Media Reports that Top 12 K-ent Company Stock Prices Have Dropped an Average of 40% Since China’s Hallyu Ban

It’s impossible to dispute numbers and on this one the might of the Chinese government and reach of its economy has spoken. Five months after the Chinese government placed a Hallyu ban, basically a hex on Korean idols and dramas making money in Mainland China, the fallout can now be definitely measured by the precipitous fall in stock prices of Korean entertainment companies.

In the last few months, the top 12 Korean entertainment companies have on average dropped over 40% in stock price compared to the prior year. Well known entertainment agency heads like Bae Yong Joon of KeyEast, Lee Soo Man of SM Entertainment, Park Jin Young of JYP, and Yang Hyun Seok of YG have all shaved hundreds of billion Wons off their net worth. It’s still play money since they are still worth hundreds of billions of Wons, but if the Chinese Hallyu ban doesn’t let up soon expect this slide to continue. Continue reading