Yeon Woo Jin and Jo Yeo Jung Looking Fantastic in Promos for Divorce Lawyer in Love

It look me a long time to fall for Yeon Woo Jin as an actor but once that switch its flipped then it’s here to stay. I was lukewarm towards him early on but sometime after Arang and the Magistrate and When a Man Loves was when I saw something special and charismatic in his brand of loose-limbed aw shucks goofball in the body oozing masculine intensity. It’s going to serve him well in the upcoming SBS rom-com Divorce Lawyer in Love opposite leading lady Jo Yeo Jung.

The drama arrives in mid-April after My Heart Twinkle Twinkle and may be primed to fail on the spot due to the ratings abyss that all SBS weekend dramas have been mired in. I just hope the story is interesting enough me to get my Yeon Woo Jin fix, and please don’t make the two bickering lawyer leads that unlikeable. I’m sure their characters will be prickly and antagonistic prior to falling in love and growing into nicer people, but I’m exhausted by writing that makes the unlikable aspect so extreme initially which often just turns me off so much I don’t even have the patience for the maturation journey.

The official character stills and promos are all decent enough, nothing to ratchet the excitement through the roof but conversely has a visually pleasing takeaway. The use of the Chucky doll is the one weird element, it’s such throwback and worries me that the female lead holding the doll will really be portrayed like a killer bat out of hell abrasive. I am totally indifferent to the two second leads Shim Hyung Tak and Wang Ji Won, they are the types of actors that are serviceable enough in being sidekicks but don’t have that captivating star spark that make me wish they would get their lead spotlight soon. I do like how the four lawyer leads are all styled professionally and practicably as befits the job and no one sticks out like a sore thumb.

New teaser for Divorce Lawyers in Love:


Yeon Woo Jin and Jo Yeo Jung Looking Fantastic in Promos for Divorce Lawyer in Love — 15 Comments

  1. Gosh’, that Chuckly doll reminded me of some scenes that I watched when I was little (not that little but young and so innocent lol) GAH, I just got the creeps –‘

    That said. I am not sure I am going to turn on even though Marriage not Dating made me a fan of YWJ. The storyline reminds me a little bit of Can’t Lose which I wasn’t able to finish.

  2. I have no preconceived notions about this drama so zero expectations at this point. It sounds like something that I could like seeing as I like both leads well enough. I supposed I’m lukewarm but that could be a really good. As long as it’s enjoyable for me… that’s all I really care about.

  3. I’m ridiculously excited for this because of Shim Hyung-tak. XD

    Still sad he’s not coming back for Let’s Eat season 2. But I heard he’s just as hilarious in Gu Hae-ra. 😀

    • I do LOVE YWJ, and thought he really showed his chops in the drama special, Just and Ordinary Love Story, and wonderful comic timing in Marriage Not Dating. However, if I watch this, it will be because of Shim Hyung-tak who is finally getting some good roles after he was the only character I did not want to smack in Snow White. I am expecting, though, that just like in Let’s Eat, he will make me cry for him in his second lead life.

  4. As a fan of Wang Ji Won, I’d hoped this Drama would help advance her acting career, but that now seems unlikely. Another cookie-cutter generic second lead on a network whose initials apparently stand for Seen By Six doesn’t bode well. Sad.

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