Jang Hyuk, Im Joo Hwan, and Oh Yeon Seo Considering MBC Sageuk Shine or Go Crazy

Eeeps, this drama casting news is about as perfect as it gets., at least for the male leads. I’m still hoping the female lead side falls through and another actress I love better gets the gig. For two years MBC was on a steady stream of sageuks on Mon-Tues nights until modern cop-gambler drama Triangle arrived in that slot. Triangle was followed by Records of a Night Watchman which has now been replaced by modern legal drama Pride and Prejudice. Maybe MBC is planning to toggle sageuk-modern from now on because the drama to follow P&P will be the fantasy fusion sageuk Shine or Go Crazy. Yeah, the title is a mouthful and weird but let’s go with it.

Just like Jang Nara is going right back into a MBC drama with Mr. Back, her Fated to Love You costar Jang Hyuk is in talks to headline Shine or Go Crazy. His leading lady may be Oh Yeon Seo who just finished the highly rated MBC weekend drama Come, Jang Bori!, once again proving that MBC loves rewarding its successful weekend ladies with a subsequent prime time gig (case in point Baek Jin Hee). Sageuks are widely acknowledged as a forte genre for him (Chuno¬†was a career¬†altering performance) so I’m super stoked he’s considering this drama. Even more exciting? So is Im Joo Hwan, being courted as the second male lead which I don’t even have issue with since…..holy momma PARK KYU IS BACK!

I love Jang Hyuk, though not always particular projects of his, but anything he’s in I’ll always check out. Even when his dramas suck like IRIS 2, he always rises above the suckage almost like a phoenix rising from the ashes. Im Joo Hwan‘s most memorable drama performance, for me at least, remains Tamra the Island. It’s also firmly one of my personal top-10 favorite dramas for story, chemistry, directing, and soundtrack. Basically it’s about perfect as it gets. I also loved him in the SBS daily Ugly Alert, vastly underrated but actually pretty fantastic. Having Dae Gil and Park Kyu in the same sageuk drama infuses me with unending glee. Please come sooner January 2015!

Shine or Go Crazy is a fantasy fusion sageuk and is set in the real life Goryeo era but tells the story of a fictional Goryeo prince played by Jang Hyuk. He was born with a prophecy that he will bring death and bloodshed to Goryeo and he lives his live trying to ensure that does not come true. He marries the princess from neighboring kingdom of Balhae who is educated in astronomy and the arts, a union that is supposed to quell the ominous prophecy. They fall in love and must work together to keep their kingdoms safe, from either outside forces or the dangerous prophecy around the prince. Directing will be the PD from Two Weeks.


Jang Hyuk, Im Joo Hwan, and Oh Yeon Seo Considering MBC Sageuk Shine or Go Crazy — 21 Comments

  1. I hope Bori Bori will not accept. JANBORI was a hit not because of her but because of the lady who plays the villain. I could not stand bori bori neither her acting nor her character. I like jang hyuk enough.

    • Agree… Due to Oh Yeon Seo, we couldn’t finish watching Medical Top Team… Too bad if she does this segeuk since we do like Jang Hyuk and Im Joo Hwan.

      • She was in Dong Yi as well as The Great Merchant. I loved her in Jang Bo Ri as that is how the writer wrote her character as a total opposite of Lee Yoo Ri who no question was great but sorry both were overshadowed by the little miss playing Bi Dam and Moon! Those two were the real stars! But everyone had a specific role and they played it. I cannot wait. This will be a great combination of cast! Plus Im Joo Hwan as a baddie?!! You can’t ask for more!!

  2. im joo hwan back = yessssss

    him being second male lead after ive only seen him as the male lead = sad face

    but I have to agree he has been great in everything ive seen him in and ugly alert is by far my favorite family drama

  3. Park Kyu!!!! were the first words that escaped my mouth when I heard this news. This sounds like it could be a fun drama even if the name is quite silly. I hoping Im Joo Hwan at least decides to do it.

  4. the plot is somehow like “The kingdom of the winds”.but anytime with jang hyuk is a must watch,but they should change the actress and to Shin mi nah or Go Ara

  5. Totally agree. Love the male leads but Oh Yeon Seo’s acting is whatever. I’ve also seen her recent appearances on variety shows and there’s simething about her that rubs me the wrong way. I hope for someone better for Jang Hyuk though it’s probably unlikely.

  6. I like Jang Hyuk. I LOVE Im Joo Hwan in both Ugly Alert/Tamra. I sure hope he’s not just second lead as a side kick to the Jang Hyuk’s character. I want him to have his own story!! please….or better yet, a role with brain / fighting skill like Park Kyu!

  7. Same,same….. Im Joo hwan should had a better role here hihihi… If Jang hyuk accept it, then I’ll go for that BUT please not Oh Yeon seo…. It’s better if Lee Yo won will be the female lead here. JH-LYW reunite round 2 if ever.

  8. I really enjoyed Tamra the Island, but I wouldn’t say it was perfect…. For example, they should have either changed the venue or actually hired people who could speak English to do the opening England parts. It was so bad that I dropped it like a hotcake until other people kept talking about it that I decided to push on through.

    I dunno if they got the Dutch right either as I don’t speak Dutch, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that was horribly butchered either.

  9. Jang Hyyuk, I love You ^^ i don’t particularly know oh yeon seo but then its jang hyuk so who cares and sageuk too? haha can’t wait…. i actually fell in love over head over heel again with him in chuno then iris 2 came and i was like, “oh shoot, why?” and couldn’t agree less for the second lead… ^_^

  10. Im Joo Hwan! Sold! 2nd male lead to Jang Hyuk is ok, I just hope it is a substantial 2nd male lead as he certainly deserves that and can act well. He was so good in Tamra Island and Ugly Alert.

    • 3 dramas in 12 months would be record breaking though. Plus people are bound to get tired of the combination. Anyway they have a one-act special coming up. Most probably fan service lol.

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