Angry Mom Takes Control of the Classroom in New Drama Stills and Teaser

Upcoming MBC Wed-Thurs drama Angry Mom continues to look uber cute. I’m so glad I got over my Kim Hee Sun aversion so that I can actually look forward to this drama because the mom goes back to high school to protect her daughter concept is right up my alley. She’s still not an actress I would consider good at her craft but she has shown that playing suitable characters allows her strengths to shine, namely a combination of concerned sincerity and steeliness.

The second preview is out for the drama along with the first stills showing Momma Kang Ja back in a high school classroom whipping some misbehaving kids into shape. I love that her masquerade allows her to fight bad attitude with her own badassery, as opposed to a teacher figure would have less options to battle the pervasive bullying that is taking place within the student body. It’s also going to be entertaining watching Ji Hyun Woo play this earnest and meek teacher in over his head at this new teaching gig. Maybe Mom will need to protect him as well, LOL.

Second teaser for Angry Mom:


Angry Mom Takes Control of the Classroom in New Drama Stills and Teaser — 8 Comments

  1. With a great premise, I still don’t get why they had to give her a husband. Having her as a single Mum would have reinforced that empowerment message even more, imo.

  2. Who’s the guy Hee Sun has by the neck & is holding her arm? It doesn’t look like Baro and it’s not Ji Hyun Woo since he’s in a headlock at the same time. Whoever this kid is he sure is giving Hee Sun a smoldering glare/look! 🙂

  3. This drama is the one that I will be watching on Wed/Thurs after HJM ends. This is also definitely up my alley, although I can’t quite imagine myself going back to high school. But I am worried about bullying! So hopefully this one will be good. The teasers look good. I have low expectations going in so I think this will work out great! 🙂

  4. I love that last pic. So hot! Mom grabbing male student, Ko Bok-dong (Ji Soo) by the collar, and him grabbing her hand (hot!), giving that smexy smouldering glare. I’m already shipping these two. I hope this actor is the hot bully who make’s mom’s heart race…

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