Mark Chao and Janine Chang Show Exes Can Work Together in Second Exciting Black & White Movie

Those of you in living in Greater China will have a fun new movie coming up during the upcoming national holidays in Taiwan and China. The second prequel movie to Black & White will be dropping in the 1st and 2nd of October in China and Taiwan, respectively, with still only Mark Chao reprising his career starting role while Vic Zhou remains no longer involved with the franchise. The second movie picks up where the first movie left off but wisely doesn’t bring back Angelababy as the movie leading lady, instead focusing the action with leading man police detective Yin Xiong while bringing back Janine Chang from the drama as the sole female lead in mostly a supporting role. All eyes during the filming was on whether the exes could get along, and they certainly showed the entertainment world that a breakup needn’t mix personal with professional.

Everyone was worried that the chemistry would be all off since Mark and Janine dated after B&W but broke up a year later, after which Mark found love with C-actress Gao Yuan Yuan and tied the knot with her earlier this year. Turns out Mark and Janine didn’t just retain their great chemistry onscreen and their character’s friendly camaraderie, they are putting on a great lesson on mature romance by showing the world how cool they are as exes who still wish each other the best and can professionally work together with plenty of fun and ribbing. Not every break up is Roy Qiu-like fiasco as Mark and Janine shows us.

Janine even teased that despite Mark marrying Yuan Yuan, his soulmate is clearly someone else *cough* Lin Geng Xin *cough*. Ahahaha, the Mark-Lin Geng Xin bromance still has so much mileage left on it. I’ve gotten over my grumbles and gripes about the movie side of the franchise without Vic but did find the first movie rather antiseptic. Hard to really connect when the characters I loved in the drama didn’t come back, even Ivy Chen‘s short cameo ended up being cut for time. Check out the cast having a great time promoting the movie (even Xiao Ma Xiu Jie Kai is back!) and watch the fantastic trailer below in HD and with English subs.

HD trailer for Black & White: The Dawn of Justice (English subbed):


Mark Chao and Janine Chang Show Exes Can Work Together in Second Exciting Black & White Movie — 11 Comments

  1. I know Mark and Gao Yuan Yuan are happily married now but I think it is a pity that he and Janine didn’t work out. They look good together and had good chemistry in B&W.

  2. Wait, LGX wasn’t in the other movie, right? Just the Sea Dragon one.

    How FUN is that that they’re in this one?

    What female lead? My boys are back on the screen together!

  3. Just caught the movie yesterday and it was totally amazing! A total mix of action-packed thriller and comedy. I would say that the bromance between Mark Chao and Lin Geng Xin is the best part. Can’t wait to watch the drama now!!

  4. Just like Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da Hae to me. Heavily rumored together before, but still can professionally acted again after 9 years with even hotter chemistry.
    Any chances for Song Hye Kyo and Hyun Bin?

  5. Yeeeess Xiu Jie Kai and Janine! Glad to see more familiar faces in the lineup! The trailer looks fun. I think I’m going to rewatch the series soon…

  6. Just got the movie and omg I really love Lin Gengxin’s character. The Lin Gengxin/Mark chemistry wowwwwwww. And so happy to see Xiujiekai and Janine backk 😀

  7. IDK about you guys… but every time i see Mark and Janine – it reminds me of their hot and sexy makeout in B&W. But love their chemistry…. I can’t wait to watch this…. looks awesome.

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