Park Seo Joon and Han Groo Potentially Reuniting with One Warm Word Team for New SBS Drama

Now this is a potential casting that looks good, smells good, and will likely taste good when the actual drama airs. SBS has lined up the next Mon-Tues drama to follow the currently airing dark comedy Heard it Through the Grapevine (which I love to pieces). It was initially called Chaebol’s Daughter but just this week got a name change to True Romance. Knowing SBS it can go back to Chaebol’s Daughter after the network recently flitted between Smelly Girl and Sensory Couple. In talks for the two leads are Park Seo Joon and Han Groo, which would reunite them after playing a supporting role romantic couple in the SBS drama One Warm Word.

The offer going out to Park Seo Joon is being reported officially by the media whereas Han Groo being the potential female lead remains industry discussion only. Their potential casting isn’t a surprise as this drama is being written and directed by the production team who did One Warm Word. I recently marathoned all existing chapters of Scholar Who Walks the Night and am sooooo glad Han Groo’s casting fell through there, she is so wrong for that female lead but sounds perfect for this role. Park Seo Joon is earning his leading man stripes and I can’t wait to watch him in a prime time drama lead, bonus points for reuniting with Han Groo!

Chaebol’s Daughter/True Romance is the story of a rich chaebol’s daughter who hides her real identity and goes about trying to find true love with a man who loves her for who she is rather than her wealthy background. Park Seo Joon’s male lead is an intelligent and ambitious son of a poor family who is jaded by his past experience with rich people manipulating others with their money. He doesn’t believe in true love, and will find himself entangled between his beliefs while falling for the leading lady. The story doesn’t sound terribly interesting or new but the track record of the production team warrants optimism that they can produce something worth watching.



Park Seo Joon and Han Groo Potentially Reuniting with One Warm Word Team for New SBS Drama — 26 Comments

    • Not likely, Grapevine ends in June and a major sageuk like Six Dragons Flying needs heavy preparation and the drama still hasn’t been cast. Chaebol’s Daughter/True Romance is already on the SBS calendar so it’s for sure coming after Grapevine as of now.

  1. I’m glad you mentioned Heard it through the Grapevine. I am completely in love with that drama and am watching each episode at least three times while waiting for the next week to come along. I haven’t enjoyed a drama so much for years. I’m a bit concerned at the number of episodes as I have no idea what that means for the story, but I’ll just sit back and enjoy the ride.
    Getting back on topic, I’m in if this casting sticks. We can never have enough Han Groo or Park Seo Joon on our screens.

  2. I desperately need this to happen. I quite enjoyed One Warm Word – it was flawed but interesting. Han Groo needs a lead role in Big 3 show stat – she’s great. Plus we already know they have good chemistry. Redeem yourselves, SBS!!!

  3. I was so disappointed she did not get cast for the Scholar that Walks at Night opposite Lee Joon Gi. But – I’d love to see her re-unite with Park Seo-Joon. I adored them together in One Warm Word. Yes.. Please !

  4. Park seo Joon is one talented actor that have been given bad scripts and not enough playing time in front of the camera..

  5. Anyone pls kindly tell me where i can read Scholar who walks the night online – (eng).cos the comic is only out till volume 4 in my country. Thank you

    • Yeah, I thought one of Han Groo’s best points is how different she can be in each role she did in the past, a real chameleon. Certainly the person it’s being offered to now can’t be more suitable than her..

  6. Also, is IHeard It Through the Grapevine that good? I keep hearing people sing its praises but it’s 32 episodes and a teenage pregnancy… it’s not too melo right?

  7. yey, i like this pairing… turned out to be a good thing that HG wasnt chosen for scholar that walks the night. Same thing with KWB turning down Hong Sisters drama, i liked KS and YYS pairing and looking forward to it as well. I just hope they get a good lead actress for Scholar Who Walks In the Night.

  8. Kyaaaa thank you miss koala for the updates! I love this couple in “One Warm Words” so yeah! I really wish this news become official. I love 박서준 acting in Witch’s Romance & notice his talents from this drama.

  9. The pairing looks promising. Loved Han Groo in Marriage Not Dating and Park Seo Joon in Witch’s Romance. The storyline, though not original sounds interesting. All down to the writing and execution. Looking forward to it!

  10. Since you’ve read the whole Scholar manhwa, mind doing a recap pretty please? A spoilery one. I’ve started reading it myself, but the later chapters are all paywalled and I couldn’t find a place to read them. TT-TT Also. What’s hat pink dude’s deal? o_ô

  11. The lead coupling is great and the plot sounds like the perfect summertime fluff. I thoroughly enjoyed One Warm Word so if this show is half as good, I’ll be happy.

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