Country Bumpkin Lee Jong Seok Gives Park Shin Hye a Piggyback Ride For Pinocchio

Looks like Pinocchio is going to milk the teenage sequence sweetness until the audience either gets a toothache or bow to the drama’s successful presentation of yet another popular K-drama trope. The latest stills show leads Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Seok doing the tried-and-true piggyback ride, this time beautifully lit with the setting sun over country fields beside them. I have no problem with the piggybacking trope, it’s always the context within the story that matters. When done right it never fails to elicit the “awwwwww” reaction from me.

I am wondering why Lee Jong Seok is the one doing the piggybacking since he appears to be injured what with the white gauze wrapped around him head. And Park Shin Hye’s character doesn’t seem to be either drunk or unable to walk with a twisted ankle, the two most oft-used reasons for the piggybacking. It would be awesome if it was a piggyback for no reason, like he just wants to carry her and she’s shyly agreeing to it. Can these two not have a hate-love relationship as teens and just make it like-love?

On the other hand, who out there is clamoring for more silly Lee Jong Seok pics from this drama? I’m seriously perplexed by the drama keeps on releasing derpy Lee Jong Seok stills to promote Pinocchio. I know based on the official character still that he gets a hair cut after he grows up and becomes a news reporters, plus a snazzy wardrobe to boot, why can’t we see more of the post-period when he’s a hottie rather than getting thwacked over the head with unending streams of the country bumpkin. Who’s with me here? We Demand Hot Lee Jong Seok NOW.


Country Bumpkin Lee Jong Seok Gives Park Shin Hye a Piggyback Ride For Pinocchio — 29 Comments

  1. They really look good. Also Shin-hye looks like fine to me but her uncle always spoil her. This relationship to me is weirdly working out, maybe its the magic of the writer, add up the good scenery provided by a good director and charisma of the actors.

  2. what would I give to NEVER have to see Park Shin Hey play a high school student again, even for just 2 episode of a show.

  3. for sure miss koala, I’m with you.
    I demand Hot Lee Jong Suk asap!
    Hope they won’t waste many episodes making him wearing that wig.

  4. yes,i think u are the only one.just becos they dont release teasers of tham as reporters,doesnt mean the drama wont live up to ur expectation.

  5. I’m not a big fan of LJG, so I’m not sure I will watch this drama.

    But why they show a lot of (only) LJS, Pinocchio is PSH, isn’t she ?

  6. Ok, now I offiacially ship this two! They are sooo cute! *w* And I’m happy to see PSH having chemistry with her partner (she didn’t share that much chemistry with LMH in Heirs in my opinion) Can’t wait for Pinocchio!

  7. Miss K.The Royal Tailors trailer is out,and the posters.shin hye looks good in,the movie looks promising,mostly the part where Go Soo was taking shin hye measurement…

  8. Someone is having fun trying to break his image of flower boy. (It won’t work.) ^^ I wonder if those childhood/teenager scenes will be packed in the beginning or distilled in flash backs in the series: Viewers have grown allergic to them for PSH & I’m afraid people who will try this drama will drop it if it lasts too long … Drama is 20 eps after all. As for me, in writer-nim I trust & I will let the events develop naturally.

    • not in Korea, where it matters the most though…
      And why is it not a big deal that LJS wearing uniform? It’s always the girl that the problem? Oh because most people online are fangirls and they… love to hate on the girls

      • Just an advice: Don’t mix bashing with legit reflexion & stop posting almost the same reply to everyone who comments on that matter. I’m specifically talking about the audience in SK & the fact that anything HS is not popular with the ahjummas who handle the TV remote. Personally I don’t care about those scenes since I know it’s just a way to say bye bye to her old self & particularly to Heirs which did more bad than good for her actress image (but gave her notoriety). I wish for this drama to be successful for everyone’s sake, PSH’s included so please breathe slowly & relax.

  9. I just saw on twitter… “in the last 5 yrs Heirs was the only high school drama of hers. YB, HS, Hayate the Combat Butler. DWIAG, FBND aren’t high school dramas.”
    Why are people acting like she wears drama in all her dramas?
    You guys just really look for a reason to hate.
    Mean while some guy wear the uniform is almost all his dramas, and no one cares

  10. I’ll admit that the wig has grown on me. Heaven forbid but I kinda…like it. It shows his dorky side. Anyway, I literally can’t wait for this drama. I need to erase DS from my mind ASAP.

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