Famous Chinese Actresses Try on the Cinderella Ballgown for Size

There’s a viral photo shop series going around this past week featuring a handful of the currently most popular Chinese actresses spliced into the iconic Cinderella live-action movie poster featuring Lily James. It’s totally worth checking out even if the photo shop skills aren’t the best and some of the pictures used of certain actresses are less than ideal choices. It gives a great visual comparison of Western versus Eastern ideals of beauty, no one would argue that any of the C-actresses featured weren’t objectively beautiful in their own way, or even as beautiful as Lily James, but the pictures show that not every beautiful actress really fits the image of the iconic Cinderella. It belies the reason for the casting gripes anytime a C-actress is cast for an iconic wuxia heroine role where the description is specific and the particular actress just didn’t have type of beauty to pull it off. Of all the C-actresses featured in this series, Angelababy looks the best and that’s probably because she’s a quarter German, whereas Crystal Liu may be the perfect Chinese ancient beauty but totally off-putting as a Western princess.

Gwui Lun Mei

Tong Li Ya

Yang Mi

Li Xiao Lu

Crystal Liu

Liu Shi Shi

Tang Yan

Lily James as Cinderella


Famous Chinese Actresses Try on the Cinderella Ballgown for Size — 13 Comments

  1. Slightly off-topic, but I have counted at least 3 shaved jawbones. Would love to see what happens to their faces in a couple of decades.

  2. AngelaBaby FTW! She looks great on the manipped costume. 🙂

    Speaking of Cinderella, loved the movie and Lily James on it as the title role.

  3. The ones that looks good are angelababy, gwui lun mei, li xiao lu (if they slightly made her face smaller), and liu shi shi.

    The other ones either have bad photoshop or wrong use of pic.

  4. Li Xiao Lu was quite pretty, I think, but your right about the fitting-as-specific-expectation/type-of-beauty thing. Fans should stop being offended when we say some actress doesn’t look the part. Yeah most all actresses are very beautiful, but they don’t always look good in a specific role. That said, fans should also stop saying people are too ugly for a role, cuz that’s just mean and rude.

  5. I on the other hand thinks this photo shop proves nothing. The chinese actresses don’t look the part just because their make up and hair styles do not look the part. The one looks best is angelababy mainly because her original features are western. To play western role, the styling will be adjusted.

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