agreed! i hope they’ll give them another project together. they look good together. I’m sure they’ll be nailing it to top again! Gawwwd i so love this two. I’m a shipper too <3

    • Only Aaron can try to pull an A-dragon and come off looking like he was performing in a summer camp special on “how to rap, yo.”

    • I love this ‘dancing,’ in that what I do while washing dishes resembles dancing more. Have to hand it do them for looking gorgeous while doing… whatever that was…

      • I watched the entire video waiting for something semi-amazing and then it ended. Gotta say they looked good though.

  2. I am just letting you know I always love something uncut, too! Wow. I am in synch with Aaron like nobody else.

    This entire project makes me so happy. Love the smirks they share, the unpretentiousness of them knowing they cannot dance, but DAMN if they don’t look gorgeous moving smoothly to the music together. I will watch this a lot, and pretend that when he is rapping in English it is actually a little known language found in the minds of music producers.

    This isn’t a couple I can put together in real life as other than friends. Why spoil it will all the other feelings added in?

    Thanks for posting this adorableness in the midst of all the bad news today. I needed that.

    • Aaron rapped in this video? Never happened, I don’t recall seeing it in the video. Must be your imagination. XD

      Puff and Aaron need to do a torture melodrama like the one Jerry did with Tong Li Ya. Lots of angry sexy (and sex) and crying kisses.

  3. Koala Unnie, I don’t know why but some of videos that you posted in your blog. I can’t watch it due to it shows Undefine. This is not the first time as their seems to be others that I can’t watch due to show undefined videos. 🙁 Help Koala Unni!!!

  4. Hi Trina baby, I don’t know why but it might be on your end because I can watch on my computer, Ipad, and Iphone all the videos I post on my blog. I hope you can figure it out but really all I do is link to the video on YT. Sorry I can’t help I’m so technologically fail.

  5. Good heavens he is beautiful. And Puff looked gorgeous. I’m firmly on their ship. Bring it on. Just make Tia walk the plank. Please. We beg of you, drama gods!

  6. the dance is waaaayyyyyy to awkard!i can help but to cover my mouth in embarassment,lol!But wow,don’t they look gorgeous for sure!

  7. It made me oddly happy the three of them made awkward dancing look so adorable, and surprisingly kind of hot. Just Puff, Aaron, and Aaron’s butt-ugly pants.

  8. Ah, Aaron, totally going back and forth between those Dream girls. But Puff is one pretty girl, I totally don’t blame him for it! Still, I think I enjoy watching Puff and Jasper together more 🙂 Totally fangirling over them in Pleasantly Surprised!

  9. I can’t help but to close my eyes. LOL They look kind of awkward just dancing together, but still gorgeous. I enjoy watching Puff & Jasper together more also. I’m totally fanigirling over my pleasantly surprise OTP.

  10. Well I guess Aaron can also see the good chemistry of Puff and Jasper too in PS.. So he doesn’t wanna be defeated and ask Puff to do the MV with him coz its the only way for them to be together again and stir the feelings of their fans to not ever forget them BUFU..

  11. Seeing them together melts my fangirl heart.. I miss them so much and wished that after puff’s drama they will be brewing for another puff-aaron please.. and sorry, tia no drama for you please.. you’re indeed a pretty face but expressionless.. I am so craving for their interactions..;;

  12. Looking forward too., i had watched just you, they looked cute and compatible on screen., they have that ozing chemistry together, no doubt, tia is pretty, she fits also for aaron like puff fits aaron. The two girls have different personality, puff is the bubbly one and tia is a silent type,. So leace it to aaron who he prefer ..i’d watched also pleasantly surprised puff with jasper liu loveteam, and wow, jasper is cute ,puff is cute too,what a match they really look good together .. aaron puff chemistry is totally different after seeing puff with jasper liu , puff and jasper loveteam nailed it.,

  13. i dont mind their dancing and singing ‘
    what i care was i saw them again together “”” BUFU COUPLE “””
    love much !!! 😀

  14. after their drama ‘just you’ … well aaron and puff are pairing again in ‘No cut’.
    i really like the video seen them together again and i should say they are good dancers…

  15. Aaron and Puff certainly have a connection. I just don’t think there’s any sexual chemistry between them. They give off a friend vibe more than anything.

  16. Puff and Aaron is my OTP. And I really love their drama Just You, and as for FILWM, I prefer that Puff should starred in it too.
    I was laughing the whole time I watched the BTS of ‘No Cut’ and the fact they said they were the worst dancers among their group. Hahaha

    I’ll always support BuFu Siblings! <3

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