Shin Se Kyung Looks Adorable as the High School and Grown Up Girl Who Sees Smells

I might end up eating my words but until then I’ll stick with my first impression that Shin Se Kyung looks super cute in character as The Girl Who Sees Smells. The way her character is styled as an adult reminds me so much of Yoona‘s character Nam Da Jung in Prime Minister and I. Whatever problems that drama devolved into, I’ll always remember it fondly for changing my opinion of Yoona from ughhhh to awwwww! The casual chic attire, the slighty mussed up long hair, the oversized bag, the beanie on her head, all of it combines to give me positive associations which doesn’t happen much when it comes to Shin Se Kyung. Also helps that I found her last drama performance in Iron Man not bad, though I didn’t manage to stick it through until the end to see if she maintained the low key charm all the way. So far so good for Smelly Girl not turning me off by casting Shin Se Kyung.

The production released two sets of new stills for her character in Smelly Girl, in addition to her grown up version she also has to play the high school girl who is normal before the incident that gives her the smelly supernatural ability. Shin Se Kyung definitely still pulls off being a high school student just fine and looks quite cute in a school uniform.


Shin Se Kyung Looks Adorable as the High School and Grown Up Girl Who Sees Smells — 13 Comments

  1. Park Yuchun said that so far they don’t talk much outside shooting. She goes her way and he goes his. So I am going to check this out to see if they have any chemistry. It is possible to have onscreen chemistry with people you don’t like much in real life. So let’s hope they get closer and they are really good actors.XD

    • way to misconstrue his words
      he said it right after they met for the first time to do teh script reading
      and he didnt say they dont talk much after shooting
      he said its still awkward
      he said nothing about disliking her


      • “In a recent interview with the magazine @star1, Yoochun was asked about his relationship with Shin Se Kyung. “It’s awkward,” was his candid response. “We weren’t able to converse a lot during the day of the script reading. Even during the group meal out, we were at different tables.”

        i dont know how you could construe this ^ maliciously?

      • “His response actually isn’t that surprising when you consider that Shin Se Kyung was officially cast in the leading role shortly before the script reading began, so they haven’t had much time to get to know each other well. “

    • Yeah if they have no chemistry cause they don’t talk a lot with each other then it tells a lot about your acting abilities.. Look at Roy Chiu & Megan Lee for Miss Rose they hated each other a lot but managed to have pretty good chemistry in the drama!

  2. I agree with this post, but then again SSK has always looked good. However, I sincerely hope that they won’t do a high school version of Yoochun, cuz that will as bad if not worse than LMH in Heirs.

  3. I thought they seemed to have good chemistry in the promo. I LOVED when she gave a cute smile towards the end and he just melted. Of course it was acting but they were just very cute together.

    Hope the drama is as cute and enjoyable as the promos have portrayed it to be.

  4. She just doesn’t work for me. She may look cute but her acting consists of opening her eyes as wide as possible (which worked for her in The Tree With Deep Roots but that’s about it).

    It is a mystery for me how she keeps on getting leading roles at all.

    • her/ JSY. are the same. they both sux at acting. yet keeep getting lead role. either their company pulling the string for them or something. while actress like kang sora have to work hard at her acting just to get lead role. kang sora need to come back to drama land. still gaga over her last drama.

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