Shin Se Kyung Narrates Yoochun’s No Feeling Condition in Cute Teaser for The Girl Who Sees Smells

Woo hoo, the impending arrival of The Girl Who Sees Smells means that Hyde, Jekyll, Me is shuffling off to the great pasture in the shitty drama pasture in the sky. Make sure that drama is locked in a vault so that future generations don’t stumble upon it. Never thought the day would come that I would be so excited to see Shin Se Kyung, who I’ve always loathed until her recent decent turn in Iron Man, and hit-or-miss Yoochun. He’s missed for me when he’s played cops (Missing You and Three Days) but this one seems super cute so far. I emphasize so far because this drama airs on SBS and who knows what sinkhole is waiting within the drama to suck us all in. Whatever smelly girl has in store, right now it’s working for me with the comedic sweet vibe.

First teaser for The Girl Who Sees Smells:


Shin Se Kyung Narrates Yoochun’s No Feeling Condition in Cute Teaser for The Girl Who Sees Smells — 18 Comments

  1. Blade Man proved SSK is better with brighter/sweet roles. Still a long way to do, but I’m now open to give her a chance.
    Let’s hope the supposed rom-com won’t vanish too fast with this one. *cough, HJM, cough*

  2. I got over my issues with her in ‘Blade Man’. She wasn’t great, but she nailed the purity and just very approachable and likable nature of Se Dong. Not great acting, but a great fit for the character.

    It just goes to show Dramaland is not a good place for consistent performances. Especially less experienced or less talented actors tend to have very uneven output. This role looks like something she’ll do very well.

    I’m liking what I see so far, although I still worry over the darker parts of this. I loved ‘Fake Family Service’, but ‘Rooftop Prince’ was a horrible series and there was very little romance OR comedy in that melo-fest of a failure by this writer. So I won’t drop my defenses due to the rom-com promos or until the very end of this show.

  3. I’m wishing this one good luck!! 🙂 I hope it does well cause it’s up against Angry Mom and UW. It seems like those two dramas will appeal to a boarder korean audience. After getting pulled through the trenches with the “I’m-really-NOT-a-rom-com” HJM, I hope that I can actually watch a rom-com. Is this drama Smelly Girl even supposed to be a rom-com? But as I said before, I think this one will do decent in the ratings. Yoochun’s dramas have always been pretty decent if not highly rated.

  4. Excited…
    The teaser is cute and fun. I like serious drama, but this comedy, I’m in. It looks so interesting. SSK is more mature, I like it.

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