Second Teaser for Iron Man Goes the Comedy and Heartwarming Route

As Iron Man gets closer and closer to arriving on our collective cringing doorsteps, there is a part of me that wishes to be proven wrong. To have my first impression vacated for what turns out to be the surprise K-drama of the century in terms of awesome. I remember joking with other K-drama lovers years ago about the possibility that K-dramas would have the budget and production expertise to venture into new genres. Space travel missions like Battlestar Galactica, fantasy anime as a live action Robotech, and of course the superhero genre that is a proven winner across any culture or country. Everyone wants to see someone with amazing powers doing amazing things, a very childhood onward wish fulfillment fantasy. I never imagined I would actually be wishing that Korea not attempt it now after seeing just how godawful all the teasers and stills from IM looks. Oh yes, the whole concept is weird as well and this is coming from me being a consumer of Western superhero dramas where people get bitten by radioactive spiders, hit by gamma radiation, wear a cape and underwear to save people, or pretend to be a giant bat.

When the special effects are chintzy in K-dramas, I find it quaint in most of the stories since it’s not a genre where the special effects are critical to the world building. IM is totally not able to skate on bad special effects since Lee Dong Wook‘s character is in so much emotional pain that he sprouts knives from his body. He’s supposed to look dangerous and fierce but instead in the first teaser where he’s climbing a building using his body knives I swear he looks like a rabid human porcupine. The second teaser has just been released and the four facial stills of Lee Dong Wook above speak for itself. I can say there is a serious case of whiplash when you watch the first teaser with the tense music and the scary crazy man climbing a building with knives compared to the second teaser which is all comedic and heartwarming. Or at least it’s trying to be comedic and heartwarming but instead left me jawdropped again in wonder that the two leads can act in this drama without losing their marbles. Shin Se Kyung got a lot of screentime in the second teaser and there is nothing I see that would make me change my mind about her. She still can’t act and still has no chin.

Second teaser for Iron Man:


Second Teaser for Iron Man Goes the Comedy and Heartwarming Route — 21 Comments

  1. Usually actors become picky after army and go for quality. It seems opposite for LDW. He used to be in great dramas before army. Sigh…

    • True! They do like 1 project every 10 years (Fan girl years). I don’t understand LDW’s eagerness to star in dramas that so many have rejected. It makes it seem like him/his company are so desperate. Just saying.

  2. The no chin comment had me laughing, LOL! Meh about SSK, I do like LDW but not enough to watch a full drama for him, everytime I see SSK on my screen, it feels like she’s sucking on my energy, not the most fun person to have on my screen.

  3. Haha!! I agree. She can’t act and has no chin. I’m seriously allergic to any movie/drama that she’s in. Actually, she looks like a biscuit, flat round biscuit. How does this girl always get roles? And gets paired up with hot guys all the time…..Are they blind or what?

    On the other hand, IM looks like a train wreck. I can’t imagine why Lee Dong Wook even took on this role. He’s gonna look like an idiot. Even if they acts well in this drama, the plot of a “superhero with knives” is just so silly and ridiculous.

  4. The second teaser just left me even more confused because we went from dark and moody to high jinks and I guess comedy. I most eager to see how domestic audience reacts to this drama. As others have expressed I’m surprised that LDW decided to accept this role and I would love to hear I they sold him on the story.

  5. There are two completely different snapshot of the story. At one hand it tries to be moody and brooding, on the other hopeful and funny? This is just like Dr. Stranger all over again. It make it seem that the entire ‘iron man’ theme is just gimmick. Or maybe the humor is just misplaced? I’m really confused right now. Not that I plan on watching this, as I have zilch of interest on any of its cast, but this just sets the bar so low that I feel bad for these actors whom I don’t even follow or know of.

  6. LDW… I find him unattractive despite the abs. When he adds the ugly derp faces, I just want to slap him. No surprise with Missie: Fake in every sense of the word.

  7. Oh? I think the second teaser isn’t really that bad… Let’s just wait for the first episode to be aired next week then decide..

  8. I’m thinking just how lucky She’s So Lovable is, getting the same timeslot as My Spring Days and Iron Man, while the 3 dramas currently airing in the Wed-Thurs slot are fighting so hard just to get 2 digit ratings. I mean, pit any of JG, FTLY, IOTL against these cr*p it will surely get the ratings crown… Honestly, I’d rather switch off my TV on Wednesdays and Thursdays after FTLY ends.

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