Newbie Actor Ji Soo Makes an Impressive Scene-stealing Drama Debut in Angry Mom

There’s a new face and breakout star in MBC‘s currently airing Wed-Thurs drama Angry Mom, a feat in any situation but all the more impressive happening in a drama chock full of fantastic performances all around. Young actor Ji Soo, who plays high school thug Go Bok Dong, caught my eye in his very first scene in episode 1 and has subsequently made waves with all the viewers of this drama for his undeniable onscreen talent.

I described him off the bat as the love child of Jo In Sung and Yoo Ah In and the more I watch him the more that exact combination suits. He has a super tall build paired with these soulful eyes and pillowly lips, seeing him act is like rewinding the clock to Jo In Sung’s debut years and Yoo Ah In’s earlier more raw acting style. I’m also enjoying Angry Mom the drama despite it being wayyyyyy darker and less funny than I expected, the performances are wonderful across-the-board and the story is meaningful enough to check out. Spotting new talent like Ji Soo is merely icing on the cake.


Newbie Actor Ji Soo Makes an Impressive Scene-stealing Drama Debut in Angry Mom — 31 Comments

  1. Totally agree with you regarding his talent, koala. I am really enjoying angry mom. Kim Hee Sun and Hyun Woo are doing a great job and the story is intriguing and this new guy’s performance definitely stands out. Wish him good things ahead!

    • Acting is quite nice across the board in Angry Mom – I am pleasantly surprised by Ji Soo’s range. I expected the usual pretty face but he has that Yoo Ah In capability of cautious expression with hurt, vulnerable eyes that works perfectly for this role.

  2. LOL, I just found my new Oppa. His acting is really great and it helps that he has a theater history and a few drama supporting roles as well (or so I heard). I’m looking forward for his character’s development in Angry Mom among other things.

  3. Loving the drama & definitely noticed him too ;D for me, he reminds me of B.A.P Bang Yong Guk (if anyone is familiar with Kpop) plus Yoo Ah In, anyway I hope this show will stay good, right now I’m addicted.

  4. I loooooove him….He does have something of Yoo Ah In.

    I was going to drop the drama because whatever Kim Hee Seon did to her face to look like a high schooler distracts me.
    Her face is just too tight and I feel like it’s going to crack anytime soon.

    But I decided to continue watching it for the teenagers’ story.

    The adults and the lead pair especially are boring to me so far.

  5. I am with you on this. There is no evidence, so to speak, that he is an idol actor.
    He’s just an actor. I LLLOOOVVVVEEEE his scenes with KHS. She is so “been you, done that” with him, he can’t figure out why she keeps dissing him.

    But, I want him to be the good guy soooo bad!!

    And thank you, subbers, for getting this done so quickly every week so we can enjoy it.

  6. OMG.. so im not the only one who thinks of him as a hybrid of JIS & YAI.. i usually do a ‘new hottie alert’ to entice my kdrama dongseng to watch along and that’s exactly how i described him.

    Angry Mom is quite dark but the Princess’ two male sidekick are quite hilarious

  7. I tried to google his previous projects before AM and unexpectedly stumbled upon his pictures with actor Byun Yo-han. Seeing these two hot, promising new-found talents in dramaland are actually best buds in real life just makes me sooo warm with feelings. I think I really like what I see in this current k-drama trend (and maybe k-movie as well) where these relatively unknown names are making appearance and then ‘wowing’ us with such a stellar performance, getting all the deserved recognition from the industry for their talents.

  8. yeah yeah i love this new drama to bits and agree with you wholeheartedly that the story is great and acting too… across the board! this new kid is good too! and i wish he’d turn to the good side in the end.

    i am so looking forward all new episodes each week.

  9. Bokdong is fav character and Ji Soo.. watch out Korea and he will be breakout star in kdrama! Ge’s not a kpop idol.. he’s just an actor. Young and yet shows good acting.

  10. omo.. I enjoy angry mom and have a crush on Bok Dong too, actually to his lips. Everytime I saw a man with luscious lips, I kind of regret why I got married too fast.


  11. OMG. I thought I was just imagining things when I kept seeing Yoo Ah In whenever Go Bok Dong is on the scene. They do look alike.

    Jisoo is really handsome and a good actor as well. I’ll be waiting for the time when he becomes the lead actor in a drama or a mainstream movie.

    By the way, he was one of the lead in an indie Filipino film released last year.

  12. He caught my eye while I was reading a recap
    That’s the degree of his charisma
    He reminds so much of Yoo ah in
    Hope he gets a lead role in some cable channel

  13. So glad to get more background on him in places like this as more people notice him/talk him up. He caught my attention the moment he appeared onscreen. That’s potential star power for sure.

  14. i love it
    i thing, he is soo cute, so i like all about him in drama… be succes always ..:)
    i always support you ji soo

  15. gosh i remember ji soo with the way my other idol yeo jin goo acts 🙂 he has that badboy looks attitude Love him reallly :> debak 🙂

  16. OMG
    This drama was AMAZING in its own way and Ji soo was the reason I started it and finished it, but now that I just finished I have no idea what to watch next.
    Someone please help me!

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