Jo Hyun Jae Looking Hot and Broody in New BNT International Pictorial

It’s been sooooooo long since Jo Hyun Jae was on my screen in a project worth watching. Not since 49 Days back in 2011, with his memorable turn as the straight man in a drama filled with fantasy elements and selfish people behaving badly. Since then he was in Ad Genius Lee Tae Bak and King’s Daughter Soo Baek Hyang, neither of which I watched beyond the first episodes. Unlike some of his near age acting colleagues, his star really hasn’t risen since leaving military service when prior he was headline long prime time sageuks all on his lone.

I hope this new BNT International pictorial means Jo Hyun Jae has an upcoming Korean project in the works, whether drama or movie, though I much prefer drama because he’s one of those actors that take time to grow into a role. For the BNT spread, Jo Hyun Jae is decked out in black, white, and blue, with the various color themes all having its own distinct vibe. My favorite is the all black set with Jo Hyun Jae rocking the European cut sequin-encrusted suit jacket and pants combo, looking way hotter than I’ve seen from him in years. Come back soon, my boy!


Jo Hyun Jae Looking Hot and Broody in New BNT International Pictorial — 16 Comments

  1. It’s been so long since i last saw him in a drama. I hope he has new work in consideration. My favorite drama of him is Only You with Han Chae Young. Ad genius lee taebak is so forgettable and unappaling that i dont even remember he’s one of the casts.

  2. Weird how popular Jo Hyun-jae and Jae Hee were ten years ago. Now Jae Hee has resorted to headlining a KBS1 daily drama…

  3. OMG! Thank you so much for posting this article Koala! I’m in love with Jo Hyun Jae since ages ago. Couldn’t bring myself to finish Ad Genius but totally savouring him in The King’s Daughter Soo Baek Hyang. Praying that he’ll come back with a new drama soon!

    Thanks again!

  4. Love JHJ and miss him so much. It is high time he returns with a new drama or movie. But drama would be preferable so I can savour him for at least 16 hours.

  5. Funny thing is, unlike most people, I didn’t like him so much in 49 days.But since then I’ve see him other projects and he’s slowly grown on me.I specially liked him in ‘King’s Daughter Seo Baek Hyang’ which,despite being a makjang, was pretty addictive and enjoyable because of well-written characters.

  6. Loved the title u have here just sooo fitting. Jo Hyun Jae is just addictive as he was then years ago. Loved 49 days amongst his works. But being an avid fan, i did watch all his works.
    I really hope that he’ll come out with another drama so soon. Really did miss his acting and good looks on screen. I was never been someone to idolize screen personalities not until JHJ. I think it was all because i was envious of his lips hahaha. Thanks for the article.

  7. I liked him in King’s Daughter Seo Beak Hyang too. But I’ll never forget the drama I watched for the first time with him as leading man, Ji Jin Hee and Su Ae in Love Letter because of its WTH ending. He really looks great here! What beautiful lips indeed!

  8. He did really well in King’s daughter. My first introduction to him was in the Ballad of Soo Dong. I hope to see him soon in another drama.

  9. I first saw him in “Only You” with Han Chae Young and I thought, man, this actor is handsome with beautiful eyes and lips. (sort of heart-shape like) Then I watch him again on “Ballad of Seo Dong Yo.” Oh Yes, the “Love Letter” with Su Ae. He seems such a shy person and private too, that’s the vibe I get from him. Anyways, best wishes to him and hopefully see him more on small screen.

  10. I watched many korean drama,saw many handsome korean actors but this man is really something.he made me addictive to his korean drama.i dont know but there is something different from him among others,its not only his good looks but his unique chsrisma.

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