Fantasy Wuxia C-drama The Journey of Flower Releases Intense Long Preview

The production of the upcoming fantasy wuxia C-drama The Journey of Flower (花千骨 Hua Qian Gu) didn’t capture my full interest since I didn’t read the popular online C-novel by writer Fresh Guo Guo. I’ve heard good things about it and the drama casting was right up my preferred alley with leads Wallace Huo and Zhao Li Ying being two of the Chinese drama regulars that I enjoy watching onscreen. Both also have the ability to generate chemistry with their previous costars. The Journey of Flower is slated for an early 2015 release and wrapped filming months ago but it’s never too early to kick off early promotions especially for fans of the novel.

The drama released a long 14-minute preview that looks as fantastic as the whole gods, demons, humans fantasy setting requires. Zhao Li Ying plays Hua Qian Gu, a girl born with special abilities who spends her life trying to figure out what she’s meant to do in this world. Her journey takes her to the mythical mountain sect where she becomes the disciple of Bai Zhi Hua, the icy cold wuxia master played by Wallace Huo. Of course they fall in love, despite the big taboo in the wuxia world against teacher-disciple romance, not to mention all the men in this story appear to love Hua Qian Gu to death as well. Not quite sure what is going on exactly but this preview is pretty and exciting enough to merit a thumbs up.

When watching the preview I wanted to change the drama title to “Everybody Loves Hua Qian Gu” since guys are either dying for her, dying because of her, or dying to keep her safe. There are plenty of baddies around that was to hurt pretty little Hua Qian Gu as well not to mention the future of various worlds and realms appear to lie in precarious balance.

Long preview for The Journey of Flower:


Fantasy Wuxia C-drama The Journey of Flower Releases Intense Long Preview — 21 Comments

  1. I just hope it is good journey because it looks so good visually, the fantasy action is the kind i love.

    Im surprised they were kissing passionatly too compared the few other fantasy wuxia dramas i have seen where they show epic romance for the hero, his leading lady but so chaste, lack of kissing.

  2. Hi Koala unni, It has been a long time since I watch a chinese wuxia drama. This looks interesting. Although, why sooo many guys died for her. Oh well. In another note, I have my baby healthy girl born on November 8 12:13 am 6 lbs 9 oz 19.5 inches. Her name is Jeanette.=)

    • I’m glad someone has the same sentiment as me. I would describe it as terribly hilarious, I think rather than release with english dub they should just keep it english sub.

  3. I love Wallace and adore Zhao Li Ying! I watched the entire extended trailer but the lack of english sub is definitely a pain. Also I down right refuse to watch the english trailer because it’s so terrible!!

  4. Well, there’s a reason why “all the guys seemed to like Qian Gu”. This is not a spoiler since the description in the books have always mentioned that she is the last God of the world… one that beckons wretchedness and likely certain deaths. Besides having a (un)detactable scent that attracts nasty ghosts, she also has this really cute and refreshing personality that makes people look forward to interact with her, or so. There is another side to her, but that will be a spoiler. Actually… not all guys like her, some have ulterior motives, some are just lost. Then again, she IS the freaking protagonist, so obviously she is likable. Trust me, this is not just your typical love sad sodding story, so please don’t be misguided by the overall trailer. But as usual, dramas will never surpass novels.

  5. hahaha i laughed when u wrote ” when watching the preview I wanted to change the drama title to “Everybody Loves Hua Qian Gu” ”

    i can’t wait to see wuxia series again, hope this one will have some happy ending, and not waisting my time watching the whole series with a bad ending.. *sigh* i rememberred again the legend of ancient sword ‘s ending

  6. Omg, i watched this drama and bai zihua ily despite all your shortcomings. The cgi is pretty choppy which is kind of unfortunate, but the acting of the leads makes up for everything. And bai zihua and sha qianmo are just so pretty dammit. Liying too. Sigh, now that i finished watchibg this, idk what else to watch…

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