Misaeng Screenwriter’s Next Drama is Adapting Popular Fantasy Manhwa Bride of the Water God

Oh my garsh, this is totally huge news in manhwa-to-drama adaptation dream projects. Well-known popular Korean girl’s comic Bride of the Water God by Yeon Mi Kyung is finally getting its long-awaited drama adaptation. The network isn’t confirmed yet but I wouldn’t be surprised if it ends up on tVN since the screenwriter will be Misaeng screenwriter Jung Yoon Jung. She did not write Misaeng but adapted it from the original manhwa, so her track record of adapting manhwas into K-dramas is 1-for-Super 1, LOL! Even better is her previous work of doing original scripts were two sageuks, Arang and the Magistrate and Chosun Police Season 2. This sounds like the perfect pairing right off the bat so here’s to hoping the drama casts the right actors and actresses for the fantastical roles set in the world of ancient gods.

Bride of the Water God tells the story of a human beauty Soah who is sent to “marry” the ancient water god deity Habaek in order to appease his wrath. She ends up not eaten but instead taken away to his water kingdom to live as his bride, whereby she discovers a world of ancient gods and powerful forces all battling for thousands of years. She believes Habaek is a young boy so the marriage isn’t consummated, and along the way she falls for a mysterious man named Mui.

Turns out Mui is Habaek’s true grown man form who only emerges at night after he was cursed by his first love. I tried soooooo hard to read this manhwa since it’s so popular but I can’t get into it because I don’t like Yeon Mi Kyung’s florid drawing style or storytelling flow, which is a shame since I’ve heard great things about it. I actually cut my losses and stopped reading hoping for a drama adaptation to come along sooner rather than later, giving me a chance to experience the story in a style I will likely find less onerous to plow through. Which makes this news just my style, as Jae Yeol and Hae Soo would say in IOIL!


Misaeng Screenwriter’s Next Drama is Adapting Popular Fantasy Manhwa Bride of the Water God — 54 Comments

  1. some weird plot… but if this writer can transform a manhwa about daily office misery into an awesome adaptation that was eandearing, interesting and relatable… i guess this is worthy to be anticipated.

  2. Not gonna lie, the art for this manhwa is super gorgeous in my opinion but I also did not get far into reading this… for some reason, there were quite a bit of confusing story-lines and what not so I just gave up. & the super dragged out plot didn’t help either lol.

    But I really hope it will translate into gorgeous cinematography and costumes such as with Arang as fantasy can be a bit harder to deal with!

  3. This sounds like an expensive adaptation. Special effect, set design, custom. Will there be money to pay actors?

  4. I nominate Gong Yoo and Yoon Eun Hye! Just because, like, DO I NEED A REASON LOL! Or Dara of 2NE1 because she has that lost little girl look mixed with comedic appeal and she looks younger, or Shin Minah because she did an excellent job as Arang 🙂

    • Dara of 2NE1? you could be right. During her fan meeting last month, she said that she auditioned for a role and passed. She did not mentioned any details about it, but only said that she will be doing a drama pretty soon.

  5. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m sooooo exited! I’ve reas The manhwa and it’s a nice love atora. Bit ehat I real y love is The animation. The scenarios arĂ© gorgeous, The traditional clothing, The characters, ahh! Everything that the author draw is beautiful. Expecting LOTS of eye candy.

  6. Sounds weird! I hope the network will not be tVN like Misaeng. Maybe MBC, KBS and SBS. One of them with younger actors and actresses will be hit.

  7. Oh wow!! I remember reading this a few years ago but I never ended up finishing it due to some reason. I’m so glad it’s getting a drama adaption!

  8. I loved this manhwa until the storytelling got sidetracked! I’m so ready for an adaptation, there’s so many fantasy elements so I’m curious on how they’re going to translate it on TV.

  9. I use to love the manga and I read it religiously, but then the flow of the story pissed me off so much (especially how the author cuts the flow of the scene from on to another) that I had to stop reading it.

  10. This used to be one of my favorite manhwas! The art style is so detailed and beautiful but there are so many side plots it became too confusing to remember which god was what. Maybe with a short drama they will be forced to concentrate on otp love lines?

    And Soah’s main quality in the manhwa is that she is very beautiful. I just hope whichever network gets this does not use that as an excuse to cast someone pretty but terrible at acting as Soah. Or Habaek…they should keep it in cable, some of the scenes are quite steamy.

  11. i thought maybe i was reading it wrongly or maybe just missed some chapters back then because the story suddenly shifts and all went south, i didnt get to read it until the latest chapter. but seems like everyone has the same issues with the manhwa. the art is gorgeous, and the characters are totally beautiful. i hope they cast equally enchanting casts, just for superficial reasons.

    • Yes, get a beautiful couple who can act! More Yoon So Hee or Lee Yoo Bi, and Lee Soo Hyuk or Lee Jong Seok, not some substandard idol actresses with good ‘visual’ but no talent. Or some of the recent terrible newbie actresses either.

  12. Wow, I totally remember reading the manhwa back in college. Wonder if it wrapped up or got more sidetracked. Beautiful art so the live adaptation cannot possibly live up to the original.

  13. The name sounds so familiar!! Probably because it is quite popular. I can’t remember if I read it though… The story is not unique but the drawing actually looks gorgeous from the post, I might read it. I hope the drama is interesting.

    I’m still waiting for a Korean adaptation of Skip Beat (it has so much potential)!

    • Don’t you even talk to me about a Korean version of Skip Beat because I will scream! Why haven’t they made one yet? WHY?? (Also, why was there never a season two? It was just getting started!)

  14. I actually share the same view as you. I tried reading it. But, the story later didn’t make any sense to me, so I stopped like around chapter 80. Hopefully, the drama adaption will be better, and it won’t follow the plot. I hope they change it and focus on the romance as well as overthrowing the evil guy. The manhwa itself was a bit slow and draggy.

    • Ohh I would love The One as a drama too! I think it would translate well, it has enough makjang elements for a kdrama (the latter part anyway)

  15. As huge LMH-fan I hope and believe he will stay away from this drama and tbh it already sounds like a failed project.. Suicidal project and if people were thinking my lovely girl was horrible then wait until this drama arrives.

  16. If this actually gets done (I’ve read about this adaptation so many times before, but nothing happened), I think they’ll hire actors that are not famous or semi-famous, because it’s hard to pay famous actors when you have no money left after all the special effects and costumes. They practically have to build a new world here. That is expensive as hell.

  17. Yoon Eun Hye fits the bill of So-ah. Or Moon Chae Won. I dunno about Habaek, though… Lee Min Ho can’t pull it off due to bad acting (even though he can pass off as a broody handosme buffy type, but, na-ah). Kim So Hyun can. but he’s taking another project… hmm… I dunno about other actors, though.

    • If we are talking Flower Boys how about Jung Il Woo? I haven’t seen him in anything decent since his Sheduler persona in 49 Days. All his recent projects have been more miss than hit and I’m sure he would appreciate some success, this being pennend by the Misaeng writer.
      As for leading ladies I can totally get behing both YEH and MCW though the latter would be my personal favourite.

  18. OMG OMG THIS IS THE BEST NEWS EVER! I’ve been reading this drama for ages, because it’s currently still being translated to english and man it’s sooo sooo good!

  19. I’ve been waiting for this! I hope the actors they will cast are to my liking….oh what the heck, i still am gonna watch it!

  20. You’re right, I tried so hard to get into the story, considering I’m a fan of the author’s other works and just a fan of fantasy romance in general, it just didn’t click for me. Still, love to see Shin Minah act as Soah!

  21. The plot sounds err… It doesn’t even sound like it can be a drama. The body “swapping” thing, the waters and stuff. If they want to make it look more realistic then it needs to be a big budget production and so I don’t see it going to tvN.

  22. For special effects it is less expensive if they use computer generated special effects like the one in Once Upon A Time where the actors act with a green tarp behind them and let the computer design engineers or computer animators do the rest and the finished products is amazing.

  23. I remember reading this loooong time ago but lost interest somehow and dropped it. I wonder how they’re gonna cast the young boy.. About the female lead, long black hair and bang, okay I may sound like a broken record but just give me KIM JI WON, girl totally fits the bill. If tVN got this then I may have hope that they’ll cast someone with less star power? *keep praying*

    • I’m so glad I wasn’t the only one who saw Yoo Rachel in that pic. And the guy weirdly looks like Song Jae Rim. I’m not a fan of his acting (I’ve only seen him in TMTETS and he played the role of a stone there, so I can’t really judge the guy), but the drawing does look like him when he’s embracing the girl in the first pic.

      • For Habaek, at first I thought of Jae Joong, just for the look u know, I’m not familiar with his acting, but he’s going to enlist soon so yea. Another I think of is Park Hae Jin, or Kim Woo Bin(with KJW!)

  24. I read the first two volumes ,beautiful designs but nothing that the plot is bad and resolved after two volumes .
    Friendship like love is totally farfetched and have no solid base :

    Soah thunderbolt is credible but it’s just Habaek anything ; The history of Habaek god is one of the oldest myths in Korea and tells the story of the god of the great river Yalu.

    A lyrical and dreamlike series that takes us on Korean folklore !!

      • LOL Manhwa korean manga not to be confused with chinese Manhua manga
        The main difference with the Japanese manga is the meaning of reading. Indeed, the Korean BD have a sense of Western reading.
        The story, inspired by an old Korean legend, is quite simple.

        In the first volume, the story thus takes place in the land of water. Soah discovers a whole new world parallel to that of humans, where the main protagonists are the gods and goddesses …
        It was immediately intrigued by the God of the water itself. Indeed, many mysteries hovering around Habaek. It’s a pretty complex character and our heroine does not really know what to think with him.

        The scenario seemed well put together and even if it does not happen much in this first volume, the reader is still held in suspense by the many intrigues and these curious characters. Also add to that the quality of designs that are breathtaking. In fact, the graphics are absolutely beautiful, with finesse and detail, be it the characters or settings. It is a feast for the eyes.

        This is extremely unfortunate to achieve this result when too many draws. As the series has continued despite everything, I suppose that the author has improved at the scenario like the rest; But after two volumes also disappointing result will read without me …

      • @sherazade: I’m not talking about Chinese manhua, Jap manga, or comics. I’m saying that, I always thought that the story was an old folktale that originated from China. The original story is about an official who was sent down to govern a rural area or something. People from that area were giving tributes to the River God so that the river wouldn’t flood, like young virgins for marriage. It turned out that it was a witch/shaman/conman who spread this preposterous superstition. And she was outed at the end.

        The Chinese and the Koreans share a lot of common folktales so I’m not surprised. I’m just wondering if there’s an alternative version or something. I’m not interested in the plot of the manhwa, nor am I confusing it with another, because I don’t read them. Anyway, aren’t manga = manhwa = manhua the same things just different languages?

      • @kitai
        Sorry I misread your message but I had seen after post a comment, koala should put a delete button message ^^

  25. I haven’t read this in a while so I’m super behind but last I did I really liked it, even if all the relationships got gather complicated and a bit confusing lol. Art is amazing, hopefully the onscreen adaption takes all the good and loses some of the crazy.

  26. This sounds veeery interesting and with a great cast (no idols please)it could be a hit.
    I never could get into mahwa, something about the styles never pulled me in and I read a lot of manga. Currently i’m obsessing over Mori Kaoru’s Otoyomegatari or a Bride’story where the artwork is just out of this world. Also Yotsuba which always makes me laugh.

  27. YESS!!!!! I was waiting for this manhwa to be adapted!!! I loved it when i first came across it, though it did drag for a time!!

    Ah… The casting… I have no thoughts yet about who… Shin Minah? She’s pretty awesome at fantasy-sagueks. For Miu… Ah… That’s the tough one..

  28. The lead role for Habaek/Mui needs to go to Kim Soo Hyun!!! I nominate my hubby, Kim Soo Hyun! He has just the right boy/man charm for Mui!

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