Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young Welcome First Daughter Together on June 13th

June 13th is a happy day for K-ent married star couple Lee Bo Young and Ji Sung as they welcomed the arrival of their first child, a healthy little baby girl. I feel like it’s been forever since Lee Bo Young announced her pregnancy, mostly due to so much going on with her husband Ji Sung’s career during the time she was taking a much deserved acting break. She hit her career high right before getting married with My Daughter Seo Young and I Hear Your Voice, so it’s quite fitting that her hubby Ji Sung hits his biggest career break right before their baby arrived when he stepped in at the final hour to do Kill Me Heal Me.

Their little girl is so going to grow up in a world of love and awesomeness to have these two for her parents. The baby’s name has been revealed to be Kwak Bo Bae, Kwak being Ji Sung’s real last name as he was born Kwak Tae Geun, the Bo is for Lee Bo Young, and the Bae is to represent this child being their baby. Okay, you can all awwwwwww to infinity now. I love these two to pieces, at a day and age when celebrities misbehave and slip up constantly, these two can’t seem to do anything wrong probably because they really are just decent human beings on top of being gorgeous talented actors. Congrats on the arrival of Baby Bo Bae!


Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young Welcome First Daughter Together on June 13th — 18 Comments

  1. They have got to be my favourite couple in the entertainment industry. 🙂
    Just a note, Kwak Bo Bae is the baby’s nickname (胎名). They haven’t released her official name yet.

      • Yes there is no official name yet, based on news reports. Also, Bo bae is treasure in korean. I think I’ve seen Ji Sung say in an interview during KMHM promos that they nicknamed the baby (baby’s 태명/tae-myeong) Bo Bae as in their treasure *cues for awww**

      • It’s Bobe actually instead of Bobae. Bobae=treasure, but they use Bobe (be=be-i-bi, how ‘baby’ is pronounced in Korea) just my 2 cents but nevertheless congrats to the new parents!

  2. But isn’t it that there is no child’s name released yet? And Bo-bae is the baby’s nickname when she was still in her mother’s womb. It’s also supposed to mean “treasure”.

    Anyway, congrats to the lovely couple! The baby is sure to grow up with such loving parents!!!

  3. What a wonderful news and I will never forget since their baby and I now have the same birthday!
    Congrats to them!

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