Kill Me Heal Me Holds Cast Wrap Party After Successful Drama Run

The first big-budget prime time drama of 2015 has wrapped up its run in MBC‘s Kill Me Heal Me, ending on a heartwarming note that was equal parts hopeful and sincere if one doesn’t read too much into all the details. That basically sums up this drama – looks great from a viewing distance, probably a mess up close if one was to slice and dice into the minutiae. Do I think it’s the K-drama version of a Monet? Could be, but that’s no diss since everyone appreciates a pretty Monet.

KMHM is without a doubt my favorite K-drama of the year so far, and there is neither snark nor faint praise in that opinion despite the competition around KMHM being so utterly crappy. This drama stands on its own for all-around quality – the directing was phenomenal and my favorite aspect of the watch, the script was well thought out and tight despite the suspension of disbelief here and there, and the acting was moving and cohesive with Ji Sung naturally the centerpiece of the entire hardworking cast.

Ji Sung was awesome playing every one of the seven personalities, the only debate is which one was the most memorable or your personal fave. It’s a toss up of Shin Se Ki and Ahn Yo Na for me, but at the end of the day it was his original personality of Cha Do Hyun who stood out for his strong sense of justice, empathy, and kindness. His character was amazingly rendered by the scriptwriter and even more amazingly brought to life by Ji Sung. A meeting of kindred spirits, if you may.

All the side and supporting characters in this drama deserve a shout out. The writer did her job in writing characters who served specific purposes in the story and followed through with it no matter how critical or ancillary. It was a collective effort to bring this story to life in such a complete way, and without the full cast neither leads Ji Sung or Hwang Jung Eum could have shone so brightly because the story around them wouldn’t have felt so compelling.

I’m not a fan of Hwang Jung Eum, still not one even after this drama, but she was lovely to watch in the way she ran the full gamut of emotions through the incredibly intense narrative development for her character. She was the ray of sunshine and portrayed it perfectly. Even better was her pitch perfect chemistry with Ji Sung no matter which personality he was playing at any given moment. One could ask for nothing more from a leading lady.

By all accounts this drama should never have worked, with such a fantastical premise of a male lead with 7 different personalities and his romance with his secret psychiatrist girlfriend. In the end it exceeded all expectation, and that is really what elevates KMHM beyond just a very good drama. It aims high and succeeds, how awesome and rare is that? The cast attended a much deserved drama wrap party, always a treat to see the celebratory drinks fly, and made even better with the drama garnering critical and popular acclaim commensurate with its quality output. I hesitated to recommend KMHM since the drama could go off the rails in the second half but now can recommend it wholeheartedly, this drama is wonderful and entertaining, just what the doctor ordered to cleanse away the bad taste from other recent disappointments!

Once KMHM airs abroad in countries with popular Hallyu waves like China or Japan, it’s most likely going to continue the success the drama already netted domestically. The story is creative, different, and really addicting to marathon watch, all the makings of another Hallyu hit. The OST is also a bestseller in Korea, selling at a volume three times what the typical drama OST sales numbers would be. I loved all the tracks when watching the drama but don’t quite love it enough to add to my playlist rotation.

Like the entirety that is KMHM, I walk away feeling appreciation for a cohesive work and acknowledgment of how much I enjoyed watching it, but KMHM doesn’t quite vault to the next level where it becomes super sticky with me. Even if this drama doesn’t linger too long after finishing, the residual affection will always remain as a work of art that has its share flaws and limitations yet never detracted from the bigger picture of visually telling a well-written story. I laughed, I cried, I gasped, I swooned, this drama hit me in all the right ways as I watched, and for that I thank thee Kill Me Heal Me. Thank you for being so satisfying through and through.

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Kill Me Heal Me Holds Cast Wrap Party After Successful Drama Run — 60 Comments

  1. I CAN’T AGREE MORE… I super duper loveeeee this drama!!!!
    You’re right about other drama crappiness has indeed made KMHL shined more.
    Everything from beginning is so well written, I’m looking forward for this writer to do another good drama.
    And Ji Sung… oh yeah!!! Wasn’t a fan till this show, that I had to rewatch Protect the Boss in between episodes…… :):):)

    • This was Ji Sung’s second coming out, a resurgence so to speak, an introduction to another generation, that this “ahjussi” isn’t done yet. He played the character to perfection and watching the BTS, and seeing the subtle ways he ad-libbed and added more nuances to the various identities, shows a man who knows his craft. I am so happy for him, and can’t wait for him to become an even bigger star in other countries.

      Hwang Jung Eum is hit or miss, I have to say she is slowly converting me and I think age has mellowed her a bit. Or maybe it’s maturity or her move to a new agency (CJeS, home of some of the biggest actors in Korea and the JYJ boys). Whatever it is, I hope she continues this upward trajectory in positivity, her personality and acting.

      I have to say both JS and HJE have crazy chemistry, I wonder how each of their respective partners feel. They are so comfortable with each other, they don’t have the typical, sunbae/junior stiff relationship, and even off camera, she calls him oppa, and he is comfortable with her enough to fix her hair, adjusting each other, etc. I am not shipping them or suggesting anything, just pointing out that their excellent portrayal on camera, is because they are not stiff or distant and it shines brilliantly in their portrayal and characters.

      Unlike say Taiwanese dramas or Thai lakorns that cast acting pairs over and over again, Korean dramas don’t usually work that way, but Ji Sung and HJE could become the first pair to start such a trend.

      The second lead characters ended up being downplayed as the story took a life of his own. At least Ori On got to do something, but that rich girl, ended up being sidelined for most of the drama, as did Cha Do Hyun’s cousin/rival.

      The drama addressed a not usually covered topic in Kdramas – abuse and families/parents not always being the paragon of goodness, or worthy of the respect and honor that is so commonly advocated in many Kdramas. I am surprised they didn’t get backlash for daring to depict SK in such a not perfect light, perhaps that explains the inexplicable humdrum ratings.

      Finally, the writer and director deserve high praise. Despite some flaws, one cannot deny that KMHM is one of the best written Korean dramas ever. It knew from the very beginning where it was going and what it wanted to do, it maintained its consistency throughout, no lagging episodes, no crazy, wth antics, no unnecessary add-ons just to play gotcha with the audience – each twist, each reveal was carefully orchestrated and was in sync with the story (Bravo writer, bravo). Same with the directing – there was no crazy, over the top stylistic elements (Cough*I Heard It through the Grapevine*Cough). It did not have filming mishaps, time overruns that led to sloppy editing, etc. The whole production and team was top notch, worked well together and delivered a solid product.

      *OMG, sorry did not expect to write this much. I just wanted to praise the hardworking team and cast of KMHM ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Hwang Jeung Um has too much work, that’s why she is either hit or miss but then I acknowledge her as great actress, she didn’t look like typical lead lady, her face is not so cute in aegyo but she always can represent her character, even if I hate the character, I still have admiration on her
        she has her own beauty

        but she and jisung chemistry was so different than any other, despite they already have each partner
        I once heard that she never asked her co-star because she thinks whoever him, I have to fall for him in the drama but he is not my type
        I have to accept him as great person and try to show the chemistry as best as I can, learn from him and reciprocate his acting
        cause the success is from us, then I remember she stated this role will make ji sung shine and I was like…okay you are great

        Jisung also fun because he said he moves in his wife act and get sad on sad scene
        but JS and LBY kind of have boundary in work, like they knew it all act and they shared experience and if have time watch their drama together

        PSJ is funny, since he said his role had twist but it’s good, not much when I think he completed The big brother role as one memorable character

        don’t care on sec. character, because they have to be there, so we can see how 1st love get dump and lead man that understand CY is playing with him
        they can’t be fully developed yet needed at certain aspect since we have 5 JS persona+ RJ +RO +oh family +backstory

        still I don’t think HJE and JS will pair as OTP again, maybe as mom and dad, as brother and sister,
        JS is pretty diverse on role and she works a lot, the timing match this time and I don’t have any leading lady better than her for RJ,
        hmmm but I love them as OTP…
        I hope HJE get married already…
        oh no long comment – sorry -_-

      • @magpie i love your review!

        And I also admire Jisung and Jung Eum’s working relationship. Seeing them looking at each other with love written on their faces, and then switching to friendly smiles after the cut is so amazing to watch. Maybe it’s a matter of having enough trust and respect for your working partner, to act knowing he or she will not misunderstand whatever you do during filming. I also like how Jisung would pat Jung Eum’s back after shooting a romantic scene. No abrupt aloofness, or rude turning away, but a gentle reassurance that they’re good. I’ve seen some method actors who would take on their characters’s emotions offscreen, and although there’s nothing wrong with that, it can certainly lead to misunderstandings.

  2. KMHM is also my favoirite drama of 2015 this year and Ji Sung’s performance is easily the best that I have watched in the k-drama sphere in the last 2 years. Truly bravo.

    • Truly bravo!!! Ji Sung is amazing here. And I’ve watched his previous works in between waiting for episodes of KMHM and I’m amazed at his progression as an actor. Well done for him!!! I’m now a fan and I hope to see him in another project soon. I agree with you, Koala that the story of our leads wouldn’t have been so alive if not for the surrounding characters. Everyone did so well here, the chemistry between the two leads is amplified by their chemistry to the rest of the characters. Awesome. This is a gold mine indeed. I’m sure the producers are sitting back with a smug hand very satisfied smile on their faces now after having to go through all the doubts thrown it’s way during the drama’s early days into creation.

  3. If anyone didn’t watch it, I RECOMMEND it!

    The first week was slightly iffy, but then the rest zips past… There’s stuff happening, I’m swooning, crying, laughing. The personalities will just be different characters you’ll come to love and get attached to.

    Ji Sung is phenomenal. There’re not enough adjectives to describe his performance. Hwang Jung Eum was genuine (a little loud at times). Their chemistry was very beautiful!

    • I am glad she is recapping HJM instead, I am getting some honest feedback. The writer sucks, ha Ji min as as much personality as a free, robin as a character sucks balls. This is honesty that people need to hear specially people who love hyn bin so much they are in a daze. And it brought traffic. There are more comments here than at DB on HJM thread.

      She is letting people vent their frustration.

    • I think recapped HJM is not a bad idea since the drama turn to the least expectation story and performance route
      and there’s not so much place people can criticize it without labelled as hater and being ask to stop watching

  4. best drama in 2015. hope this drama win lot of award. only ji sung can pull these kind of acting. he really nail all his different ersonality. he and HJE make such a great onscreen couple. hope they both win best couple of the year.

  5. I’m quite sad it ended with only 20 eps because i love all 7 character and personalities and feel it’s a pity that we can’t see them more. I think this is a kind of premise that work well for US series since all characters can be develop more so each characters can have their moment. I keep imagining how good it will be if each episode we have different personalities as focus just like in us series set up.

  6. This drama is wonderful! Kept me engaged from beginning to end, and made me a fan of Ji Sung and Hwang Jung-eum. I will definitely look out for their projects in future.

  7. Oh Koala, I am so sad to say good-bye to everyone in the drama. The little kiddos started out soooo sad, I was glad to see them smile and laugh at the end.

    I love your description of HJE. I am reluctantly a fan because no matter how much I don’t want to like her – based on how wardrobe, hair and make-up style her – I end up falling for the characters anyway. Can’t she ever have nice hair. ( She was cute in Giant, though, with JSW.)

    Ji Sung owns me enough that I am rewatching New Heart to keep him before my eyes.
    After rewatching Secret, Save the Last Dance and trying out Royal Family (couldn’t do it), I figure I’d go back to 2007 before Protect the Boss.

    Though I thought I would choke on the tears in Perry Park’s farewell scene, I think I would have to pick SSG as the most endearing. Talk about a character that shouldn’t make sense. He was a boy who never really grew up in a sexy man’s body. There was something about the combo of innocence, anger and protectiveness that made me want to comfort him and tell him all the bad things can’t hurt him anymore. Between the growly voice, the tension JS put in his jaw, and the intense gaze, SSG was remarkably different from CDH, I still don’t know how JS kept that illusion going all 20 eps.
    And Yona worked so well because of how PSJ sold it. He was hilarious.

    Like you, I am still marveling at how tightly this was plotted, and how carefully all the disparate pieces came together in the end. It makes me wonder why so many actors were repelled by the script, especially since the PD had a VERY tight rein on the chaos. I am not complaining, I remember we all rejoiced when JS and HJE signed on.

    Anyway, I look forward to more goodness from all the talent that made this work.

    • have no objection on actor/actress that refuse
      I just still can’t believe JS and HJE can flesh out the character with the time they hand the script and all prejudice they face
      even the writer+crew looked like have a hard time

      little bit sad for the production team, cause imo they can show better editing and cinematography,Ji sung eyes effect and empress ki is beautiful, but I think they payoff is great,
      they all really talented and hardworking (all crew) and such glad feeling when they get the opportunity and popularity like now

    • I really appreciated the fact that the drama (and HJE)created a female character who was strong, engaging and appealing because of her personality and intelligence, not her make-up and wardrobe. There is often a great deal of pressure on actresses to always look gorgeous, and I loved the fact that in both this show and Healer, the writers specifically made a point of the fact that the heroines didn’t fill their bags with cosmetics and actually had jobs and lives that revolved around more than chasing men.

  8. Awww I’m going to miss all the cast, team and KMHM…. It’s such a great drama, my favorite of 2015, it definitely have its flaws and craziness but look pass that and it’s one hell of an awesome drama……… KMHM Fighting, hope its success in other country…

  9. I am probably the only person who dropped this show half way through. Ji Sung was fantastic as usuall, but the whole chaebol power struggle bored me to tears.

    • Er I watched it for the personalities integration. The power struggle wasn’t central. The childhood trauma partwas why I loved his characters. Cried more them than for any other chaebol household dramas.

    • I think the chaebol this wasn’t the central,
      I don’t care about that at all and I think the drama also
      it live to it’s title
      about a man that desperate to be kill but actually wanted to get heal

    • The corporate battle was largely ignored though. O___O It is only present as the cause and effect of his DID but the main characters couldn’t give two fudges about it.

  10. I absolutely love it when great dramas get the recognition and popularity they deserve, and KMHM definitely deserves it!

  11. For me Ji Sung is heal me kill me. He is the heart and soul of this show. How his gaze changes with each character is a feat. I am totally in love with him as an actor. I like to say he is an acting god. Acting god Ji sung.

    I wish him success and lots of good projects in his future. He has shown Korea what a talent he is, it is up to them to reward him.

    I love Ji sung.

  12. Wasn’t Hyun Bin originally offered this role but ended up on the other show? Oh well, this is show biz and the chances are always 50/50 on a getting a hit show – his agent/advisors must have been given strict instructions to do better next time. I’m sure Hyun Bin will make a comeback soon.

    KMHM team did a great job, congratulations!

  13. I love Ji Sung. He really did make this drama and could make me tear up at the drop of a hat not just at the big moments, but there were so many quiet heart-rending moments. This drama had disaster written all over it from even before the production, and then Ji Sung and the writer did some magical thing and then poof.

    However, I also want to talk about those side characters that Koala mentions; I love this show because they all seem to be really fleshed out. I love Ri-Jin and Ri-On’s parents; in fact, I love this whole family dynamic and the love and support that is portrayed. They did not seem merely as plot devices or fillers but real characters who were essential to Ri-Jin’s characterization; she was able to heal and live and succeed because she had them who loved her unconditionally and gave her warmth that defied the darkness that had been her life. Cha Do Hyun only had people who saw him as a monster or as a means to become powerful; they were not focused on loving him. Kim Hee Jung deserves a special mention as the mother and the fact that she starts out this role of mother because she is also the best friend we all hope we have when the shit hits the fan. I also have to say that I was ready to just hate the “evil” second leads as well in a stereotypical second lead way, but they were not the same either. Anytime, a script can actually make me feel for a character whose role is described as “a cold and prideful woman,” or want the business competitor to have a bromance with the male lead, I applaud.

    • I remember PSJ signed on early and stayed despite not being able to find the leads. He’s a smart one. He prolly had time to review the script and decide how to play it so perfectly.
      I can imagine how happy he got when he saw that it was JS who would be falling in love with him as YN.

  14. My OTP on-screen Hwang Jung Eun and Ji Sung!! Haha!! Hais..I gave up on HJM. It’s getting to crappy. The female lead should have at have a more rounded character. KHMH really turned out unexpectedly good. Ji Sung can rest peacefully while the ratings continue to skyrocket and I do really look forward to his new projects after he becomes a father! Haha!! He is really an amazing actor. Same goes for Hwang Jung Eum :D. I’m glad I took a bet and picked up KMHM!

  15. A little gem this drama!
    Emotions and laugh all the way! A special mention for the performance of Ji Sung.
    Totally overwhelming in Shin Se Gi and funny in Ahn Yo-Na
    The story is served by a magnificent achievement, a thunder OST
    ย  If I had to find one fault, it would be the fact is that the secondary characters were not so present it !

  16. Loved it at the start but unfortunately dropped it halfway, the political stuff bores me to death. I was thinking when I started this drama it might beat my love for IOIL but oh well :/

  17. My favorite!
    In first few episodes i get annoyed by ri jin easily. Her high pitch…omo. but ji sung is such a love

    My favorite character among the seven is Yo Na. I can’t get enough of her chasing Ri On. Especially when YoSub faint and YoNa emerges. My favorite scene of all!

  18. I truly hope at least each awards for Jisung, Hwang Jeung Um and Park Seo Joon,
    MBC got a hard time casting with the hyun bin hype and rejection, the reaction on Lee seung gi and leading lady leaving, the questionable for being trying too hard on high risk plot with potential to do all ep as live shooting, minimum editing time and find investment for finally land on Jisung and HJE,
    I accept that Jisung and HJE is not typical CF material and not bring much younger fans when they already loose big name to get offer late,so thanks for JS and PSJ for accept and doing this drama
    for Park Seo Joon that not leaving under all circumstances and deliver a lovely portrayal of big brother Ri-On

    I just love everything this drama give me
    and all the potential when they actually get to shoot sooner
    but naaah, I saw the flaw, I saw the plot holes,
    but It don’t bother me, cause I don’t need more
    they deliver great performance, lovable story, and the power of memory

    how could I complaint? when I receive a lot, thanks for the never give up crew
    and I hope more drama will prefer to really match actor quality+role and the compatibility with their co-star

    here,I saw how great HJE and PSJ (not to mention Jisung, of course he is awesome), but they really match each other and didn’t overshadowed as character, we feel what RJ and RO feel as it shown in the drama

  19. Kill Me Heal Me concludes with 9.2 viewership. and that’s deemed successful. Gone are the days of 20% viewership.

    • I think the way they measure success is changing, too, because there are secondary and tertiary and quadtiery? ways to clock interest. They just haven’t standardized on what that is for everything. Meaning, the fact that the lip gloss YH wore sold out, or the striped shirt YS wore, too. The online buzz and viewer involvement was HUGE.
      The fact that the mainland audience got a hold of it through unofficial channels means word of mouth made its way across borders.

      I know the overseas audience doesn’t make any money for the shows, which is too bad, since most of use WOULD buy the lip gloss, or the wardrobe or any of the nick-nacks if we could. At least we can get the director’s cut DVD, but that is too after the fact to help a current show.

      • I actually like the blue strip yo seob and light blue sweater do-hyun wear on ep 19 (?)
        but I am totally gonna looking+buying for the rabbit pajamas,
        wanted the ost, but it already in waiting list…

      • I just found out yesterday that fans of the show even had an official name ‘Mimi’ which was all the more awesome, seeing how Jisung and the show honored them during the last few minutes of the show with that tal about acquiring ‘Mimi Pharmaceuticals’. LOL. And I LOVED that farewell speech he made in character(s) with Hwang Jungeum. Lee Da Hae has worked with Jang Hyuk thrice, hopefully these two can do so once more!

  20. I was ready to crown this drama as one of my favourite until that last moment, when his father who had just woke up from his long comatose vegetative state, was able to talk, to recall every little details of his memory, able to sit on his bed, able to stand up, unassisted.

    I realised this ridiculousness is comparable to, if not worse than Doctor Stranger in which female protagonist survived concentration camp, kidney transplantation, a fall from the bridge after being shot and, in a short 2 years able to become an anesthesiologistโ€ฆ. ANESTHESIOLOGIST!!! in a renowned hospital somewhere in Seoul.

    Insane storyline seems like an understatement here. Crazy stuffs.
    Good drama yes… great? sorry!

    • real life wise – it not likely happen
      I am glad he wake up to see how he turn his own son to monster and face his anger
      also realize that what he did is terrible and beg for forgiveness that didn’t accepted by RJ and DH, it really what he need to see after being blind all this years, and he got choked by himself after that,so I presume he died again

      but to compare with another case in doctor stranger, I think this one is satisfied and there’s no need to compare it and the waking up dad also in questionable time range when he didn’t even appear after
      when in Dr. Stranger that fact live as long as protagonist have scene

      great drama? yes, because it is drama not a documentary

  21. I feel like that was one of the best drama finales I’ve ever seen. It just wrapped up everything in a cohesive way. Almost all the loose ends were tied and the ones that weren’t felt natural (like what happened to Chaeyeon and DH’s cousin, etc), as there aren’t always simple answers. I was a little surprised at the real Ahn Yona (who is she? The backstory in my head is that Dohyun knew her in school or something and just absorbed parts of her in…she’s certainly memorable).

    Ji Sung was a whirlwind. Best K-drama performance I’ve ever seen, hands down. His face is so versatile. His eyes, his voice, his demeanor all changed at the drop of a hat. He has good comedic timing, made me tear up, made me pause and rewind and rewind. He was just stellar. I am sooo thankful Hyun Bin and Lee Seunggi turned this down because this was just way out of their ballpark. HJE really annoyed me at first, but I grew to like her. She grew more nuanced as time went on and she had stellar chemistry with each and every personality.

    The revelations of the finale were great (Mr. X in particular surprised me because the viki commentors had been nagging for him for like half the series). I loved that the series ended on a note of “I won’t be afraid anymore”. One of my favorite scenes was the goodbye to Nana — we saw just a glimpse of Ji Sung as her (well…it wasn’t really Nana at all, right?), but it was sad and my fave HJE scene by far.

    I hope this team gets all the awards. Seriously. I remember thinking this drama sounded like a disaster and it turned out so amazingly.

  22. wanna said thanks and just thanks for this drama
    I think koala sums up what I feel with the feeling and emotion they give and for that I am grateful to being an audience

    This drama is healing experience, it shows something rather than narrate it so we realize that life is gray, not merely diff path as black and white,
    sure the cast put a lovely performance that shine the production

  23. Cried so much in the last few episodes of this drama, and so much in the last episode, seriously not wanting it to end. I was literally SOBBING in the last few mins with its heartwarming wrap-up and knowing that it’s about to end. UGH. I WANT TO CRY AGAIN ALREADY.

  24. I looooooove this drama! thank God for Ji Sung who believed in the script, that he can do it and he did it with flying colours!!!!

    till his next project!!!

    I am looking forward to seeing his first child with Lee Bo Young come July!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. I liked Ji Sung so much in this drama that I marathoned Protect the Boss. Also, re-watched his appearances in Runningman and Happy Together. ๐Ÿ™‚ I hadnt watched any of his dramas before, and I watch a lot of them. I think Yo Na and Perry were my fav personalities.

  26. wow and again i say wow…i never thought that ms. koala would write about KMHM like this…since she’s writing a review of the rival drama that’s still airing…and, i thank you ms. koala for writing a piece about the awesomeness to this drama…i too have been satisfied with it and i know that this will be a successful kdrama in other countries too…and, out of the 7 personalities, i voted for Shin Se Ki and Ahn Yo Na too…such memorable characters that i would prefer them sometimes instead of CDH…just loved how Ji Sung has given the role a best performance, getting him to show off his acting skills…since way before him being casted, the team has been declined by several actors…thank you again for this article ms. koala!!!

  27. So I basically marathon this drama since last night and actually emotionally backed out and read recaps for the last four episodes. I backed out because the craziness was becoming a little too much and I knew the emotional backlash was coming so I wanted to prepare myself before actually watching the last four episodes. If people are not afraid of spoilers I recommend reading recaps of at least the last two episodes so you can prepare yourself for the turmoil and tears to come.

    So anyway, love love Ji Sung. I never really paid to any of his works and the last I watched was Protect the Boss which I couldn’t finish because the plot became too typical of a Kdrama. But he really shone in KMHM and I have so much respect and adoration for him because of his portrayal of all the personalities. Like everybody I loved the complexity of Segi and carefree Yona and bomb maker Perry. Really they were all great and I wished they had more screen time but then I thought it over and felt that what time they had was perfect. Because if anymore it would have been more for the fans rather than the plot.

    Now Hwang Jung Eum, liked her at times in the story but her screaming sometimes were a bit over the top and made me question how she ever became a psychiatrist. But the more I watched the more I saw that it came from the Oh’s family tight relationship that she was able to have such freedom and expression.

    And I have to mention Park Seo Jun because he too I never knew of and though he looked younger than Hwang Jung Eum to be her oppa I loved him in the older brother role. It makes me wish I had an older sibling (without the side crush) like that to watch over me.

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