SBS Finalizes Mask Cast with Su Ae, Joo Ji Hoon, Yeon Jung Hoon, and Yoo In Young

I’m not particularly interested in the upcoming SBS Wed-Thurs melodrama Mask, but that’s not indicative of what I think of the drama quality potential and more my preference for rom-coms especially during the warmer seasons. Mask follows after The Girl Who Sees Smells so won’t be hitting the small screens until June but that hasn’t stopped SBS from getting a lock down on the main cast. This drama actually has been garnering more attention for the script writing talent behind the scenes even before casting began.

Mask is the followup drama from the screenwriter of the unexpected KBS hit melodrama Secret (Secret Love), which started the Ji SungHwang Jung Eum amazing onscreen coupling that continued to flourish in Kill Me Heal Me. Mask is described as a story that strips away the masks that people hide their true nature behind, which is vague enough to be worrisome, yet there is tons of anticipation and optimism for this project since the writer elevated the tired revenge makjang setup in Secret into something addictive to watch. Mask has now confirmed all four main leads of Su Ae, Joo Ji Hoon, Yeon Jung Hoon, and Yoo In Young and the script is reportedly 80% complete already.

Su Ae plays a woman struggling with massive debt racked up by her father, with no time or inclination to believe in romance, who then ends up living the life of a lookalike rich girl that marries into a chaebol family. Joo Ji Hoon is a chaebol heir who has been groomed since childhood to run the family enterprise and is not in touch with his warm and fuzzy side. Yeon Jung Hoon and Yoo In Young’s characters will be the antagonist second leads aiming to drive or keep the OTP apart for whatever reasons, none of which will likely be remotely pitiable, but will be lots of fun to hate them onscreen. The PD will be a SBS regular Boo Sung Chul who directed Heirs, Jang Ok Jung Live in LoveMy Girlfriend is a Gumiho and A Star’s Lover.


SBS Finalizes Mask Cast with Su Ae, Joo Ji Hoon, Yeon Jung Hoon, and Yoo In Young — 20 Comments

    • Also, don’t know if you saw it already with your ninja (koala?) skillz, but it looks like Rain might be the male lead for the Hong sisters drama… considering how late in the game it already is, I’m thinking this is a done deal?

      • @sandnsun I’m not sure if I can post links on here… just type 홍자매 비 into Daum and you should see a bunch of articles.

      • @Rina – it’s all over dc predictably and while the comments are (predictably) unfavourable, if this pushes through, it might just be my favourite pick out of the bunch of great casting recently. Rain has made some bad decisions recently. If he doesn’t accept, it might just be his worse one.

      • It’s the season of second chances, with Jo Ji Hoon and Rain both getting cast in a major channel drama, with high expectations. There must be something in the water.

      • Also, Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jong Kook are being casted in dramaland. Wonder if Koala knows.

      • Sorry for being off topic…

        Soompi also wrote about Rain being offered the lead in the Hong Sisters drama.

    • Yeah, I’m very confused how he’s second lead to Joo Ji Hoon. Though if this is anything like Secret, 2nd lead male was a better and more interesting character than the male lead. So who knows.

      • WORD on secret’s second lead being much better than the lead. I couldn’t swallow how much the writer wanted to justify the hero even if he pulled off bullshit just as bad as the full out villainous ex did. At least with BSB’s character, there were so many layers he constantly evolved. It felt real on so many levels even if the guy was psychotic. The main lead was someone I’d never have gotten with even if he was the last man on earth!

        Back to topic, I also don’t undersand how JJH is a lead over YJH. He was 2nd lead to KSW in one of the biggest flops in 2013. Plus he’s hardly an actor with a good public image. So odd.

  1. SBS got even all leads for the new upcoming drama. MBC is still finding lead male role for Hong sisters drama. MBC also have to go first followed by Angry mom, is already air now. I hope MBC can find right the male role for Hong sisters. Any news and updates please?

  2. I an so excited for this drama. Another drama to keep an eye out for after Producer. Love all the casts. I also wonder how come YJH ended up being 2nd lead and JKH as male lead. Yoo In Young is really good at being antagonist, her roles in both MLFTS and Empress Ki are all villain roles and she pulled them off well.
    Great to see Su Ae on screen again. The synopsis is interesting, no idols and the confirmed castings are all real actors. On a side note, JJH should huv been on Lee Minho level if not for his scandal. He was popular after Gong with Yun EunHye. As an entertainer, i like his chic acting.

    Really looking firward to this dram!!!

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