The Cast of My Lovely Girl Show Fun Musical Camaraderie Guesting on Running Man

If ever there was a recently premiered SBS K-drama that could use a boost in the cast guesting on the variety show Running Man, then My Lovely Girl would be one of my top picks. Watching it is an entertaining experience partially due to how it confounds me with such glaring awkwardness in regular intervals. A cute scene of Shi Woo and Se Na flirting bantering is followed by a random car crash where the rich stepmom falls into the agency director’s arms in slow motion. An adorable human Golden Retriever Hyun Wook talk with doggie Golden Retriever Dalbong is followed by jealous insecure asswipe Jae Young randomly proposing to Hae Yoon when the two barely are on grab-a-lunch-at-work terms. Whatever is going on with MLG, it could definitely use an image boost for the viewers and what better way than to hop over to the set of RM and show off some real life cast chemistry.

Sadly my favorite drama character Shi Woo played by L wasn’t present, which might be for the best since I can’t see L guesting on RM without the agency tossing in fellow Infinite member Hoya as a plus one, and currently I hate Hoya’s character Rae Heon so the less I see of him the better. The RM stint includes Rain, Krystal, Alex along with veteran daddy Park Young Gyu and character actor Kim Ki Bang who is the manager of the scandal prone drama boy band Infinite Power. It’s a rather mish-mash group but when I watched the episode everyone came together beautifully with a great sense of game joie de vivre. The highlight was the R-popstar competition where Team MLG went up against Team RM with resulting hilarity from both sides. There was just one hour to prepare a full song and dance number and Team MLG leaned heavily on popstar Rain to pull off the Korean version of Billie Jean called “My Girl” while Team RM was a collaborative effort where most of the men went drag to turn into Dreamgirls. MLG tends to take itself seriously, especially Rain’s character Hyun Wook, so it’s nice to step out of the small drama box and enjoy the fun cast cutting loose.

My Lovely Girl Team Performance of “My Girl” (K-cover of Billie Jean):

RM Team Performance of Dreamgirls:


The Cast of My Lovely Girl Show Fun Musical Camaraderie Guesting on Running Man — 13 Comments

  1. SBS is desperately trying to curb the ratings of this show at home. Lost cause IMO. Main lead who had scandals, idols, music centered drama and primitive script: Did they expect 15%? I’m watching & taking what I want from it but really, this is another pshiiit drama.

  2. L and Hoya should have each other’s role. Hoya is better than the one note drek and eye candy L would not have been stretched too much. Still a whole lot of WTF and not the fun kind.

    • Stop overrating Hoya. He can’t even handle Rae Hoon properly, why would he be able to handle Shi Woo? Someone explain this to me. L is doing a swell job too, his acting has gotten better. It’s people like you honestly…psh.

      • Agree wholeheartedly. Why is Hoya better as Shiwoo is beyond me. So far L is selling his character well to me but Hoya…not so much….In fact even with the few scenes I find him really awkward as Rae Hoon. Just because some ppl think Hoya was the better actor in the past doesn’t mean he is in MLG!

  3. Decided that Se Na should just end up with Shi Woo. I thought they were really cute this week. I see no need for Hyun Wook to even end with a girl.
    L’s doing fine with the role but I think Hoya is a much better actor then the one-note acting he’s shown so far.

  4. BTW this drama is HUGE online, in China and in Russian speaking countries (it tops every other drama). So these Korean ratings looks strange to me…

    • Unfortunately, it’s yhe Korean rating that counts. I’m enjoying these drama. This drama is like K2H very popular on line but the Korean rating is minimal.

    • Unfortunately, it’s the Korean rating that counts. I’m enjoying this drama. This drama is like K2H very popular on line but the Korean rating is minimal.

  5. I just started watching MLG because I like Rain…..but just 5 minutes into it I thought of ALL the similarities to “What Star (Planet) are you From?” with my all time favourite actor Kim Rae Won. His love killed in a similar car accident, falling for kid sister, entertainment business???? Seriously????

    Dont get me wrong, I like it…unfortunately Krystal is only fair as an actress. L on the other hand isnt bad, and of course just watching Rain smile makes it all better 🙂

  6. As many times as I’ve watched it already, I don’t think Rain’s crotch grab dance will ever be not funny. Loved the Giraffe in full drag and bitch face as well. As far as My Lovely Girl goes, I’m taking it for the cute fluffy moments I’ve seen, mostly involving the dog, and not expecting much else.

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