Lee Jong Seok and Kim Woo Bin Nix Casting in C-version of We Got Married

It’s much appreciated for the respective agencies of young Korean actors Lee Jong Seok and Kim Woo Bin to come out quickly with a response after news broke from the Chinese press that both were in talks to join the cast of the upcoming C-version of We Got Married. Jong Seok and Woo Bin’s reps basically said in much more elegant press release way “No way, no how” to that quash that rumor deader than a flattened bug. That’s a relief to hear, and the only logical and sane outcome from a wholly preposterous casting call to begin with. Both actors are too popular and successful now to consider doing a variety show even if it may increase their exposure in China. They can go on an episode of Happy Camp for that.

The C-version of We Got Married is revamping the concept and ditching the name entirely – it is called We Are In Love and will have celebrity couples paired up and dating for real. No joke, the producers have made it clear only legit single stars will be cast, and all participants have to be willing to take the show seriously and date their partner for real. Whether love really does blossom is beyond the producer’s control but the aim of the show is to have the couple go through all the dating processes, including going home to meet the parents, and do so with an open mind to see if the filming does lead to love. I’m already weird out by WGM so taking it one step further here makes me both worried for the participants and keen to check out exactly what “show dating with a sincere heart” looks like.

Even without Lee Jong Seok and Kim Woo Bin, there are tons of other Korean and Chinese star names floating around for as potential cast members, with the show scheduled for an April premiere in China.


Lee Jong Seok and Kim Woo Bin Nix Casting in C-version of We Got Married — 14 Comments

  1. I will watch if lee jong suk doing WGM with Shin Hye, or Kim Woo Bin doing WGM with Shin Hye, or Lee Jong Suk doing WGM with Kim Woo Bin, or the three of them doing WGM together

    • Seriously. I remember watching WGM season one, which blurred the line way more between reel and real, and I felt really bad for one of the women (Solbi) who was “married” to Andy of Shinhwa. She obviously developed real feelings for him during the show (which he just as obviously didn’t return) and even called WGM a “scary program” in one of her last interviews. It made for a riveting viewing experience, but it also felt kind of voyeuristic and wrong. The subsequent seasons were much more scripted and obviously fake, and I think that was a conscious decision by the producers to avoid another uncomfortable situation like that. But it also made the show far less interesting to watch. Nowadays watching WGM is like watching pretty people play house, it’s cute but there’s very little emotional engagement, unlike season one, which felt more organic and genuine. (It was still fake, don’t get me wrong, but the situations they were put in were more realistic and less gimmicky. Like having to take care of babies together.)

      I guess the question is, how far are the PDs and especially the actors willing to go to make it a “real” dating program, and is it worth it? Is it even morally acceptable?

      On the other hand, WGM in its current incarnation in Korea is pretty much played out. I feel like most of the people who watch it are there to see a specific celebrity they’re a fan of. No one buys the hype and even these “scandals” are so over the top and ridiculous.

      • So agree. I have always thought WGM a sick, voyeuristic tease designed to train fans to find romance and charm where there is little of either.

  2. The step up sounds like backlash from the recent ‘we’re not really dating’/’possibly dating someone else’ announcements inthe last few months. I’ll be interested to see what changes appear in show.

  3. lmao of course they won’t be in it. I wonder which c-stars will end up joining this show. I will be surprised if they actually ended up casting popular actors and not C-list ones.

  4. Of course they declined it, lmao….they are too popular to join that show, especially lee jong suk, he is a star now in china, no doubt people want every piece of him.

  5. They offered it just only to jongsuk though, woobin didn’t receive any. So glad jongsuk declined it, you are too popular to join that show, dear…just choose another good drama for your next project.

  6. What does it mean? I read another article saying it is not true, their reps deny it. How do I watch c-wgm, is it available in english sub for foreign fans?

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