New Drama Pairings: Lee Dong Gun-Lee Yoo Ri for tvN and Yoochun-Suzy on SBS

I’m lumping two upcoming drama castings into the same post since I’ve only gotten around to writing about it, plus my interest level towards both is the same level of mild curiosity. Let’s go with the confirmed casting one first – Lee Dong Gun and recent MBC Drama Daesang winner Lee Yoo Ri is pairing up for the next tvN drama called Super Daddy. I still remember the launch of dramas on tvN with Manny, but I don’t think Super Daddy will resemble that silly trainwreck in any way. Super Daddy is the redemption love story of “the worst bachelor and the last mommy.”

Turns out the dying mom trend isn’t dying out yet after the tear fest that was Song Yoon Ah‘s Mama last year. In this drama Lee Yoo Ri is the young mom who finds out she has an incurable illness. I find it hard for healthy single moms to find love again, dramas make it seem even dying single moms can randomly meet the perfect next guy during the last days left. Super Daddy follows Heart to Heart and will premiere in mid-March. I’m just happy Lee Dong Gun is coming back with a cable drama after the terrible way he and his character was treated in Marry Him if You Dare.

Now that Hyde, Jekyll, Me has arrive, SBS is gearing up for the next big prime time drama to take over that time slot come late March. On deck is a drama called The Girl Who Sees Smells based on a webtoon of the same name. In talks to headline are Suzy and Yoochun, the former so popular she basically can name her price on CFs and the latter still riding high on good buzz from his movie debut in Sea Fog. SBS clearly loves Yoochun after Rooftop Prince and Three Days so it’s no surprise that he’s in talks to return to that same Wed-Thurs timeslot for the network.

I’m not sure how his fans feel about the potential pairing with Suzy, who brings lots of buzz and popularity but still can barely act and coasts on lots of goodwill and charm. Now that the late winter dramas have started it definitely is time for the early spring dramas to get cracking on the casting calls. I’m less interested in Super Daddy for the story and more for Lee Dong Gun, but The Girl Who Sees Smells is intriguing enough on the story alone I’m keen to check it out regardless of who is cast as the leads. It’s the story of two people connected through a past serial killer case and in the present time one is a cop who can’t feel any emotion and the other is a girl with the supernatural ability to see smells.


New Drama Pairings: Lee Dong Gun-Lee Yoo Ri for tvN and Yoochun-Suzy on SBS — 24 Comments

  1. Lee Dong Gun!!! He really deserves a good drama after that Mirae’s Choice trainwreck. I have to admit though, I know absolutely nothing about his leading lady.
    I couldn’t care less for either Yoochun or Suzy, so I’ll definitely be skipping that.

  2. Sigh I don’t care if I get bashed.

    Suzy is adorable and I love her smile. But her acting… what acting?

    But the post is to just state it’s so unfair, or rather she’s so lucky besides being popular that she has kissed so far KSH and LSG. Now she gets to kiss Micky Yoochun?

    Let me go ponder my sad real life. ^___^

    • wait.. they are the OTP in this? I thought they’ll be brother and sister as i understand in one of the initial plot summary posted in a blog. or am i confused by excitement over the new line-up plus the exciting current shows?

      Quoting dramabeans (my apologies Ms. Koala…)

      “The drama is about two people connected through a violent crime, called the Barcode Murder Case. The hero loses his little sister and subsequently becomes a cop, while the heroine barely escapes the incident with her life, and loses her memory from the trauma. She somehow develops heightened senses through the ordeal, and in particular gains the ability to see smells. I had to look up images from the webtoon (below) to see just how literal the ability was, and yup, it looks like she sees smells floating around people.”

      • The way I read this synopsis, the H’s sister was one of the serial killer’s victims (and lost her life); whereas the heroine, also a victim, somehow managed to escape but lost her memory.

  3. The premise for Yoochun’s drama is similar to an anime I like-Moyasimon. In Moyasimon however the protagonist can ‘see’ microbes so I think this is gonna be fun. Besides, I am biased towards Rooftop Prince, so I’ll definitely check it out! And Lee Dong Gun! Definitely will check that out!

  4. Lee Dong Gun treated so badly. He does not deserve it. The scripted just changed completely. The lead became the supporting cast.

  5. I agree with koala. It’s hard for a single woman to find a good guy. And then for single moms, must be hard for them too. Now dying single mom…. I wanna skip the show completely but lee dong gun is such a cutie and I love his acting…

    • I read that the story is:

      Yuri was Lee Dong-gun’s love. He’s still hung up on her. LDG is a bum type of character who’s surprised when his ultimate crush/love/ex-gf shows up on his door offering a contract marriage. He doesn’t know that his ex wants to “train” the perfect daddy who will take care of her daughter when she’s gone. 🙂

      Hope that helps. I read the synopsis from dramabeans too.

      • If that is what it’s about, then no, thanks. I wouldn’t tolerate such unfairness to Lee Dong Gun’s character.

  6. Yeah, Suzy can’t act. Certainly not fit for lead roles anyway but at least she’s pretty by Korean standard……Yoochun is ok, not great but decent. Oh well, SBS seems to love its crappy idol actresses, maybe she finally did learn to emote?

  7. It looks like Koala posted this while sleeping…so many grammatical errors…writing KBS instead of MBC and no tags at all….LOL 😀

  8. Sexy hot Lee Dong Gun is back.Though the story isn’t interesting I’ll keep an eye on it. Please no idol in and no crazy fans.

  9. As a daughter of a single mom. Single mom does find love and remarried and have kids when they find a perfect guy. My mom did. Although, the guy is ok but I was like teenager so of course I rebelled a lil bit when they were dating back then. 🙂 Now, I am happy for my mom and stepfather. My half sisters are now in college.

  10. Suzy can’t act, but I think in something like this isn’t not exactly challenging and she’ll do fine. She’s charming enough to pull it off. Give her a nice girl to play and the audience will root for her.

    So happy to see Lee Dong Gun back in something. I was wondering if he was ever going to do anything again after how terrible he was treated in MHIYD. Not too sure about the story, but I have more faith in tvN than network dramas so hopefully it’s fine.

  11. Yoochun needs a strong project after Three Days disappointed, he definitely needs a strong leading lady too. I don`t think he and Suzy are a good match, not just cause of her weak acting but their vibes are completely different.

  12. Suzy is a cutie-pie but can’t emote to save her life. Heard that she just finished a film with Ryu Seung Ryong, so hopefully her acting has improved. I am more concerned about the writing and directing. As long as they both do justice to their roles and the chemistry is there, Suzy and Yoochun will make a cute pairing.

    It’s rumored that Yoochun is also doing a movie, ” lucid Dream” with Go Soo, Kang Hye Jung and Soel Kung Gu. So he it appears that he is still pursuing the serious actor route, so the drama news is a lot more palatable. XD

  13. Suzy’s (If she accepts) sounds like the female version of Ikuta Toma in Ourobos. It is out now– co-starring Ueno Juri and Oguri Shun. Hope the subs will be keeping up consistently. Any plans of recapping, Capt?

  14. Yoochun yes…Suzy no! Suzy is just not a lead actress yet. I liked her in Dream High but only about halfway through when she started settling into the role. I get that she’s super popular and networks think she’ll bring in the viewers, but her acting is just so bad. If there were more teen dramas or school based ones (something like Heirs) I think she could pull it off or at least slide by in bigger ensembles (maybe a weekend family drama), but when put in primetime dramas with actors like Gong Yoo or Lee Seung Gi and being forefront in the story she just loses me.

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