C-drama Zhao Zi Long with Yoona and Lin Geng Xin Starts Filming and More Pretty Faces Join the Cast

Filming has started for the big-budget and big-cast upcoming period C-drama Wu Shen Zhao Zi Long with a working English title of God of War Zhao Yun. The drama made headlines last month for the casting of SNSD member Yoona as the female lead, making her first foray into the Chinese market and doing it in a big way. She’s paired up with rising C-actor Lin Geng Xin who plays the titular historical figure male lead Zhao Zi Long (also known as Zhao Yun). Yoona has been in Hendian, China since the start of January for filming and the latest drama updates indicating the twist that she’s playing not one but two characters.

That’ll be interesting though maybe not in good way, and I’m already wondering now which doppleganger dies first in the drama. A few new names have joined the cast which already included Korean actor Kim Jung Hoon, Li Yi Feng as Ma Chao, and Yan Yi Kuan as Liu Bei. Model-actor Godfrey Gao increases the height average of the cast significantly in his first period role playing Lu Bu while Gu Li Na Zha has been tapped to play incomparable historical beauty Diao Chan. The full cast is trickling into set one-by-one but Yoona and Kim Jung Hoon’s first set pictures have leaked to show them in costume. C-fans are not impressed to say the least.

Full drama cast so far: Lin Geng Xin, Yoona, Li Yi Feng, Jia Qing, Godfrey Gao, Yan Yi Kuan, Zhao Han Ying Zi, Gu Li Na Zha. Other than Yoona and Kim Jung Hoon I haven’t seen any pictures of the other cast members in costume yet.


C-drama Zhao Zi Long with Yoona and Lin Geng Xin Starts Filming and More Pretty Faces Join the Cast — 95 Comments

  1. She doesn’t suit the ancient look. She’s probably going to receive tons of backlash from C-netz. I don’t know what the production company is thinking. Her character and Kim Jung-hoon’s are both made-up. She is described as a girl of extraordinary beauty with a cheerful personality who falls in love with Zhao only to discover that he murdered her father. And Kim Jung-hoon makes up the other side of the love triangle. Wow. It’s like they decided to add makjang into a historical drama. They’re banking on her popularity with the youths, but can’t cast Koreans in historically Chinese characters because viewers don’t like that. So, they added a ridiculous plotline. The thing is, they don’t even need to do that when they have Lin Geng Xin, Li Yi Feng plus all the others in the cast. That’s enough attraction for the youngsters already.

    • The ironic thing is that as far as I know casting Korean actors in Chinese dramas doesn’t work all that consistently as a ratings ploy. The most successful Korean actress in Cdramas is Choo Ja Hyun and I don’t think your average Chinese viewer could pick her out of a lineup.

      • This. Yoona is marketed as this goddess of beauty in the Kpop world. However, despite the xenophobic/racist comments of K-netizens regarding the “Chinese Look” there are many Chinese actresses that many would consider prettier than Yoona.

        I don’t understand why her people would agree to this casting, when it will only burst her bubble and diminish the carefully staged persona/allure they created for her.

        She will not help with the homeland ratings, and I doubt she will help that much with the international sales, if that is what they are going after. There is so much fail with this, I really can’t understand the thought process of all involved.

      • I doubt one of the chinese actresses that could’ve been playing yoona’s character will bring in as much an international viewers as yoona will. Regardless of whether she will be bashed or not by the citizens of China, the halyu wave is dominating the international business of entertainment not Chinese entertainment. And we all know that in the Korean business, through stats and through sales, SNSD rock the Halyu wave. LOve yOOna!! >3<

    • @butwhy

      I would guess because they are hoping to break into China more and are using Yoona to do it. This also prevents her from having another ratings bomb in Korea while still expanding her acting career. Even if this flops her online fandom will keep her in the search rankings and the online views will probably be decent enough to media play. See Nichkhun’s Chinese drama. She doesn’t really lose much for trying.

      • @Sasha, this site is probably one of the few places where one can have a rational discussion or contrary opinion about someone from SM/SNSD without having a thousands arrows shot at them.

    • She suits ancient look to perfection. You are just butthurt Korean actress is lead in high budget Chinese drama. Get over it.

      And after Michelle Chen mess in Condor Heroes , Yoona seems like a goddess of beauty in comparison.

      • Apparently, most don’t share your opinion. And I’m not butthurt, cause obviously I’m not going to act in it. Otherwise, I don’t see why I need to be upset that a Korean star is starring in a high budget drama. I’m not going to respond to the last bit since I guess you are a fan.

      • Everyone’s just stating their opinion, if anything you’re the one that sounds a bit upset over the responses. It’s possible to be objective about someone without being “butthurt” or “pressed” given that most of the people here don’t have a personal investment in the drama or Yoona.

        I think Yoona is rather pretty in modern clothing, but she doesn’t suit the period style. It’s not an attack on her, it’s completely normal to have some styles that are less flattering than others. In her case, I think the pinned back hair and flowing robes makes her look a bit like a gangly teenager, which doesn’t quite fit the role of an ancient beauty.

      • Even as a Yoona fan, I admit she doesn’t fit it as well as the looks of people like Liu Yi Fei or Sun Li.
        Michelle had so much back lash from C-netizens for being cast as Xiao Long Nu so that isn’t a far comparison.

    • Miss Koala, help me out here, but isn’t there already a rule that at least one of the main leads in every Chinese drama has to be from the mainland?

  2. From the photos above, not a whole lot about Yoona in a period costume seems to stand out (other than the fact the costume is yellow). She just doesn’t have the sort of features that is a seamless fit with a period piece look. This is not a commentary on her attractiveness; I just feel her look is better suited to modern dramas/movies. The disconnect may also be coming from the fact that I primarily know her from her SNSD, so it is hard to get that idol image/look out of my mind when I see her. That can be a downside in casting an idol.

  3. Godfrey Gao…heyyy

    I thought Yoona was playing Diao Chan and was concered about tye backlash but good to see she isn’t…though those outfits don’t really suit her

  4. The only reason I would even consider watching this is because godfrey gao and lin geng xin are in it. I never noticed how tiny she is and how tiny her face is, wow. They should have just stuck to a mainland chinese actress. Lin geng xin is so cute, he needs a good leading lady…idk abt him and yoona.

  5. Oh, it’ll be interesting to see Godfrey Gao. Sigh, still waiting for Remembering Lichuan to air but at this point I sorta gave up hope of it ever reaching the audiences.

  6. Yoona looks so weird in ancient costumes… I never really like it when they cast other ethnicities for a Chinese character… Male or female I just don’t like it.. At least she’s not playing a historic character..

  7. It seems like I’m the only one who thinks Yoona has that ancient beauty. :/ I’m not a huge fan of hers, but I think she looks spectacular.

  8. Definitely not a good look on her. I think it shows how much the beauty standards vary between different countries and different time periods. When I first started watching Korean dramas (around SNSD debut time) I really could not understand media’s obsession with her face. From my perspective (caucasian, influenced by Western media) she was below average in terms of looks(tiny egg-shaped head, no jawline,Dumbo ears). After becoming familiar with Asian/Korean beauty standards I started to ‘get it’. I still don’t think she is drop dead gorgeous, but I do find her quite pretty. But that ‘modern look’ still does not look good in period clothing.
    I’ve notices it before, but Korean actresses with more traditional looks, such as Moon Chae Won, look much better when wearing Hanbok. Same with Chinese historical costumes. Yoona’s tiny oval face just does not look good with this hairstyle.

    • I’m Asian, but I never got Yoona and still don’t. I’m not even influenced by Western media much. I personally think the whole thing has got more to do with the bandwagon effect. If people say she’s pretty, you’ll think she’s pretty. So many Korean stars are so hyped up. I get that “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”, but I think that there’s always a sort of beauty that appeals to the masses. Watching Korean dramas and reading people’s responses always make me feel like I’m always part of a super small minority.

      As for the thing about traditional looks and so. I think it differs from case to case. There’s definitely a modern look, but there are also people you think are very modern in aura that look surprising good in traditional costumes. When I was young, Park Si-yeon acted in a Chinese drama and I thought she was really pretty. And Kim Hee-sun looked good in The Myth, but only in the tomb. Like, specifically in the tomb. (I think I didn’t appreciate the hanbok at all last time.) Then again, maybe KHS’s looks are considered traditional (she and MCW are lookalikes after all).

      • Re: traditional vs modern features, I think that small, delicate features are what make the difference. To me, Park Si Yeon (obvious PS aside) looks more traditional compared to, say, Kim Tae Hee or Song Hye Kyo for this very reason.

      • I’m asian too and i never get also the obsession for her beauty. When I watched Love Rain at home my three sisters also said that the lead actress is ugly..

      • I never knew what the obsession over her was about and putting her on a goddess level? If I can make a list, she’s not someone I would even consider. Then again, I’m thankful that I don’t follow the masses. Will definitely be skipping this one.

    • Agreed. It’s awful enough when you know that the person being dubbed is actually speaking Mandarin but with Cantonese/Korean/whatever the cringe factor reaches another level entirely.

  9. I won’t comment on Yoona’s look or physical appearance. But I will just say that I’m actually liking her outfits in these pictures, and that I assume there won’t be any issues regarding cleavage this time!

    • Pls don’t say yoona is the only beautiful girl in Asia.. There are thousands of beautiful girls in whole Asia.. Ur eyes will melt if u see them.. So Yoona is not only one THE GODDESS OF ASIA..

  10. I just want to say that Yoona is playing a women disguised as a man so not two completely different characters (I guess, to find the murder of her father). The acting of two people was just a rumour on weibo. Never confirmed. In general, not much has been confirmed about the drama and much is just pure speculation through pictures. There are many contradicting things floating around. So take anything with a grain of salt.

    And I think she looks very beautiful!

  11. Why are people so pressed about Yoona in here lol? She looks gorgeous in those costumes. Her acting talent aside ,she is one of the rare young Korean actresses that has that classic Korean beauty that is well appreciated in Asia. I guess that`s why international fans can`t seem to understand Koreas obsession with her.

    Also Lin Gengxin and Godfrey Gao in same drama? Sign me up!!!!!!!!!

    • I’m an Asian (not from China tough), but didn’t find her classic in beauty or she is beauty. It just me maybe.

      Other actress in this drama looks gorgeous!

  12. I’m sorry but the other actresses look more beautiful than her.
    She just doesn’t have this ancient beauty needed.
    She is pretty and has nice kind personality but even when she is acting in s trendy drama, she always lack the presence and elegance

  13. the thing is, we’re NEVER gonna be able to dissociate our perception of Yoona from our PRE-conceptions of her as an SNSD girl, Love Rain, PM & I, blahdyblah DEFINITION OF MODERNITY stuff. it’s not something putting her in a period costume can solve, in fact that’s just gonna accentuate her complete anachronism. case in point: her face, shoulders and frame are too small. while that stick-thinness is THE go-to look for today, it doesn’t do justice to the costumes, she just looks like she’s drowning in them (or, yes, like Sasha mentioned, a gangly teenager). given that i don’t expect Yoona to act her way out of the costumes… gotta say I expect this to be one big casting fail.

    don’t even mean any of this personally, just an observation… the same way I think Liu Yifei, while the definition of “ancient beauty”, looks weird in modern clothing.

  14. Yoona is beautiful in modern outfit but lets be honest that she doesn’t look good in this ancient wardrobe. Her face, her body doesn’t suit with the clothes.
    I’ve seen few chinese actress in historical drama and I think they’re look more suit with the whole outfit.

  15. Wow the costumes look terrible. I’m not a history expert but none of these outfits look appropriate for the time period. Also, what’s with the gaudy colors for a drama set during a warring period?

    That guy’s blue outfit. Barf. Simply terrible.

  16. She’s cute but in a very plain kind of way. Ancient Chinese costume requires a more classic refined look which she doesn’t pull off. She comes off as a too skinny little girl in a too big night gown. Out of place. Complete miscast.

    • You know this is exactly how I would describe Yoona. She’s pretty but in a plain way. I don’t see “goddess” or “drop dead gorgeous”, but I still think she’s quite pretty. Just nothing out of the ordinary.

  17. Wow I am quite surprised at ppl here pressing about how plain or even using ‘ugly’ on her. I’m not her fan, to be honest, I’m here because Godfrey Gao, but I find her pretty attractive. I don’t think she considered as plain but purity beauty. She looks so young and tiny.

  18. NO….Yoona does not suit for the chinese costume etc She look plain and boring (sorry). I am asian so i have the same sentiments here.

    • I must say I am agree with you . Yoona is pretty plain besides she is not a good actress as well . She is tad skinny and personality wise , well I won’t commented on it. She seems to hide lots of things and just a fake plastic beauty . Hopefully she won’t messed up this drama with her flair for dramatic and bad acting

  19. Cause the butthurts comment will like vitamin to us. So mind ur own business.. This drama success or not YoonA still the best actress. BTW as from Lin geng xin info. She was chosen for take the female lead so what’s ur major problem ? If she will be popular in China?she will Beating ur bias popularity?? Huhuhu 😉

    • And there we have it. THe beauty of a butthurt kpop fan. Beating my bias popularity… Except when someone stans Fan Bing Bing, Li Bing Bing, China’s Four Dan Actresses, The Rising Four Dan Actresses and pretty much all the veteran actresses…

  20. Always support YoonA! She deserve the goddess of the world title over than goddess of Asia! I’m sure 100% the butthurts comment come from Jessicka fans! Haha at least YoonA has natural beauty face! Unlike the plasticjessicka

  21. Yoona is plain??? Hah check ur eyes pleasee~ even heechul said YoonA was the prettiest SNSD members! I also sure Jessicka fans behind of the butthurts comment. Why you gotta be so rude Maomaos? U scared YoonA beating ur sicka popularity?? Yoona acting 100% improving!

  22. Support Yoona! She looks so gorgeous! I don’t understand why you said she was plain? Even my boyfriend said she was the prettiest SNSD members. Haha maybe right!! Jessicka fans come here since they are all mad. Cause YOONG beating sicka!

  23. WOAH I came here because of Kenny… So excited >,< woah Yoona looks so beautiful, didn't understand with above comment.she is not ugly/plain. I am a girl, but I must say she looks so stunning! It must be a great couple!!! Can't wait to watch

  24. Success or not. Yoona still working hard for this drama. Her priorities to SNSD was no kidding. Love her love SNSD. I believe only jessicka fans left the butthurts comment

  25. Yoona is good role-model! She deserve to called as the goddess of asia. But wait why we talking abt goddess issues suddenly. Oh gee Jessicka fans! I know u are the only one behind all of the butthurts statement! I will watch this drama! I’m so excited abt the couple!!>.<

  26. Yoona’s acting improving already. I must watch this drama!! Maomaos calm ur tits.. Yoona prettier and more natural than ur idol

  27. @butwhy
    I was going to agree but wow, there’s a sudden influx of rude comments, talk about bad timing.

    I’m honestly quite confused at where the concept of all the critics being Jessica fans came from, given that this website isn’t even dedicated to Kpop, much less Jessica. In fact, I haven’t even seen a single reference to Jessica anywhere aside from the new comments.

    To these new commenters, please don’t be so rude as to attempt to degrade our opinions by falsely labeling us as “Jessica fans”. I can’t say how many of us here are Jessica fans (I certainly am not one), but I would hazard a guess that a larger majority are merely Cdrama fans commenting on the development of a drama. To be honest, I think the critiques are quite generous given that most people do acknowledge Yoona’s beauty, but simply state that it isn’t quite suited for period drama styles.

    I would imagine that this influx of “Jessica fan” accusations is attempting to devalue our criticisms by portraying them as biased hatred, but flooding a comment thread with blind accusations does not reflect well on your fandom either. Sharing your love of Yoona is perfectly fine, but why attack the rest of us for sharing our equally civil opinions?

      • What do you mean all of a sudden? This isn’t a Yoona fansite, so of course she won’t be a consistent topic of discussion. Since an article was posted regarding her, it’s normal for people to respond, and also normal that responses aren’t going to be all positive given that the article itself says that c-fans weren’t impressed.

        On the topic of why this would concern me if I’m not a Jessica fan, blanket statements saying all negative comments originated from “Jessica fans” would serve to label me as one too given that I was critical of Yoona in period attire as well. Since that is clearly untrue, and since this would be untrue for a portion of the other critics as well, it was a fact that was fair to point out.

        Most of the criticisms are neither “butthurt” nor overly harsh, and certainly none of them mention Jessica. In fact, I thought they were more level-headed than most of the “butthurt” accusations that followed. So no, it’s not obvious that we’re all “Jessica fans”, but attempting to devalue our opinions and portray us as criticizing Yoona out of some strange devotion to Jessica is both absurd and rude.

    • A reasonable and fair person wouldn’t be so rash to judge from a few low-quality snapshots from the set. Nothing concrete is known about her character other than the name, and nothing official has even been released. A few fan-taken snapshots hardly paint the full picture at all, and yet so-called critics here are passing judgement like it’s the end of the matter. Judging without context, yet civil and generous, huh? Hmm.

      • Civil in the lack of direct attacks on Yoona, merely criticisms on how the style “suits” her.
        Generous in the acknowledgement that she IS pretty, just not in those types of clothing.
        Both these adjectives are subjective, but given the accusations being thrown about the critic’s behavior, I thought they were fair in context.

        The general language of the criticism is rather mild, which is why I don’t see these comments as passing final judgements, but rather people commenting on their impressions. I think the official stills will be better, but since we have multiple clear stills, it’s not entirely unfair to discuss what we see so far. We can certainly develop these impressions as more content is released.

    • I guess you missed comments above that are blatantly calling her plain and boring and ugly and that her beauty and whatnot is just media hype etc. I’d hardly call that civil or reasonable or fair. Having a different opinion is one thing. Using that as a platform to knock down someone is another, and even those comments about whether her looks suit her costumes seem premature, to be honest, knowing how it’s not the final product and filming is still ongoing, that’s all.

  28. From @weareking all the way down to @ogles, @hunyoong, @kawalitt are all the same person commenting. I’m too lazy to list every single username but I’m always amused that in this day and age a netizen doesn’t know that a site admin can see IP addresses. The commentary is typical fan ardor overly expressed, but the need to adopt a dozen different commenting personas bizarre and mildly alarming to say the least but at least he/she does certainly love Yoona.

    I am also really confused whence the fertile mind the Jessica fan accusations came from o__O This is also really repetitive so will Yoona Lover please stop leaving the same comments over and over. I’m sure everyone reading gets your point and allow me to phrase it in the most succinct manner possible: “Yoona is a goddess and everyone who doesn’t think so is a butthurt fan.” If you keep spamming I’ll delete all further repetitive comments since this isn’t a Yoona fansite.

    • so whats ur major problem? if we Defend our Bias. just like I said wasn’t this too obvious? we are all talking abt drama. but suddenly there are the goddess issues. and BTW if u aren’t her fans why you need to defend her . hmmm i knoww

      • My problem is your commenting under different usernames and referring to yourself as a “we” instead of “I”. That’s the behavior of a crazy person.

        Also, even if you commented the entire time under one username your point has also been made so as the admin I’m ending the broken record here.

    • Even if it is, you are being not very professional as an admin of the site to reveal all these info about same IP, multiple accounts etc, dear ockoala. Shouldn’t have done that.

      • What’s wrong with revealing a troll and their multiple made up usernames? It’s not like the actual IP address or any personal information was revealed. I know trolls shouldn’t be fed but from the appearance of your sentence structure you might just be that same troll under a different IP address. That or you don’t know how online privacy works.

      • @Kelli321
        Admin just could have blocked that IP without commenting personally. In any way it looks immature and unprofessional. I am a site owner oppa so I know what I am saying. Stop jumping into conclusions, my young drama fan girl.

      • I don’t see any problems with pointing out trolls, its quite effective in ceasing their pattern of behaviour in the long run. Considering this is an entertainment drama blog, ockoala has the reigns on what direction she wants to go. No privacy was breached. And thank you for calling me a young drama fan girl. Unfortunately I’m not very young nor have I actually fully fan girled for more than 10 years. Might not even be able to call you oppa. Guess everyone jumps to conclusion. Moving on from here now, guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree 🙂

  29. IMHO this article is written proportionally and in un-biased perspective which is the purpose of this article itself. This blog is talking about drama, nor is Yoona a goddess or not.
    Whether she looks pretty or not in those costumes is ABSOLUTELY SUBJECTIVE.
    And about c-netz and c-media who said the costumes isn’t so good is true.

    I am a Yoona fans and I admit that that’s not best style she could have.
    Some of the costumes, her hairstyles, and the fan-taken pics didn’t do justice.
    I can say that c-netz and media review about her styles prolly taken from fan-taken pics which might not have proportional angles or so. My point is, thank you for all the reviews. It’s normal if some thinks she’s good, some thinks she isn’t. Hopefully her acting later can prove that acting in chinese period drama is a good decision 🙂

    Please don’t write all bash comments and even accusing others.
    It won’t do any goods. Once again, this article is talking about her drama and her looks in those leaked costumes. Please focus on that matter.

    Dear admin,

    With all respects, I believe you’ve done such great jobs in managing your site.
    Blocking those users is wise decision ^^
    Could you please block all irrelevant comments from this article. I believe you’ve done great filtering actions.
    Thank you.

  30. I have read the whole article and to be honest, the writer is not biased at all. its true that c-netz aren’t in particular impressed by YoonA’s style judging from the leaked photos. Firstly, the non-kpop Chinese fans were already not on the idea of putting non-chinese in a chinese historical dramas, and secondly its true the leaked photos so far the costumes aren’t exactly nice either.

    all of these are based on the leaked photos and not the official photos, so i don’t think its wrong for anyone to express their opinions on how they perceive it.

    i am a big YoonA fan myself, but some fans who claim themselves to be YoonA fans are really ruining our reputation. Why is Jessica dragged into the whole story i have no idea. Just because we love her, doesn’t mean everyone else have to think like us. So if you can’t take in writer’s article or the comments by other drama fans, just leave the page, simple as that.

    And lastly, i hope the drama fans here will not assume all YoonA fans to be like this. I respect your opinions on the drama, the casts, the style etc and i hope in near future when official drama photos are released or when the drama starts airing, YoonA will be able to change your view.

    • Agreed! ^^
      Bringing Jessica up in this article isn’t even relevant.
      I am sorry if readers offended by some comments who bring Jessica. But that’s definitely not relevant with this article at all.

      Looking forward to another review on this drama when we have official photos released, hopefully with better style ^^

  31. I like Yoona, but she looks like a little girl in those beautiful dresses not a woman. She reminds me of Shin Hyun Bin in Warrior Baek Dong Soo, she also looked very young, very unattractive for playing a woman’s character. They both ended up looking strange, almost ugly looking.

    Its just wrong to look at them, they are both adult, but they will never suit to these kind of characters. They should play only modern characters.

    • Well, her character is supposedly a young character, not an older, mature woman, so perhaps the job is being done correctly. Again, judging without context.

      • Nothing nessasarily wrong with having an opinion on the images we do have though. This is the entertainment industry, sugar coating things and all praises is just not realist. If we had to be as careful and as pc as you’d like we wouldn’t be able to comment anything at all, can’t even say she looked pretty because hey, these are not the official photos, maybe she looks worse in the actual drama. Of course just because she might look awkward, prepubescent and not main character material doesn’t mean I wouldn’t give her a chance and check her acting in the role out. Perhaps her acting will blow us away and we might luckily not have another Michelle Chen on our hands.

      • And since she’s acting a completely fictional character with nothing to base it off, whether it be a novel or actual history, that should give her and the production team more freedom anyway. Of course, while staying within certain boundaries. But I guess this is the most fun part of anticipating a drama, where it’s easy to diss and dig until more content becomes available officially and things can’t be judged merely off impressions under the guise of being an objective observer.

    • This is a drama still in the progress of filming. And so in this case, yes, refraining from judging off unofficial photos is not being PC but, to me, the obvious thing to do. Cos as you say yourself, if the actual final product looks worse than what the unofficial photos seemed to offer, that sort of defeats the purpose, doesn’t it? If this discussion was coming off officially released still shots or something, then at that point it becomes fair game. That’s always the approach I take with pics related to dramas. Been both pleasantly surprised after being disappointed with grainy pap shots from the set and also let down after being impressed with those early unofficial snapshots. It’s only fair to the drama too. My opinion, though.

  32. I like the first and the third pics of Yoona. I think she looks quite pretty from afar, but the close-up images of Yoona look quite different from what I expected. At first, all I can remember is her modern image (from her stage image to her modern drama image) since I never seen her act in an ancient Korean series before. Then I looked at her again and again, and she looks very young especially in that pink long dress. She doesn’t look like a main lead, more like a young child actor. I can understand why some people comment that she doesn’t fit that classic Chinese appearance of an ancient woman. I just hope that she will have a strong onscreen presence and charisma (and strong chemistry with Lin Geng Xin) in this drama because currently in these photos, the dresses accentuate her figure weaknesses rather than disguises them. I think she is very beautiful in her CFs and her magazines, so please drama director, please cast her in better outfits.

  33. Yoona looks more like a maid in those pics. I’m not jealous of her look; I do acknowledge that she is pretty but she doesn’t have that ancient beauty. Seeing her with those ancient clothes, reminds me of those maids in Chinese historical dramas.

  34. AAAAAAAAAAAAaahhhhhhhhhhhh YOONA YOONA YOONA :DD :DD :DD HEHEEHHE HORRAY FINERALLLY UR IN ANOTHER DRAMA heeheheheeheeehheee (im only going to watch coz YOONAS in it ) YAY yooonnnnnaaaaa fighting . Even though i hate old chinese dramas i ammm going to watch every single epiiii for yooona HEHHEEHEHHEEEHEEEHEE but i wish this was Korean drama

  35. AAAAAAAAAAAAaahhhhhhhhhhhh YOONA YOONA YOONA :DD :DD :DD HEHEEHHE HORRAY FINERALLLY UR IN ANOTHER DRAMA heeheheheeheeehheee (im only going to watch coz YOONAS in it ) YAY yooonnnnnaaaaa fighting . Even though i hate old chinese dramas i ammm going to watch every single epiiii for yooona HEHHEEHEHHEEEHEEEHEE but i wish this was Korean drama

    • I love chinese historicals. Im not a fan of modern cdramas. Despite the dubbing, China does make great historicals. Although not TVBs 80-90s levels, they are great and improving each day. I dont follow kpop, nor watch kdramas. I just like chinese Wuxia/xianxia/historicals…and Im highly dissapointed at the casting. There are tons of beautiful chinese/taiwanese actresses out there. I dont want a wuxia played by a korean. Period. Just as Kim Ki Bum kept me away from Demi Gods Semi Devils, Yoona kept me away from God of War Zhao Yun. Lucky Tianbao is another one that Im staying away. Love Zhang Li Ying, and there are so many cute Chinese/Taiwanese actors that could have played Li Ying’s love interest. Jiro Wang is an example.

  36. They’re really hungry for ratings, arent they? They could have used a real C-actress. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy Yoona’s work but she does not suit historical clothing. Even the men (cast) outshines her. It’s rare that i ever condemn projects but I was soo excited about LGC new drama, but now… :(It made 2014-2015 ROCH look good.

    • According to an article about Chinese TV, they are ready to internationlize. So, I guess they are using all these kpop stars to promote their series. I guess is a win win situation for the korean management company and the Chinese production companies. The Journey of Flower is a perfect example that you dont need kpop stars for high ratings. Although is a perfect example that bad editing gets millions of fans angry.

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