My Lovely Girl Holds Press Conference and Releases 10-minute Long Preview

With It’s Okay, It’s Love signing off with a satisfying flourish last week, tomorrow SBS welcomes lighter fluffier fare in the Wed-Thurs time slot. The arrival of My Lovely Girl (My Lovable Girl) marks leading man Rain‘s return to television after four years as well as Krystal‘s first turn as a leading lady. I’m cool with their 12 year age difference in real since since Krystal looks older than her 19 years of age and it’s better to go in with an open mind since I welcome a easy to watch rom-com. But I just have to point out that when Rain was spreading Hallyu K-drama love through Full House with Song Hye Kyo in 2004, Krystal was 10 years old that year. Oh my how time flies. The cast attended a rather low key press conference earlier this week sporting a variety of outfits that range from burn it ugly to thanks for my hurting my eyes decent. Rain must’ve gotten dressed in the dark, or maybe borrowed his Full House top star alter ego’s dreadful sense of style.

From his sweater to pants to shoes, the man is a walking fashion disaster. If Krystal wanted to look older then she failed miserably by going for a dress that looks like a Victorian maid’s uniform crossed with an elementary schoolgirl’s outfit. I still like L‘s new blond locks but wish Hoya was playing the second male lead in this drama since he’s by far the better actor. L wins on being a better smirker. The production released a super long 10-minute preview which really consists of only 6 minutes of plot since the first four minutes are to showcase an outdoor performance by the idol group within the drama called Infinite Power. Did’ja get the so witty reference of calling the group Infinite Power since two of the members of played by L and Hoya who are members of the real life Kpop group Infinite? I hope SBS merely picked low hanging fruit for the set up and the actual drama delivers on the emotional resonance even if the story is all sorts of been there-done that.

10 minute long preview for My Lovely Girl:


My Lovely Girl Holds Press Conference and Releases 10-minute Long Preview — 13 Comments

  1. Rain. Ugh. Bizarre sweater, grandpa pants, and house slippers. Krystal looks like she is in the wrong drama (maid? convent? Swiss finishing school?) and that black and orange dress is too short – I am wondering how she managed to walk up the stairs without a TMI moment.

    As for the trailer, I hope they give Krystal a little more depth. Rain’s got a nice meaty role with plenty of angst, she’s your typical Candy with some screechiness thrown in. At least in the trailer, I can’t see how she could possibly take over her sister’s spot in his brain. As for Infinite Power, I liked how the fireworks, autotune, jiggly hand-held camera, flashing lights, and orchestration still couldn’t cover the fact that they hadn’t had enough rehearsal time to learn to dance together or get a good rap in place.

    I may watch this just to get a good rant on: Heirs, part 2.

  2. I truly hope that Krystal nails her character. I can see potential in her character and there could be lots of depth and layers to her as well. What I think I am looking for this time around is for Krystal to nail a very emotional scene in which her character reminisces about losing her sister. The cut of her talking on the phone seemed close, but looks like they pulled back from letting it all out. Krystal could easily, I would think, nail her role because she and older sister Jessica are very close, which may benefit Krystal immersion into her role. A raw and vulnerable scene that will peel away her natural spunk and cool kid aura is all that is needed in order for me to approve of her lead role casting.

    The long trailer went for a more warm and cozy kind of feel more than anything else and I’m liking it. I hope this drama turns out well because I am pretty excited for it.

  3. Rain is fantastic with his comic timing which I’m already seeing plenty of. He even looks fantastic with Krystal. Love the new posters and trailer so I hope the drama lives up to its feel-good vibe.

    Extremely excited for this!

  4. Ugh I felt almost nothing watching the trailer.No spark yet from what I’ve seen so far. The only good part was rain’s handsome face and how cute he looked playing with that dog.Hopefully the chemistry meter rises up in later episodes.

  5. I’m just hoping that his character in THIS Drama doesn’t make me wish to see him boiled alive in oil while being eaten by fire ants as did his unspeakably vile turd of a Neanderthal in Full House. Definitely top 3 for most hateworthy K Drama 1st leads in the 90 or so I’ve seen.

  6. I bought those pants of Rain’s I think, last year at Banana Republic, they came in green, yellow, and navy.
    Maybe he spilled something on what he meant to wear and bought pants off some chick in the crowd.

  7. What’s wrong with Krystal’s stylist? That maid outfit, seriously?

    And the actors look like a bunch of mess when the stand together. All their clothes clashing with one other…

  8. Is it just me or do L and Krystal look more natural together than Rain and her? Sure, Rain’s a WAY better actor than L and can pull off better emotions, but i have a feeling i’ll be rooting for the second lead (again) cause Krystal and L are pretty cute together

  9. Ugh. Cliched, lacking chemistry, and stealing stuff from Coffee Prince. I’m so disappointed after being excited about so many of my favorite idols in the cast. Ironically, My Spring Days was much better than I expected. Definitely putting that show ahead in my priorities, along with My Secret Hotel. Sorry, Krystal.

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