The Time I Loved You Looking Very Different than the Original in First Episode Preview

It’s probably safe now to assume that the upcoming K-version of In Time With You will be completely different than the original. I didn’t love the original so it’s fine with me, but I think those who did might want to skip The Time I Loved You unless one goes in with an open mind with the wholesale reinvention. I’m not saying changing up an adaptation is good or bad, that’s a discussion for another day, but for this particular drama it appears most people looking forward to it loved the original so having it be so different in character, execution, and vibe may turn the watch experience into one dominated by criticism solely by the changes. I’m going to see if this version works better for me but so far the early sneak peeks leave me wanting. The drama released the first narrative preview this weekend and it’s not great off the bat. If I didn’t know this was the K-version of ITWY, or if Ha Ji Won was not the lead, there might not even be the urge to check it out.

Drama preview for The Time I Loved You:


The Time I Loved You Looking Very Different than the Original in First Episode Preview — 21 Comments

  1. yes yes yes… I could not finish the original and did not get the hype but this one look promising. very looking forward to this πŸ˜€

  2. Ariel is my favorite Taiwanese actress, whereas, Ji Won is my favorite from Korea. I am going in this with an open mind and will not compared.

    Honestly, as much as I really love Ariel, I didn’t like her character in ITWY. I am actually glad this adaption is not following the original. The only reason why I like original(not love though) was because I found Bolin’s character really sweet and their relationship being portray was very natural and realistic. So hopefully that won’t change.

    Anyway, I am still very looking forward to this light heart drama! Fighting Ha Ji Won!!!

  3. I mean, how can you expect the TW, JP or SK remake to be the same? I’ve seen Hana Yori Dango, Meteor Garden and Boys over Flowers, and it’s all different.

    Hana Kimi have differences too. Hollywood do have remakes but it’s similarity from the original is 10%-50%.

    Everytime I see remakes, I only think of it as reinterpretation of the original work with a lot of differences.

  4. Whatttt? How did you not LOVE “In Time With You”, it’s gotta be up in my Top 3 favorite dramas… the character development and storyline is soo good though. Oh well, to each her own.

  5. Didn’t love the TW ITWY either though I did watch it till the end as I liked the leads.I like the leads of K-ITWY too especially LJW so going to try it without comparing with the original.

  6. Well, I am looking forward to watch this show because of Ha Ji Won and Lee Jin Wok. I’ve only seen the first episode of TTILY and unable to watch the entire drama. Just going to watch this with an open mind and see where it takes me. Of course, I’ll watch anything with Ji Won in it. πŸ™‚ So far, I am loving the teaser.

    My favorite Chinese movie is the Beautiful Life. Moving and a wonderful story. And of course, Qi Shu is one of my bias and Zhang Ziyi.

  7. I’m one of those who liked the original In Time With You and was looking forward to this drama mainly because of that reason. The preview does make it seem quite different…it seems more fluffy and cute. So I’m not sure I’m going to like the changes. I’ll probably give this a try before deciding whether to skip this or not.

  8. you’re not the only one i try to watch taiwan version but couldn’t finish first episode,i’m not too excited about this remake but this teaser looks cute n i like both lead esp LJW so i’m gonna check it

  9. I too think mostly anyone who’s looking forward to the remake has seen the original. I didn’t like ITWY for being so boring and developing a god-awful female lead. But I’m not sure cute-ifying is a solution to that. If the writer was so inclined on making the remake less mature, they should have gone with a much younger actress to pull off the aegyo. Then again, the writer was sacked mid way through so it’s not like he/she had a choice. Either the drama is miscast or badly characterized based on the preview. #notexciting

  10. I loved the original because of the natural and realistic portrayal of long-time best friends by Bolin and Ariel, and I was hoping for the K-drama remake to not deviate too much from the character profiles of the original because that’s what made the original so special. While I enjoy watching remakes to see how the differences in adaptations work, I think it’s a common trait for K-drama audiences to be a lot less forgiving with flawed female leads than male leads. Characters like Gu Jun Pyo and Kim Joo Won (Secret Garden) get away with their overbearing treatment of women all the time but when a girl stands up for herself it’s called being too bossy and it’s not likeable. Ariel’s character was bossy, opinionated and strong-headed, but she was also loving, generous and big-hearted. From what I’m seeing in the preview, I’m not sure if Ha Ji Won is going to stick to that character profile. I’d hate it if she “cute”-sifies the character too much and falls back into the cookie-cutter mold of candy girls in kdramaland.

  11. I liked not loved In Time With You but my issues with it had nothing to do with You Qing. I still think most of the flack about that character is because she’s a woman and people expect a female in dramaland to act a certain way. Anytime you have a female character that breaks the image a little she gets labeled a b****. I agree with Anon in that I’d hate to see You Qing turns into the typical overly cute female character.

    • I agree. Ariel’s character was definitely imperfect, and at times frustratingly so. Yet this is why this drama garnered such amazing reviews and critical acclaim. It spoke to the realities of “aging women” in a region that highly glorifies youth. You Qing was definitely not your typically flawed female lead.

      ITWY wasn’t just about 2 friends that fell in love, it had a lot of lessons in it about life’s various relationships. I can’t compare ITWY to #Misaeng, b/c they are completely different genres, but I can compare the revelations that was inspired by both dramas when I watched it. All I can say is I love slice-of-life dramas that offer creative approaches in story-telling…and that was what the script writer and Director Winnie did with ITWY. It isn’t just fanatical fandom that got ITWY rave reviews.

      So I’ll probably be disappointed if this remake doesn’t inspire the same kind of realism & depth of relatioships as the original. Change is needed in remakes to differentiate itself, but the “soul” of the drama, or impact of it’s storytelling should be retained.

  12. i still think the series at least would turn out not that bad because the director is the one who direct pinocchio and i hear your voice so the series at least should be watchable, fast pace and good acting.

    • it’ll be boring if they have the same storyline, i wont mind with some changes. i love the original one, and im looking forward for this one. especially with the promising actors in it πŸ™‚

  13. I love the Taiwanese version. It was a big hit in China/Taiwan and it was very original. The drama did well also due to it very experience lead stars. I am looking forward to the Korea’s version.

  14. Those high school scenes of the two leads look really awkward to me. They just look overage. But for Ha Ji Wan and L’s sake, I’m gonna check it out

  15. Oh yes, its rom-com! I will surely watch this!

    ITWY took me several attempts to finished it from beginning to end and it was mediocre at it’s best. If not for my love for Ariel and Winnie, I would have dropped it from the 1st episode. Yes, too much hype in my opinion.

  16. I had no idea people disliked Ariel’s character so much. I think what made me love the original ITWY was Ariel’s portrayal of the annoying yet relatable Cheng Youqing. That’s what made the drama real.

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