Cha Seung Won Sells Out Basic Black While Fishing for Food on Three Meals a Day

While Ji Sung is selling out ladies lipstick with flair and sass aplenty, leave it to model-turned-actor Cha Seung Won to incite a run on something as bland as a black down puffer jacket and trucker hat combo. While the make up sales stemming from buzzy dramas like You From Another Star and currently Kill Me Heal Me makes sense, since the leads are always made up to the nines to look fashionable, Cha Seung Won just upped the trend factor power by doing the same thing will looking like a wet fish dragged out of the ocean to do hard labor.

Cha Seung Won is currently on the variety show Three Meals a Day: Fishing Village, one of those Na PD diabolical set ups where he puts famous entertainers in fish-out-of-water situations. Cha Seung Won leads Yoo Hae Jin and Son Ho Joon on fish for your own food stay on a remote island, sporting very sensible wear in a sensible black windbreaker with a black puffer jacket to ward off the biting wind chill, topped off with a logo-less black trucker hat. Since the show aired, all three items have rocketed up the sales charts and is now completely sold out in Korea, making me wonder if Cha Seung Won should go sell lipstick next as well LOL.

Cha Seung Won makes anything he wears look good because he just has effortless style, and is blessed with a tall model physique and great posture. With that said, I still find it funny that consumers want something as basic as all-black outerwear and accessories just because he made it look good while doing hard labor. On an unrelated note, the upcoming MBC sageuk Princess Jungmyung (also known as Hwajung or Splendid Politics) has quietly started filming the early childhood portions. Playing the younger character of Cha Seung Won‘s male lead Gwanghaegun will be Lee Tae Hwan, last seen being super adorable in Pride and Prejudice. He’s also the second 5urprise member in this drama cast after Seo Kang Joon who plays leading lady Lee Yeon Hee‘s love interest. Cha Seung Won has said in recent interviews that he’s really looking forward to doing a long 50 episode drama and will head into a prolonged filming stretch after Fishing Village ends.


Cha Seung Won Sells Out Basic Black While Fishing for Food on Three Meals a Day — 15 Comments

    • Wow. That is monstrous ratings! I think this one is faring the best out of all the Na PD cable variety stuff. Does anyone know if this is subbed?

      • I watched it sibbed in channel m in oir cable subscription. Havent seen any other subs in any sites.
        Episode 1 was interesting and quite freaky how they cute out JGS like he was not even there but i guess thay is the genuis of Na PD.
        Rating wise it is going up and up. And i do wonder where and at what point the rating eill stabilize. Maybe it will not, and evem reach the curren highest cable rating od 18%

  1. The man has flair. I remember being on a subway in Seoul and one of his commercials came on. I couldn’t understand half of what was happening, but by god if I didn’t go in search of that iced tea when I got off that train. . . and I don’t like bottled iced tea!! I ended up not buying it, just laughing at myself for being sucked in by the SW factor.

  2. HAHA! Trotwood – great story!!

    CSW does have that flair. I haven’t watched this variety show yet but awesome ratings!!! That’s higher than KMHM!!! OMG! and on cable. I remember seeing him on that other Na PD show and thought he was great.

    I am definitely checking out his new drama when it airs but after a bunch have aired. He’s not one of my ajusshi faves but doesn’t matter cause he’s got that presence. 🙂

  3. Lee Tae Hwan was adorable in P & P. I am glad he is given the opportunity to be the younger lead character of CSW. I am looking forward to watching CSW in the coming drama. His last drama just wasn’t captivating enough for me to complete the series.

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