The Pleasantly Surprised OTP Fight and Make Up with a Kissy Trip to the Batting Cage

True to its roots the first big breakup worthy fight in Pleasantly Surprised looks to not even last a full episode. Good for the drama not to milk the conflict especially since it’s not really a conflict. I get that Kai Qi’s trust and abandonment issues are at play here, hence Ah Jie not telling her he planned on leaving after a month is a huge betrayal in ways it might not be for other women in a relationship. But ultimately she’s more mature now and should have the ability to control her impulsive anger and have a conversation with the poor besotted guy about it. It’s so heartwarming to see the second leads continue to be thoughtful and considerate people, the way Le Xuan doesn’t try to insert herself between the new couple other than pout over Ah Jie while her brother Hao Wei has got to be the most selfless second male lead I’ve seen in recent drama history.

The way he calls out Ah Jie for keeping his intentions from Kai Qi was satisfying to watch, but his later actions in keeping Kai Qi company and then urging her to not let history repeat itself was the stuff that makes me wish there was another cool girl in this drama for him. Form the recently released stills for episode 14, looks like the OTP make up and even have time for a batting cage date. Adorably this time Kai Qi is the teacher and Ah Jie the woefully batting-challenged student. Liu Yi Hao confessed he’s really not good at sports anymore after hurting his back a few years ago and can’t do heavy workouts, so for this scene he really did have trouble hitting the ball and got yelled at by the director for being such an epic fail. Judging from the last still below where he steals a kiss from Kai Qi, he may be crappy at batting but he’s certainly a confident expert at skinship. I hope he tells Kai Qi about what a major emotional douchebag his older brother has been so that she can lay a can of whup ass on that loser. His reign of bullying needs to be stopped once and for all.


The Pleasantly Surprised OTP Fight and Make Up with a Kissy Trip to the Batting Cage — 4 Comments

  1. I completely agree. Throughout the episode, I kept saying, Just tell her!!!” over and over. He needs to unleash the wrath of Kai Qui on that brother on him. She will not put up with that crap. I would LOVE to see her battle it out with him. Ah Jie is too soft hearted.

  2. Omg he has a decent pants on. Thats a big relief although I doubt it’ll last long. Please get him some decent looking pants to wear since I can’t stand it anymore. Hurray for the couple on reconciling. Ah Jie looked really sad.

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