Jang Geun Seok Looking Mighty Fine Rocking Out at His Japan Concert Series

I feel like a time machine whisked me back 5 years ago without me even realizing it. Despite another career hiccup earlier this year with his participation and then departure from the popular tvN variety show Three Meals a Day: Fishing Village, Jang Geun Seok doesn’t seem to be down in the least as he’s continued on with his singing career. There were murmurings that he was planning to act later this year but so far spring as arrived and there isn’t a concrete acting project on the horizon.

Whatever drama or movie he does (if he does do one) will have to wait until he wraps up his latest concert series The Cri Show 3 through the end of June. He’s always gone for flamboyant in his music persona which is why I’m loving so much his styling for this latest tour. The haircut does wonders to frame his pretty features without looking too theatrical while the classic rocker attire floats my boat my big time. Sadly I doubt this look is here to stay so I’ll just savor this chance to appreciate Jang Geuk Seok however long it lasts.



Jang Geun Seok Looking Mighty Fine Rocking Out at His Japan Concert Series — 44 Comments

  1. huh.. his haircut looks good, however his skin is pretty bad in the other picutures. His tour picture is photoshooped so doesn’t count lol

    • Liz, are you here just to say something bad and then go cheering for other singers?
      JKS is one on the not so many artists that is not afraid to be seen as he is. Photoshop may be used once, twice, but it’s impossible to do it for entire show. Wait for the DVD and then comment!

      And also regarding remarks about his new look – yes, this image will stay longer than somone here expects.

    • I thinks his skin looks better now..make me jealous sometimes.kkk… if u want a proof..try to look at his
      pic without makeup. dont look in mag..there are many post by fans with closeup shot. I think koala only has prob with his public appearance. .is that the only reason that make u a fan?

    • His skin have never been bad. He is famous with his clean porcelain looking skin.The pictures you were looking probably was bad quality.

  2. my sweet lovely jang geun suk is getting younger and younger with the time passing !! omg seeing him made me miss him so much !! he is a wonderful and amazing actors and it hurt me to see that stupid korean are miss out his talents !!! cant wait for his next dramas and work no matter what happens he will always have million on fans supporting him

    • I agree, he gets younger and fresh looking day by day..while the rest of the artist wears more and more make up he goes less and less…Crishow3 is amazing..while 1 and 2 where more theatrical to tell a story with colors, costumes,singin and acting, 3 is about monochrome more sober…but guess you have to know him to understand that sequel ..too bad for the ones who love to see him acting, but when a well respected director tweets his frustration about the korean darkwater who enables JKS to do anything and that it’s a waste because he is one of the best pan asia actors..it’s should tells us enough..it’s politics and surely not his talents….well at least the ones who are not shallow and only sees what is shuffled in their face by moneylusted agencies..stones can be seen anywhere only diamonds one has to dig deep to find, JKS is a diamond and he proofs it every day….no matter what he did, does or will do, he is able to leed and survive. It’s not about the outer but about the inner as well and with that it’s a big OK. He changes as times go by, it’s a natural process . Eels are behind him..just wondering why people spend precious time to always make negative statements. .the world needs positivity. .and that is JKS and eel’s attitude all along..be positive and ZIKZIN

      • 100% you said what i really believe, we’re not here just because of a beautiful man, but for someone who worth following his path, our pure and inoccent diamond that is shining in darkness …

  3. I am glad that despite of all thing that happened to him he is still the wonderful performer and great persona we know. Jang Keun Suk is already 22 years in this industry and still finds the best way to express himself with his music and acting. Yes, acting, because he doesn’t just stay in the middle of the stage singing songs, but also uses his talent to emit all his feelings to the public and to create a strong connection with it. He recieves so much love because he also gives love and energy to the people.
    And it doesn’t really matters how he looks. Shiny, ordinary, sexy or distant – all his looks are part of his true self. Liking or disliking them is not his problem, but of the person who feels that way. JKS is already beyond the cathegory of stars, looking for recognition. He decided to be himself and to do the things his way without thinking of anything else except of his fans.
    About his acting project -yes, he promised and yes, he will do it. When – it’s his decision. Movie or drama – also. But one thing is for sure – he will be brilliant.

    • So agree with this…one simply cannot make everyone happy, at least not without loosing oneself…and he is not gonna do that.. If you are set out to look for faults you will find them and he will be the first to admit that…Only leave this question…are you better than this person..
      Jang Keun Suk is only there to silently painting his corner in the sky with his own unique colors and if you chooses to look at that corner and admire it you’re most welcome…if not you can always look away 🙂 many stars big and small in the sky….It won’t stop him painting and it will be brilliant

  4. I will wait patiently for JANG KEUN SUK’s new drama n in the meantime, he is also busy with his singing n concerts to keep his eels happy. As long as he is doing what he loves, acting or singing, his eels will support his activities. Regarding his current hairstyle, he looks totally gorgeous in it.

    Those eels who have seen JKS in person always say the same thing, that he is many many times more handsome in person than in photos!

  5. Actually. .its a strange feeling for me. before this im so eager to know about his next acting project but with his situation and treatment frm some darkforce frm e-industry make me more understand him now. I dont mind anymore as long as I know he is ok..im happy enough.

  6. With Jang Keun Suk, it’s either you like him or you’re ‘overwhelmed’. He’s not a easy person to like or understand, I figured that after all these 5 years following him too. I remember his interview for Harper’s Bazaar back in 2012 when he said: “Do you think I’m a bourgeois? Every single day I’m living in a war, living a life which is the opposite of others”. He might look like the most carefree, over-the-top star but this boy cares a lot about his fans. 3 Meals a Day surely hurts both him and his fans, but it’s good that he got back up pretty fast. A few days ago, a famous producer named Won Dong Yeon tweeted his concern about how Keun Suk has been unfairly treated and it’s such a waste of his talents for the K-bizz itself. but again, fortunately the boy doesn’t give up too easily. If you guys here miss his acting, while waiting for the ‘intriguing’ k-drama casting process, there’s a short movie he produced, CAMP, which topped the Oricon Chart last week. Somehow I’m glad that in the world of ‘uniformed style entertainers’, there is this oddball Jang Keun Suk. He’s not perfect for sure, but he’s just a perfectly fine person 🙂

    • I think thats why “they” are so afraid of him. they know keun suk has the star power which might steal their fame and wealth.kkk..and our suk is so genius to clearly state he is an actor in korea and a singer in japan..but they still not satisfied with that. they use every right to stop him..lets see what keun suk will do next. no matter what will be..eels wont leave u..

    • Glad there are people like this producer who is not afraid to talk as far as JGS is concerned. And true it is a great loss for K-bizz if they will continue their unfair treatment of this wondeful very talented actor-singer, my one and only Prince of Asia Jang Keun Suk!

  7. Jang Keun Suk is very versatile. He always surprises us with his appearance and projects. He is not photogenic at all, because he is much more beautiful in the real life. I Am lucky enough to see him in real and in the close proximity without make up (and photoshop is impossible ), he is just mesmerizing. I thought he is just an actor turns singer. but after attending his concert and how he carry him self in the stage andover the audience, he is truly a rock star :).

  8. JKS has approved again and again that he’s one of the best, if not the best, k-actor/singer ….this tour has proven so far to be a great one… Of course not gonna talk bout his looks since he looks soo damn sexy… He’s the only DDG for me kkkkkkkk

  9. By the way since after Pretty Man (2013), he has maintained a short hairstyle which I think most of the fans prefer too. Love him in any hairstyle (short or long) and will always support him no matter what. Will be patiently waiting for his next acting project.

  10. he look so perfect in my eye… since he had a bad start of this year i know foe sure no matter what he is and will be the strongest artist on korea …..his drama will see the light on the right time the year steal on the first months just wait and see

  11. I think he looks great especially since he looks as if he has put on some weight. I always thought he looked too thin but this new look makes him look fresh spunky and young again!

  12. like always he’s doing his best, no need for words to approve it
    I’m not in a rush for his new drama ‘cos I’m busy enjoying his hard work for CS3 kkk if he thinks it’s not the right time for a drama, I will wait patiently for him to choose the best script with the best timing and in the right time
    by the way he looks completely pure in fan cam and photos, the most precious thing is that he lets us see the natural beautiful handsome charming pure JKS, if I was in Korea i would love to go to airport just for his smile

  13. Jang Keun Suk is a God-gifted versatile actor and singer, who enchants his audience with his great talent, known not only in Asia but all over the World. Thanks to him a lot of people became interested in Korea and Korean Culture. He had a lot of up and downs in his life and surprises with his strengths to overcome unfair treatment, not hitting back, but being positive, looking forward to convince through talent and good character. I hope that in future we will see him in a lot of more dramas/movies/TV shows, that he will indulge us with his great voice in CRI-Shows and with Team H. ZIKZIN

    • That’s true!I started watching kdramas because of you’re beautiful..while that was my first one lol and within one minute of this drama..I was in denial about his getup..basically from head to toe..but what delight it has been watching him on screen!He has a very unique acting style and a very ease around him which just comes out natural.About his skin I’d say I’ve seen lots of videos of him over youtube and he comes out bare face not caring about his looks or getup.Have to say he stands out in the crowd and as someone said above he’s just an oddball shining for his individual carefree take on life.I do hope he does dramas again and proves people wrong.

  14. Prince Jang Keun Suk is a multitalent young man who demonstratate thay if you have dreams with firm convictions you can do everything you wants to do. He said that everything that one can dream reality can be. The best example is him. He does it better always by himself. So proud of him.

  15. Than you God to found this kind ,gentile and very talented man ,called JKS .I am very proud to be his eel ,I have new friends ,I know myself better as a person …He is our Master ,brother ,lover and friend ,with his open attitude between us his eels .

  16. The allure and unlimited talent of Asia Prince, Jang Keun Suk cannot be defined nor contained. He is just “Himself.” His stages, hair, clothes are copied by all of Hallyu. He is an original artist greatly respected worldwide for his talent and generosity of spirit. I look forward to the next chapter in Jang Keun Suk’s career. He is our Dream Maker and we will follow him to his next stage where dreams and fantasy meet.

  17. You’re right, Jang Geun Seok is indeed looking mighty fine. I’ve seen his latest airport photos taken on April 3rd, and am amazed at how much he has changed physically. He used to be rather thin, but now he looks so much better and healthier, and more handsome with a little weight gain and a short neat hairstyle.

    I have read the translated version of Producer Won Dong Yeon’s tweet on the unfair treatment of JGS in Korea. Btw, he was the producer of the award-winning historical film “Masquerade” starring Lee Byung Hun and Han Hyo Joo.

  18. I still feel so sorry about how he was treated in Three Meals a day and now I just want him to score an awesome drama and forget about what happened. I know JGS hasn’t exactly been helping his cause but he didn’t do anything so drastic as to warrant the hate he gets. I want him topick himself up, look as good as he does now and give the k-public a huge middle finger by being successful again in Korea. I’m rooting for him!

    • I don’t know what happened to him in the show. I can only guess based upon my understanding about the show. K entertainment industry has all kinds of ridiculous variety shows treating their guest celebrities in harsh ways from my standards and sometimes put them in embarrassing situations where they are publicly bashed either by MCs or program editors or other guests. I just don’t understand how all the awkwardness celebrities are forced to expose to audience has anything to do with humor. Perhaps that’s typical of K jokes and how they define being funny.

      • Oops! I think I may have got it wrong about what’s going on after reading some news. Sorry! Please just disregard what I said previously regarding what I thought may have happened to him on the show.

  19. Koala, I like how you described his style and attire. He does look fabulous with this rocker style, specifically the hair that makes him look a bit more moderate which I like. I was smitten by his deep and magnetic voice in the dramas. The way he talks is very unique and distinguishable from other K actors. On top of these, he’s a good singer and his stage presence is full of charisma. Although I’m not his fan, I do enjoy his shows a lot and regard him as an excellent entertainer.

  20. Jang Keun Suk is an amazing talent. He has an incredible strength of character and won’t let society dictate who he is or who he will become. It’s true that he’s incredibly attractive, but that isn’t why I became his eel. Acting, directing, singing…he does it all, and with great enthusiasm and success. His determination to set and follow his own path only makes me admire him more. Straight forward, with a positive attitude and true love for his fans, nothing can stop him. Zikzin Jang Keun Suk! Your eels love and support you always!

  21. So much JKS love around here 🙂 I’m glad because I was getting tired of all the bad press he gets generated by over the top anti-fans. He’s a really talented actor and overall great artist.

  22. Never before I interested in any artiste, singer or actor/actress. But when I got to know JKS. He mesmerized me not only with his gorgeous look, beautiful smile and beautiful voice but with everything he does. His hard works, his acting, singing and now directing, his up and down and the way he deal with it,the path he choose, the bond he makes with his eels.I gain much more from him than I expected. He simply beautiful inside out. Proud being his eel. Love you always Jang Keun Suk!

  23. yes, our prince jks is a very unique person…he excels in everything he does and gives his all in every endeavor…he is not afraid to go against the general mindset and remains true to himself..we all love and admire him for this…he continues to love Korea even though it seems like he is not accepted by his people…he never misses a chance to promote Korea and its culture…he values his family very much..he values education too.. despite being a wealthy star, he chose to persevere in getting his college degree and is even taking graduate studies now…in the past he has said that popularity may be a fleeting thing … and he is investing his hard earned money for the future… he loves his eels so much ..in fact he recently changed his schedule going home to attend a fan meeting unannounced..he’s a man with a very big heart and great love for his eels…

  24. I just wish he be back in acting I love how he does his role very much and I think he makes all effort to be able to make it credible. I just wish him more success and good health. God Bless

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